Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Glo Run: Running's Not Always Serious!

You MUST do The Glo Run! It was a blast!!!
The swag from my race packet
The glow gear I bought at Dollar Tree. My favorite? The glow trident!
This race was good for me for a few reasons but, most importantly, it was good for me to learn to JUST HAVE FUN! It's hard for me not to take my race times seriously. For this race, I didn't wear a watch or use my phone apps...I just enjoyed the breezy night, the gorgeous downtown view of Columbus, and the conversations with my friend, Dela!
Dela and I pre-race
If you do this race in the future, show up early! They were having a huge dance party...a good warm up for your run! Dela and I, along with our family and friends, had a great time dancing. Here's a picture my friend, Mandie, took of us and our support crew from Sanctuary Columbus Church.
Dela and I did a mix of running and walking. It was so dark out that we were glad we didn't fall on our butts! There were a couple of hills that, if I were running the whole thing, might have challenged me a little. Other than that, the course was really nice. We had a great view of the city the entire time!
Me and my tridents
Dela and I trying to finish and dance at the same time...not an easy task :)
Overall, it was an awesome experience and I would do this one every year!
The crazy lights on my face show you how crazy the party was at the start/finish line!
Next race: Race for the Cure on May 18th. I haven't registered but I'm 100% sure I'm running it! It was an amazing experience last year that I can't stand to miss. Monday, I'll begin a half marathon training program so my mileage should increase...wish me luck!

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