Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, June 17, 2018

GR BQ Week 3: My Return to Running Society

My Return to Running Society

My biggest yoga accomplishment this week. Toe stand.

After 3-4 weeks of solo running, I finally decided I was ready to make an appearance on the streets of Columbus with my favorites. This week reminded me of the value of true friendships. Quality over quantity. There have been times in my past that I've experienced serious FOMO when it comes to doing things with others, running with certain groups and hanging out with certain people.
I just don't care anymore. I can't. There are so many wonderful people (and not so wonderful people) out there. You can't possibly be friends with all of them. I'm overjoyed with the people in my life right now. Anyway, I got a little sappy...

All easy miles this week. Nothing fancy:

  • 6/11: 6.62 miles, 9:04/mile; Haley's Bis/Tris Workout, 1 hour. I can't remember the reason why, but I ran on the treadmill. If I made an educated guess regarding the reason, it was because I chose to sleep in and it was hot as balls outside by the time I was able to run. 
    Holy Hip Opener.
  • 6//12: 10 miles, 8:57/mile; Yoga Balance, 45 minutes. Sarah and Laura were kind enough to come to my house this morning. After doing a few miles with Laura, Sarah and I enjoyed some one on one time that was long overdue. How is it that we went from winter to summer without even a taste of spring?! Bullshit. It has been so freaking humid in the morning and scorching hot in the afternoon...but I digress.
    We need to practice selfie eye contact. [ME, Sarah]
  • 6/13: 8 miles, 8:36/mile; Leg workout, 1 hour. I left my bubble in Gahanna to join my girls in Westerville. Per usual, we cannot keep to the intended pace. Some things never change. I was happy to have face time with these ladies. Even though we talk daily on Messenger, it's like hitting the lottery when we see each other in person.
    Not happy with my alarm.

    LOVE these two. [ME, Jen, Amanda]
  • 6/14: Tacy's Shoulder Workout, 1 hour. Cross training day turned into lift sesh. I used to hate shoulder workouts, but this has become one of my favorites.
  • 6/15: 15 miles, 8:48/mile. This has been my longest run since the Flying Pig Marathon. For whatever reason, I wasn't nervous at all. Especially since I didn't have the pressure of having to run MP or HP miles. I got to enjoy the company of friends for most of it. My only disappointment is that we didn't run my new, sexy route.
    Sarah gets credit for naming this route: Sperm Route Option D. (the sperm route is a regular run for us...option D is a new, accidental discovery thanks to my route making skills)
  • 6/16: REST. Oh boy. Umm...I intended to lift. I woke up with a hangover from hell. I cannot believe I let myself drink that much the night before. I don't remember being this bad since our trip to Jamaica. I had the worst headache and nausea. I attempted a "Yoga for Hangovers" workout, but I couldn't even tolerate that!! I emerged from my coffin around lunch time to get some carry out. I felt like a freaking vampire dying in the sun. I cannot imagine that I'll let that happen anytime soon. It's like giving birth without meds. You need to wait long enough to forget about the pain before doing it again.
    Girls night. I'm so disappointed that I didn't get to imbibe. I just couldn't tolerate the thought. [ME, Amanda, Jen]
  • When you feel sick, you watch Netflix documentaries. Love this guy!!!

  • 6/17: 7.04 miles, 8:44/mile; Yoga balance, 45 minutes. Sarah needed to run early before getting on a flight to India. Britt and I met her for some easy, sweaty miles. I am a genius and forgot to bring water and my Garmin. Thank goodness for the Strava app. I might have had a stroke if I couldn't record my mileage.
    I'm so impressed that I didn't trip while taking this.

    My absolute favorite part of every weekend is drinking coffee from a mug.

Monday, June 11, 2018

GR BQ Week 2: Hopefully This Isn't the Only Week I Feel Like a Badass

Hopefully This Isn't the Only Week I Feel Like a Badass

One on one time with the best boy in the world. He asked me on a fire date. He wanted to make s'mores, but we had to roast Spider-Man waffles instead.

Roop is so interested in girly things. I'm not girly. I feel sorry for her. LOL.

I told you guys that last week was technically my first training week for the Grand Rapids Marathon. Because of the 10k, I wasn't really focused on it being the beginning of training. Anyway, I have a couple of things to share:

-I applied for the Sister Cities Exchange with the Columbus Marathon. If chosen, I would get to represent Columbus by running a marathon in Dresden, Germany. Long story short, I did not get it! It would have been a really cool experience, but I'm slightly relieved that I didn't get it because I really wanted to race a half in the fall. Now I'm excited about exploring my options for that.

-For those not familiar with my current running situation, I'll try to quickly fill you in. Of course, my goal has been to qualify for Boston. I finally qualified at the Carmel Marathon this past March. I beat my BQ time by 3 minutes, 10 seconds. In most of the recent years, that would make me a shoe-in to actually run the race. Last year the cutoff was 3 minutes, 23 seconds which means my time would not have cut it! UGH!! So scary. Because of this gray area, I decided to give it one more attempt to get into the 2019 Boston Marathon. On September 8th, I'll be running the race in Grand Rapids to see if I can improve my time a little bit.

Curly headed goofball.

This will be my first experience with the Wahoo! Running group. I'm always up for trying new things when it comes to my training. When I saw my workouts for this week, I was like " You want me to do WHAT?!" With it being the beginning of the training cycle, long runs aren't really long runs yet. This week's "long run" was actually a longer speed workout. This week's speed workout was pretty normal, but the pace I was asked to run made me question my ability. I was fully convinced I would fail both of them before I even started. Here's how I fared:

  • 6/4: 6.61 miles, 9:05/mile; Chest/Back workout, 1 hour. I'm still in a semi-funk with regards to running with people. This is going on week 3 or 4 of me being LAME! With that being said, I'm slowly coming around and think I'll be ready to make an appearance next week. Today, I chose sleep and decided to run after work. I followed that up with a lift sesh. I usually love my gym time, but I was in a pissy mood today. None of my gym friends were there to snap me out of my funk, so I just sulked until it was over. LOL.
    One of my favorite challenge poses from this week.
  • 6/5: 7.67 miles, 8:36/mile. Bis/Tris, 1 hour. Once again, I couldn't get my ass out of bed. I opted for the treadmill rather than the afternoon sun and heat. I also didn't know if I could appropriately pace myself for the workout. I figured the treadmill would keep me honest. Workout: 15 min. warm up, 8x50 sec. at 6:35 pace with 50 sec. recovery, 1 mile easy, repeat the previously stated 50 sec. intervals, 15 min cool down. I realize the intervals are only 50 seconds, but seeing 6:35 scared the shit out of me. I'm hesitant to toot my own horn, but I handled it well. Maybe I expected the worst, but I did not die and finished feeling pretty awesome about the workout.
    Gainz, y'all.
  • 6/6: 7.95 miles, 8:49/mile. Unfortunately, work was insanely busy, and I didn't have time to lift. With it being Global Running Day, I had to choose miles over muscles. It was the most wonderful run. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the geese were minimal.
    So much sun. You can't help but be happy.
  • 6/7: Haley's Chest/Shoulder Workout + Z's Stability exercises, 1 hour. Cross training day. Another busy work day left me with a decision to make. I was going to try to include some cycling and yoga, but I had even more documentation to finish than the day before. With me not being able to lift yesterday, I wanted to make it happen today. I needed my body to feel strong on a day that my mind felt weak.
    Mid-documentation meditation.
  • 6/8: 10.9 miles, 8:11/mile. This was my long run for the week. I think I'm most proud of this one. I'm not sure why I doubt myself sometimes. Workout: 15 min. warm up, 3x2 miles at 7:36 pace with 2 min. recovery, 4x20 sec. at 6:35 pace with 20 sec. recovery, 20 min. cool down. Umm, I kicked this workout's ass. Fo reals. I felt so good during and after the run. It was such a confidence booster. Later that evening, as I was working on my puzzle (seriously, I'm putting together a puzzle), I could feel the fatigue in my legs. Don't you guys just love the feeling of hard work?!
    About this. Ordered a pitcher of margarita. I'm confident I had the higher percentage of it. I thought "Oh, we are at Creekside, let me get some yoga pics." In cowgirl boots?! Fresh off the margs?! This was an interesting process.

    Apparently it was best friends day. These are two of them. Talk to them on the daily. They know [most of] my secrets.
  • 6/9: Haley's Back/Glute Workout, 1 hour. I told myself I was going to attend a hip hop fitness class at 9 a.m., but I didn't even get out of bed until 8:20! LOL. I still had a slight tequila headache and was fatigued from yesterday. I felt bad for skipping the class, but I wasn't feeling it. I made up for it by going to the gym later that morning.
    "Mommy, I want to make a funny face."

    Don't ask me how this happened. I was just goofing off. It was not easy! I did fall on my face a few times and only held it for a second. Literally.
  • 6/10: 5.82 miles, 10:29/mile. I met a group of some of my favorites at Highbanks for a nature run. I just love this place. It never disappoints. This was also my first group run in about three weeks! I might be getting over that funk I've been in.
    Just a few more of my favorite people at Highbanks.

    Nature! WEEEEEE!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hoka One One Columbus 10k

Hoka One One Columbus 10k


I ran this race 4 years ago...a few months after having James. Since having James, I only had a handful of runs without the stroller. I remember coming home from work every afternoon, putting James in the jogging stroller, and setting off for my daily mileage. Every Saturday, Jackie and I would do a long run with our boys on the Olentangy Trail. Jackie had never raced before, and I somehow convinced her that it was a good idea for us to do this 10k. For me, it would be a way to gauge where I was postpartum.

One of our longest stroller runs...14 miles pushing those boys!

At this point in my running life, I was very much a casual, inconsistent runner. I hadn't yet tapped into my potential. I was perfectly content with going for that sub 2 hour half and, if I'm lucky one day, a sub 4 marathon! HA!!! I laugh because of what I've accomplished since then.

I remember going into this race four years ago having no clue what I could run. Because of all of the stroller training, I couldn't really make a goal. I ended up just trying to chase Jackie the whole time (which has been the story of my life every time we run the same race!). I ran a 56:34 10k that day (average 9:06/mile). HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I remember finishing that race feeling so proud! [side note: I took more than 10 minutes off of that time the following year!]. Don't you just love hindsight?!

That 10k I was so proud of! LOL. I still had milk boobs.


Leading up to this year's race, I was full of anxiety (to say the least). Normal Lisa races ALL THE TIME. In the midst of marathon training, I'm always doing smaller races. When training for Carmel, Coach Z encouraged me to lay off of the racing a bit and focus on the training. I did just that. I didn't run any other races from the Indy Monumental at the beginning of November until I ran Carmel at the end of March. Completely unheard of for me. Although this helped me to my goal of a BQ, it took a toll on my confidence to survive a solid short race. After running Flying Pig, I had four weeks to focus on marathon recovery and speed. I had a lofty goal of a PR in the 10k (which was 46:20 at the time...another race in which I chased Jackie!).  It seemed impossible to me because I hadn't done a solid speed workout in a long time. Training had been focused a lot on marathon and half marathon pace (except for my strides).
Flashback to Indy Monumental.

So, in freakout mode for 4 weeks, I practiced negative self talk while my friends countered that with the positive stuff. Although very thankful for the words of affirmation, I still felt like they were full of shit! LOL. My goal for this race was to average 7:20/mile. That would give me sub 45:30 and a PR. [B goal: sub 46, C goal: any PR].
I might be smiling on the outside, but I was dying on the inside after this speed workout.

Race day weather was ok. I suppose it's what you would expect this time of year..70 degrees, humid as hell. At least it wasn't 80+ degrees. I got there an hour early to gear check with my CRC Advanced Training group and do a little warm up. I was looking for anyone I might know to help calm my nerves. UGH. I just didn't know how my legs felt.
The beautiful city of Columbus.

Ok...I'm starting to ramble...ready, set, go...


I knew my fellow CRCer, Jamie, was pacing the 7:30 group (while pushing his daughter in a stroller!). I decided to get in front of him and make it my goal to never see him again. If I did, I sucked ass...and I didn't want to suck ass.
Just after the start.

As we started, I knew I was going too fast. Isn't that how it always happens in these short races? I just rolled with it. I just decided to listen to my legs and body rather than my watch. At this point, I decided not to even look at my watch for the rest of the race. I tried to keep the pace consistent the first 5k (which was all downtown). Looking back, I did a decent job! Only 2 seconds difference between the miles!!

One of the things I LOVED about this course was the amount of shade! It was quite sunny that morning, but we were well covered by shade through downtown and on the trail. There was the occasional incline, but nothing to fuss about. I actually enjoy the change.
Look at all of those boys thinking they can beat me. LOL.

The second 5k of the race was on the bike trail. I've run many races and training runs on this trail so it was very familiar to me. This allowed me to try to stay in the zone and focus on how I was feeling. Unfortunately, I started feeling icky in the second half. I'm not sure what my deal was. My legs felt good, but my belly did not. Every time I tried pushing the pace, I felt like I wanted to barf. Maybe it was the heat and humidity. Either way, it wasn't going to be my excuse. I decided to push as hard as I could while staying just below the throw up range. I stuck with my consistency theme for the next two miles. Although slower than the first half, miles 4 and 5 were the exact same pace!

With only 1.2 miles to go, I started doing the math in my head. I knew what my 5k split was, and I knew I slowed down in the second half. I would have to get my ass going if I wanted to PR. I was good with speeding up until the last half mile. I wanted to freaking pass out. Again, my legs were superb, but I was on the verge of vomiting. We were about a quarter mile from the finish when my belly started cramping! WTF. So stupid. Nothing worse than needing to poop while running up an incline at the finish of a short race you were stupid enough to run.

I kept repeating "Relax, stay calm, keep moving." I just needed to get to the top of the incline, round the corner, and dash to the finish. Unfortunately, temptations stood in my way that last quarter mile. I saw my kids at the top of the hill...be still my heart! I didn't even know they'd be there! I just wanted to snatch them up and barf in their wagon. After turning the corner, I could see it...not the finish line, but the line of port-o-potties. Oh what I would give for a toilet right now.
Focus. Focus.


Although I temporarily lost focus, I finally saw the finish. I gave all that I had in the moment to get there. Along the way, I saw my sweet friend, Erin, cheering me towards what would be a new PR for me.  I crossed the finish line with an official time of:


I must have been in some kind of 'I feel like crap' zone because two of my friends were handing out medals, and I had no clue they were there. I was just happy to be finished.
My biggest fan and coffee.

In hindsight, I'm happy for a PR, but slightly annoyed because I know I can do better. My old PR wasn't all that impressive. I'm not gonna lie, I'm slightly looking forward to stepping away from the marathon for a season or two and focusing on these shorter races. They are a different kind of challenging that I like almost as much as the slow, painful marathon pain.
Post old 10k PR.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Pig to Hoka: I Can't Even With This Heat

I Can't Even With This Heat

My wild girl.

It's bullshit. I'm pretty sure it went straight from runs that were never above 30 degrees to heat and humidity. WTF, spring?! Y'all, this southern girl has become weak...WEAK!

Well, it's race week, and I'm still no more confident than I was last week or the week before or the week before. Who told me I should race this 10k? All the eye rolls to that person.

I've been in a major funk this week. It's been at least two weeks since I've run with friends. I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts and prayers. I'm not totally sure when the funk will end, but I'm hoping race excitement will help. This week technically marks week one of Grand Rapids (GR) Marathon training, but my focus has mainly been on this 10k.

  • 5/28: 6.65 miles, 9:02/mile. A few weeks ago, I won a coaching program through Wahoo! Running. This is what I'll be using to train for GR. I've been asked to run no faster than 9:07 pace for my easy runs. It shouldn't be too hard since I started behaving and running slower this past training cycle (and what do you know...I finally BQd!). I travelled back home from WV the day of this run, so I decided to run after the kids went to bed. It was so peaceful outside and reminded me of why I love to run.

    Sunset in my hood.
  • 5/29: 8.28 miles, 8:27/mile; Haley's Chest/Shoulder Workout, 1 hour. Speed Day: 15 minute warm up, 7 x 3 minutes @6:59 w/ 2 minute recovery, 20 minute cool down. It was harder than it should have been towards the end. I'm just not used to this shit...it's been a few months.
  • 5/30: 7.65 miles, 9:09/mile; Haley's Back/Glute Workout, 1 hour. Seventy minutes was on the docket for today. I decided it was a good idea to run when it was really windy and hot as balls outside. What's life without a little whimsy? Later that evening, at the gym, I ended my workout with some barbell squats. Umm...about that. F***. I completely regretted this for three days!
    Totally appropriate for me and my post-run sweaty hair to get a hot latte at Starbizzle.
  • 5/31: 3.62 indoor cycling miles, 15 minutes; Restorative Yoga, 15 minutes; Haley's Bis/Tris, 1 hour. My quads were like WHOA today, so I opted for just a warm up on the bike with some nice stretching for my legs. I decided to avoid anything lower extremity for my lifting to keep my legs functioning for race day.
    Afternoon wild thing pose. Coffee does crazy things.
  • 6/1: 11 miles, 9:26/mile. OMG I was a freaking snail today (or whatever is slower than a snail). My funk was full force when I woke up, but I knew I had to get my long run accomplished before work. It was a miracle that I actually left my front door solo at 5 a.m. I was still half asleep and fatigued from squats which is probably why I was so slow. I just couldn't get my legs moving.  Despite my speed issues, I enjoyed the peace of my quiet neighborhood. The birds were my music, the bunnies my running partners, and the moon my light.
    The 5 a.m. streets of Harrison Pond.
  • 6/2: Tacy's Shoulder Workout, 50 minutes. The best way to get a break from your crazy ass kids when you're solo parenting is by taking them to child watch at the gym. It's a win-win situation. They get to play and get sleepy for nap time while you workout and get better looking.
  • 6/3: RACE DAY! I want to barf thinking about it.

So, I just got home from eating tacos at Local Cantina, and it took everything in me not to get a marg. I worked off the stress of missing out by doing some yoga moves by the fountain.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pig to Hoka: You Might As Well Just Kill Me Now

You Might As Well Just Kill Me Now


Why is it that 26.2 miles doesn't scare me, but 6.2 miles does?! SOOOOO stupid!!!! I'm so f'n nervous! I feel like I'm failing all of my workouts which makes it worse. UGH. I'm annoying myself with all of this whining.

This is my last week of having no specific plan. It worked out because I was on vaca at my mom's, and I never know how much running I will be able to fit in when I'm there. I just did what I felt like doing, and it was glorious!!

  • 5/21: 6 miles, 9:28/mile; Tacy's Shoulder workout, 50 minutes. I was still in Columbus so I forced myself out of bed to meet Lisa and Mindy at 5 a.m. I wanted a change from the usual sperm and long sperm route, so we ran through the Academy area. Did we bitch and complain the whole time about something? I think I recall us bitching and complaining. Who knows?! I knew this would be my last opportunity to lift at the gym for a whole week so I chose my favorite shoulder workout. I'm going to miss the gym this week!!!
    Day one of this week's yoga challenge was a warrior pose.
  • 5/22: 8 miles, 8:39/mile. I took advantage of a later start to my work day by running at 6:30 instead of 5! LOL. I saw so many runners out there, and I hated them all!!! What the hell do you do that allows you to run at 6:30 everyday?! I attempted my speed workout and completely failed. I was supposed to run 4x1 mile at my 10k pace. I couldn't run more than a half mile at the pace. I decided to just turn it into a fartlek run instead. This did not make me feel good about my upcoming 10k. Insert all the sad faces!!!
    Not happy with what just happened.
  • 5/23: Rest. After feeling like crap yesterday and travelling to my mom's in WV, I needed a rest day. I did wake up and do some restorative yoga, but nothing crazy. The day mostly consisted of 4 wheeler riding.
    Having fun with my main dude.
  • 5/24: 7.01 miles total, unknown average because I'm currently too lazy to compute numbers; 3.5 miles hiking. So today was fun! We started the morning at Harpers Ferry (about 30 minutes from my mom's house) for a nice hike. I use the term nice loosely because my son was an asshole the whole time. He never stopped whining!! Next time I'm throwing him into the water with the snapping turtles. Ruthie was a doll which made James look worse. LOL!! After the hike, I headed to Winchester, VA to do my speed workout. I wanted to run it on a track to keep me focused on my pace. I couldn't find the track so I ran in a strange place with strange people who stared at me like I was an idiot running outside in the blazing heat. Side note: I was an idiot. I attempted my speed workout again. I was more successful this time. I did a 2 mile warm up and dynamic stretching (advice from this amazing runner since I have issues with short warm ups), followed that up with three instead of four intervals (goal 7:20; actuals 7:06, 7:05, 7:01). I was pissed that I couldn't pace myself appropriately. I need to get my shit together.

    Since I decided to skip the last interval due to the freaking heat, I did an easy 2 mile cool down.
    Hot and happy.

    LOVE her...she is me...poor girl.
  • 5/25: 10 miles, 8:58/mile. I forget how hilly my mom's area is until I actually start running there. I do love the hills, but I'm not used to it in Columbus. The hills mixed with the heat and humidity were a little rough on me this week. I had it in my head that I was going to run 12 miles for my long run this week. Unfortunately, I did not feel that awesome so I cut it by 2 miles. Also, I learned a valuable lesson during this run. Just because you carry your phone with you doesn't mean you should open it to check messages 4.56 miles into your run. You may check a message that is something you did not expect to see and it may distract you from your task. Oh the emojis I could use right now.
    Lots of emojis.

    This little shit ran off in the morning, and we spent an hour searching for her.
  • 5/26: Rest. I haven't had two complete rest days in months. I was really wishing I had a gym to go to so I could lift. UGH. I just enjoyed the country life and spending time with the family. This also might have been the night I stayed up until 1:30 a.m. drinking an entire bottle of wine by myself, listening to random music, and coloring. I am a cool person.
    Proof that I used to have a pet squirrel. His name was Timmy.

    My sweet twerps.
  • 5/27: 4.01 miles, 8:43/mile. I headed back to the bike trail close-ish to my mom's house for a short run. I miscalculated my mileage for the week and realized I only needed 4 miles instead of 7! This made me happy because it was, again, blazing hot. I'm not handling this well!!
    Even after a bottle of wine, I can balance in eagle pose while drinking coffee.

    Roop likes to put her butt in my face...

    ...and her face in my butt.


I had such a fun week. I miss living in the country and wish I could visit my parents more. Wake up, drink coffee, do yoga on the deck, ride 4 wheelers, have an adult bev while the kids nap, eat lots of food, ride more 4 wheelers, color...
This was a mix of the Strawberry Basil Vodka infusion that I made mixed with Lime La Croix.
This was unanimously voted my best yoga pic of the week.

You guys, as much as I enjoyed a little vaca to my mom's house, I'm happy to return to my normal routine. I really missed lifting this week. I still have zero confidence in my ability to do well at this 10k. I wish I had someone to pace me!!!

This week I start my training for marathon number ten! I'm going to try my best to embrace it because I'd like to not do another one until I run Boston (if my 3:10 cushion gets me in!).