Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Stepped On The Scale

When I found out I was pregnant, one of my first thoughts was: "Holy Crap, I'm gonna gain weight."
The thought totally freaks me out. Since I hit my average weight in high school, the only time I gained weight was my freshman year of college (I gained the freshman 10 rather than 15). By the following year, I was back to my normal weight again.
Initially, I decided that I wasn't going to weigh myself. I figured if I was going to the doctor each month, I would just find out then. Today, I was at the gym and decided to step on the scale. I was 5 lbs. over the top of my weight range (I don't have one number I'm always at...I usually fall within a 4 lb. range). Oh Dear Lord.
I know 5 lbs is totally normal for the first trimester but I sill don't like it. I don't feel fat...except when I'm bloated...which is 75% of the time! I think I've learned my lesson and I'm just not going to step on the scale unless it's at the doctor. I figure if I'm gaining an unhealthy amount of weight, my doc will tell me.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Boo:14 Weeks

Baby Boo's the size of a lemon!
After having a couple of weeks of feeling MUCH BETTER, I've had an upset stomach most of the week. I think it's been a mix of pregnancy and stress (work has been awful this week). On a more positive note, I think I'm finally bumping a little. I'll take my weekly picture tomorrow morning! says Baby Boo is probably sucking it's thumb and that it's making urine...the spleen and liver are also doing their jobs! How cool is that!
I hung out with my sister-in-law, Amy, on Saturday night and she gave me so much awesome information to help me start registering for items that I need. I got a good start on my registries. I also got a new car this past weekend! I call it my mom car. My old car was functioning just fine but I needed a bigger one for when Baby Boo gets here. I had a tiny 2 1/2 door car. I feel way cooler than I really am when I'm in the new car! Haha!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Boo: 13 Weeks

Baby Boo is the size of a peach!

A pregnancy first:
 At Hip Hop Fitness on Monday night, a lady in the bathroom asked me if I was pregnant! It was very gutsy of her because it's barely noticeable...but she was telling me that she used to be a nurse at an OB-GYN office for many years. I was so excited that she noticed, I thanked her for asking :) LOL.
Some of my first trimester symptoms have been replaced by migraines. I've had a couple of bad ones this week but, overall, I'm feeling great! In the last week, I ran another 5k and did a 5 mile run (the longest I've been able to do since being preggo!). I was also able to tolerate 1 hour 45 minutes of the 2 hour hip hop class! 
What I'm looking forward to:
 I'm ready for my belly to start showing!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Day Has Been Mostly Stupid

I kinda feel like my head is going explode. I also feel that if I write it out, I'll feel better :)
After seeing my patients, I decided to go by my MD office to get this year's TB test for work. When I called the office yesterday, they told me I didn't need an appointment and that I could just "drop in." When I hear the term "drop in," I feel like that means it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes max. I went there, told them who I was and why I was there, gave the lady my new insurance info, and sat down. Apparently the lady was new and didn't properly enter the information. The nurses had no idea I was even there. I ended up waiting 1 hour and 20 minutes before they brought me back.
Just before they finally brought me back, the new lady who checked me in asked me if I'd been helped yet. I told her "Yes, you checked me in an hour and 20 minutes ago for a TB test and I'm pregnant and cranky." The lady had NO CLUE she had checked me in! That just baffles me!
Once they called me back, it took only 5-10 minutes. The nurse felt so bad about the whole thing.
After leaving the MD, I decided I was close enough to Polaris to make it worth ordering a pizza from BJ's Brewhouse. After picking up my order, I decided I should check it to make sure it was correct. IT WASN'T! So glad I checked. The last thing I wanted to do was go back in the restaurant and complain...especially when I was still flustered at my MD office. I decided to try a piece of the thin crust that they gave me so I didn't have to go back was disgusting. I had my heart set on the deep dish that I actually ordered. I turned my car around and took it back. I was very nice about it even though I wanted to scream my head off.
I need to end with something positive. I might be getting a new car this week! I'll need it when Baby Boo gets here. Jimmy can get a great deal on Chevy Impalas through his work. They are cars that the salesmen use for travel...which means they are well maintenanced. The one we are in the process of trying to get is a red 2011 Impala LT. It has around 70,000 miles on it with new tires. They are wanting $8,500 for it. After doing some research, Mr. Boo found that, at a dealership, this car would cost around $14,000! Sounds like we are getting a deal.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Drive In Movie Date

Has my neck gotten longer? Geez. Anyway...
Earlier in the week, Mr. Boo said he wanted to take me on a date to the drive in movie to see "Man of Steel." A couple of our life group friends joined us. We got there early, waited in line forever, and got what seemed like a prime parking spot.
 What we didn't know at the time is that our neighbors (on all sides) were going to be our entertainment for the night. In case you're wondering if you should pay $9 to see this movie, I'll just say this: Our neighbors were more entertaining. Before all of the drama started, I enjoyed some Fun Dip (probably the reason for my hangover this morning)!
Incident #1:
For the first 20 minutes of the movie, the redneck neighbor to our left was talking on his cell phone (as loud as he possibly could). Mr. Boo and I had headphones to hear the movie and still heard the guy talking. I felt bad for our friends because they were closer to him and just had the radio to hear the movie. We finally got sick of it and Mr. Boo kindly asked the man if he could quiet down or get off the phone. The man made a "screw you, I don't care" gesture and kept talking loudly. Boo got up and found the cop that was patrolling the lot and asked him to talk to the guy. Even after the cop asked him to stop, the guy called the cop a name and kept talking a few more minutes.
Incident #2:
We had a family park in front of us with the car's headlights facing us. This is a perfectly acceptable car position as long as you don't keep your lights on to blind us. No joke...every 10 minutes of the first 3/4 of the movie, the lady had to get into her car for whatever reason. Each time she got into her car, the headlights came on and blinded us. They'd be on for a few seconds each time...long enough to be annoying. I honestly don't know if she realized this kept happening but I couldn't take it anymore.
 I walked to her and said "Ma'am, can you please turn off your headlights?" She initially apologized and turned them off but then she seemed really annoyed by me. I said to her "You've been turning them on every 10 minutes the entire movie and it's been really annoying." She responded by saying, "I have not been doing this the entire movie!" Here's the deal, I'm with my hubby and 3 other friends...I think we know that she was doing it the whole movie. When she denied doing this, it pissed off the pregnant lady (me). I raised my voice and told her yes she had been doing it and she needs to stop. She said "Shut up, lady!" and turned on her headlights on purpose to piss us off.
The whole thing was quite comical and we all had a good laugh. I know I didn't have to raise my voice but, at that point, I was so annoyed that she kept denying it. Guess what? The lights didn't come on for the rest of the, mission accomplished :)
Incident #3:
Our neighbors to the right were just all together messed up in general. I guess their three kids, and some kid from the car in front of them, were throwing rocks at each other and the parents weren't doing crap about it. Honestly, the parents were in their respective cars (probably sleeping). The rocks the kids were throwing at each other were hitting some guy's SUV and he got upset (I don't blame him...I'd me mad too). He came over to us asking if we knew where the kids' parents were...of course, we weren't sure. He tapped on their car window and said a few choice words to them. I seriously thought a fight might go down about this one! The parents had no clue what their kids were doing and tried to blame it on the other kid. It was ridiculous. I kinda felt sorry for those kids.
By the time this happened, the movie was over. My friends and I couldn't stop cracking up about all that happened in that two hour time period. What did I learn? The South Drive In is my new favorite place for people watching.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Pro-State of Mind 5k

I was a little nervous about this race because I'd be running with my friend, Pam.
I'm usually a solo runner and didn't want to hold her back! I think it worked out pretty well :) We had some pre-race fun with Krash from the Columbus Clippers:

I'm pretty sure he thought we were weirdos because we weren't kids. Pam tapped on his shoulder and asked him to be in a picture with us!
The course started out a little tough. It went through the woods and had a few hills. Once we got through the first mile, the course itself wasn't too bad...but the sun was beaming down on us pretty hard. I used MapMyRun app on my phone and it logged the race as 3.07 miles with our time being 27:21 (8:54 average...splits 8:39/9:10/8:53).
We were getting whooped by a couple of ten year olds until they took a wrong turn toward the finish. Pam was crackin' me up the entire time because she couldn't believe they were kickin' our tails! Here's us celebrating before the finish line:

My next 5k: The Color Run on July 20th. Thanks, again, Boo for supporting us and taking pictures!

Baby Boo: 12 Weeks

I get so excited at the end of each week when I get to read about what the baby is up to :) This week, Baby Boo is the size of a plum!
It's crazy to think that the little thing is two inches long! I've been feeling so much better the last week and a half. The nausea, I thought, was subsiding but I've been dealing with it a little this week (not as severe). I've also had a lot more energy...YAY! Something I'm not a fan of is all of the peeing I'm doing. This girl does not like to get out of bed at night.
This was my favorite thing they said on about this week:
"She's now developing her reflexes -- if you poke her body, she'll likely move."
Of course, I won't be able to feel the baby but it's cool to know that it can do it :)
And the weird dreams begin...
Last night, I had an awful dream and some weird ones. First, I was in my very first home in Arkansas. I went to use the bathroom and there was blood everywhere :( Not a dream you want to have while you are still early in your pregnancy. Then, I had a dream that Mr. Boo and I were driving in this wooded area. Mr. Boo stopped the car and got out. I was concerned because I saw a skunk and he was headed toward it. Luckily, the skunk ran away (apparently, my hubby saw just the right stick that he needed but it happened to be near the skunk). He took that stick and poked an eagle out of a tree. I guess he thought it was hurt and wanted to help it. He got the eagle to stand up but then the eagle started humping a sheep that was standing beside it.
At this point, I felt the need to wake up because it was just getting weird!
I took my 12 week belly picture this morning and compared it to my 10 week picture. NO CHANGE! Not gonna lie, I was a little sad. I'm pretty sure my belly looked a little different. I just need to start asking myself: "Fat, bloated, or belly bump?" I'm hungry now. Later folks.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Latest Swag Bag

I'm running my next 5k on Friday night! As y'all know, I get so excited about getting my race packet (NERD ALERT!). Usually when you pick up race packets, they are in plastic bags. When I went to New Balance to pick up this one, I was surprised to see this:
I'm sure my face lit up when the guy handed it to me and he probably thought I was a weirdo :) But I'm ok with that.
Curious what it contains? Lucky for you, I took a pic:
First time EVER I've had a single digit bib number (that means absolutely nothing...just an observation)
The race is for the Central Ohio Men Against Prostate Cancer. Mt Carmel and New Balance are two of the sponsors. They included something to organize your pills but the only thing I take is vitamins so I guess I'll donate that to one of my patients! The thing that looks like a pen is hand sanitizer (I was hoping it was a pen). Finally, I have yet another race shirt:
It's actually a REALLY nice running's just HUGE! The tag says it's a small but I just don't believe it. I put one of my small running shirts up against it to compare:
Quite the difference.

The Bradley Method

I feel insanely blessed right now! My husband has been so awesome during the pregnancy so far :) He has been so helpful, supportive, excited, etc. Ever since I read about The Bradley Method birthing classes, I knew that's what I wanted to do. I just felt that I would have to do some convincing to get Mr. Boo to commit. After doing more research and asking moms at my church who have taken this course, I decided to go ahead and talk to the hubby about it. To my surprise, he was on board without any objection. He's even going to sacrifice his Wednesday night rehearsals for it! (I'm tearing up right now!)
It's a 12 week class that meets one day a week for two hours. We will start next month! It requires the hubby to be present because they will be trained to be your best coach ever! I'm excited because I know it will be an awesome and interesting adventure for Mr. Boo and me. I'm sure we'll have a few laughs :)
FYI: We had our 12 week appointment yesterday and things are great! We got to hear the heartbeat and it was a strong 163 bpm :) My mom says that means it's a girl! LOL. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

FAQ's Answered

I thought I would take commonly asked questions and answer them for you!
  1. When are you due? December 27th.
  2. Are you finding out the sex? No.
  3. Is it ok for you to run? Yes.
  4. How are you feeling? Great starting a week ago. Before that, AWFUL!
  5. Cravings/Aversions? I haven't had coffee in FOREVER. Prior to pregnancy, I had it every morning! I can't stand the thought of it right now. :(
  6. Have you talked about names? Yes. A boy will be named after Mr. Boo (James Robert Davis III) and we are throwing around different girl names.
  7. Is your hubby excited? Totally giddy.
P.S. I'm not posting this because I'm annoyed by these quesetions! So don't be afraid to ask me anything!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Bird Story and My Day

When I was playing outside with the pups yesterday, I noticed a bird on the ground. I went up to it and it looked like it was in the process of dying :( At the time, I didn't think to do anything about it so I just let it be. A few hours later, I went out to mow the backyard and noticed the bird was still moving a little. It broke my heart. I asked Mr. Boo to help me figure out what to do.
We called the Wildlife Hospital in Columbus but they were already closed for the day. We then did some internet research and found something to try until we could take it to the hospital the next day. I picked up the little guy and we put him in a shoebox lined with paper towels. The website said to make sure the bird was upright. The poor thing kept plopping to its side so we had to put paper towels on each side to help keep it upright. We checked on him a couple hours later and he was still plopping over. I felt so sad for the birdie. He looked pitiful. We tried to keep him alive through the night but he didn't make it :( I couldn't help but cry.
My day has been so awesome that I have to share it with everyone. Mr. Boo and I started a new Saturday tradition of volleyball and running in the morning. He goes to Hoff Park in Westerville every Saturday morning to play sand volleyball. I decided that I would start going with him so that I could get in a good Saturday run (P.S. I ran 4.25 miles and felt great!). After finishing my run, I chill out and watch him play :) I also added a donut run into that tradition (Schneider's Bakery in Westerville is da bomb!):
After returning home, my mother-in-law came to visit for an hour or so. The girls were so excited to see grandma!!! Mr. Boo and I then went on our first Zoombezi Bay trip of the summer:
Unfortunately, I can't do any rides this year because of the pregnancy :( I guess it will be a lot of reading and lazy river for me! As we were getting our tan on, Mr. Boo said "I really want to eat a lot of fatty food right now!" I didn't feel led to disagree :) We decided to go to Chili's cuz we love their chips-n-salsa.
All of this by 6:15. Have a good night friends!

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Running First :)

Jimmy wanted to grill burgers but we didn't have buns. So, what did I decide to do? I thought it would be a genius idea for me to run (literally run) to the grocery store, buy the buns, and run back home :) It was amazing (and so was the weather!!).
Baby Boo and I set off on our 1.41 mile first half of the run with a bag and the grocery money envelope. The only annoying thing about this run was that stinkin' bag. The straps kept falling off of my shoulders so I had to hold the straps in my hand. It sort of messed up my stride but it all worked out!
When I got to Giant Eagle, I'm not quite sure what the strangers were thinking. I was breathing a little hard and wiping sweat off of my face. I would like to think they just thought I was awesome rather than thinking I was a complete weirdo!
I will label this a successful trip because the buns survived the run back to my house. :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm on Fire...and This is Dedicated to the Person Who Fueled It

Some one pissed me off  annoyed me today. I have to get it out of my system or it will continue to bother me. Most of you know that, yesterday, I mentioned on Facebook (and in my blog) that I had a bad running day. This is my quote from Facebook:
"So annoyed with my body right now. I've been looking forward to running all soon as I start, so do the side stitches...and they won't go away! Ahhhhh!!!"
My dad and I joked back and forth about the baby not liking running. Good, fun conversation. Then, today, I received this response (exact quote):
"Welcome to pregnancy. I used to be a gym rat, but I couldn't work out the whole time I was pregnant. I felt terrible and I hurt everywhere. Plus my heart rate would sky rocket and my bp would crash with just walking. I'll be impressed if you can keep up running."
For whatever reason, pregnancy emotions, my normal personality, etc., this set me on fire. Here's my response:
1) Every pregnancy is unique. Just because that was your experience, doesn't mean it will be mine. You were pregnant...have some empathy.
2) I'm in my first trimester. It's a shocking experience your first time. My body is adjusting and figuring things out. I know I can't run the same as I did prior to pregnancy but I CAN RUN! Not as far, not as fast...but that's ok. My doctor says it's ok to run, so I'll keep doing it. Give me 4 more weeks and I'll kick your butt in any 5k of your choice (disclaimer: this sentence is not to the general public but to the fuel of my fire). :)
3) As cheesy as it sounds: If you can't say anything encouraging, don't say it at all. Your response was so discouraging. Why would you want to say that to someone who is pregnant and loves to run/workout. For your information, I'm still doing Hip Hop Fitness, running 5k's, and strength training. So suck it.
4) Finally, I want to thank you. Why, you ask? Because you just gave me all the motivation I need to keep going and not give up. The fact that you said "I'll be impressed if you can keep up running" makes me want to do it even more.
That's all folks.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby Boo: 11 Weeks + National Running Day

Today is National Running Day. I've been so excited all day long about going for a run. I headed to the gym around 7pm and did a 10 minute warm up on the Elliptical...then I was ready. I got on the treadmill and immediately felt this awful side stitch. I tried to run through it, thinking it would go away. It didn't. In fact, it got worse. Just 1 minute and 27 seconds into my "run," I had to walk. I thought maybe if I walked a couple of minutes it would get better. NO. I left the gym so frustrated.
Baby Boo is the size of a:
Are you serious?! It went from a prune to a lime in one week! Insane.
I can't believe this, but the crappy symptoms I've felt for several weeks are getting better! My nausea is less frequent (which is amazing) and I'm not getting headaches everyday. My body is still pretty fatigued and my back has been my enemy for a couple of days! Overall, SO MUCH BETTER.
I know it's still so early in the pregnancy, but me and the family are so excited. I already received my first gift in the mail:
Our crib mattress! My parents bought us a crib and mattress. The crib will be arriving next week!
Finally, I've noticed I've been extra emotional the last couple of days. I haven't actually cried but everything makes me feel like I want to cry! Hehehe. It's kinda funny.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Mini Freak-Out Moment + Randoms

Random #1: I decided not to purchase the jogging stroller I mentioned in my last post. After seeing it and talking to the lady, I found out it is a stroller from 20 years ago. I felt it was over-priced for being so outdated. I'd buy it for $10 but I'm sure she wouldn't go for that!
Today, I received a phone call from my doctor. I have his number saved in my phone so I knew it was him when he called. I sort of freaked out because I thought "Why is he calling?! There must be something wrong if he's calling!" When I picked it up, it was one of the office workers asking if I could switch my appointment to a week earlier because my doctor will be on vacation the week of my original appointment. I was so relieved! Now I get to go a week from today for my first abdominal ultrasound! YAY!
Random #2: Mr. Boo and I get Zoombezi Bay passes every year. With a little one growing inside me, I knew I needed to call the nurse to make sure it would be ok to do the water rides. I was so embarrassed to call and ask about it! I sucked it up, called, and received the worst response EVER! The nurse said it wouldn't be wise :( I guess Becca and I will ride through the lazy river while our hubbys ride the rides together!
Random #3: I feel super blessed already in this process. Our parents are buying a lot of the major purchases: crib, car seat, pack-n-play, etc. I know the other bazillion things will add up but it's nice to know the big stuff will be taken care of. I also called my insurance company today and found out that they will cover a breast pump 100% as long as I purchase it through a BCBS DME company! Amazing!
Random #4: Prayers will be accepted for this back pain I've had the last two days. Luckily, it's not debilitating. I was able to work and do Hip Hop Fitness last's just a nuisance.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

I Knew This Would Happen

After taking a positive pregnancy test...before ever talking to a doctor...the first thing I did was go to the library and check out a book, sponsored by Runner's World magazine, about running during pregnancy.
It talked a lot about how the first trimester is really hard because of the fatigue. They said not to get discouraged about your times because they will increase...and the distance you are able to run will decrease. THEY WEREN'T JOKING!
I haven't been able to tolerate more than a 5k distance the last couple of weeks. I wanted to attempt 4 miles today...I was determined to make it happen. I ran 4.28 miles and felt pooped! I was running twice that distance a month ago! Geez.
On a happier note, my mother-in-law was picking up something she found on Craigslist and the lady she got it from is trying to sell her jogging stroller. I talked to the lady and she claims it's an amazing stroller. I couldn't find a lot of info about it on the internet. Any of you ever heard of Racing Strollers, Inc.? HERE'S the link to the pics. I'm gonna try to go check it out tomorrow.