Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flowers, Invitations and Engagement Pictures!!

That's a fun picture of Amy (Jimmy's sister-in-law) and me from Deb's (Jimmy's mom) wedding in May. Did you get all that?! Today I went with Deb and Amy to a place in Springfield, OH to look at flowers for the wedding bouquets. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I only knew that I really wanted to include calla lilies in the bouquets. Amy and Deb were a HUGE help in deciding what looked good together.

For those of you who don't know this already, I plan on making my bouquets with fake flowers...cheaper and they will last forever :)

I decided to use white and orange flowers. It ended up looking really good. For someone who hates this wedding planning stuff, I got pretty excited about the flowers! We put together a pretty cute bouquet idea for the bridesmaids but still arent quite sure about mine. Here is a pic of the bridesmaid bouquet idea:

I've been trying to decide what to do for invitations and realized that no one really cares how cute they are so, with advice from my friend and co-worker, Carrie, I decided that I'll probably buy an invitation kit from JoAnn fabrics and get some ribbon the color of my bridesmaid dresses and put around the invitations. I think the invites are only $30 for 50 and the ribbon is pretty cheap too. I'm looking for any way to save money!!!

Last, but certainly not least, our engagement pics are ready...YAY!!!
Go to pipersgallery.com
Click on our name
Type in my email address which is lisamarie.pt08@gmail.com
Some are cheesy and some are great!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wedding planning sucks more than it doesn't suck...

I've never really wanted to have a wedding. I thought it would be super cool to do one of those destination weddings. I just don't want to have to deal with the stress of planning. It's retarded!!! If Jimmy and I were doing it the way I want to do it, we would already be married!

I just feel like I'm trying to please everyone else. It's my wedding so I should be happy and excited too! Our parents want a wedding...Jimmy wants a wedding...I DON'T want a wedding! I'm getting all of this advice and input from everyone else about how I should do it and what they like, but I'm doing all of the work for something I ultimately don't want! BLAH!

Please excuse my complaining but I know I'll feel MUCH better when I'm finished typing this :)

Also, if anyone is willing, I need some advice...

I'm insanely jealous because some cool peeps that Jimmy and I know got engaged shortly after us and they are getting married before us. I know that it's completely retarded that I feel jealous. It actually shocks me that it bothers me so much because I'm not a jealous person. I also know that when my wedding rolls around, this situation will not matter to me. I guess it frustrates me because of my previous frustration of not really wanting a wedding. If I had it my way (see above), Jimmy and I would be married by the end of the year. I'm letting this situation piss me off way too much and I dont know how to get it off the brain. So, if you guys have any words of wisdom, that would be much appreciated :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

A brief on my first 3 months of ENGAGEMENT :)

I wish I had thought of this blog thing when I first got engaged! I was worried about how I would keep everyone posted on the lastest...especially since I moved to Ohio and I'm HORRIBLE at keeping in touch by phone. So here goes nothin':

I've pretty much done all of the major basics (place, date, time, wedding party, etc.). I have a dress, headpiece and veil (all of which cost less than $400!!!). And, with the help of my maid of honor, the famous Rachel Knuckles, I have picked a dress for my bridal party (P.S. IT HAS POCKETS!!!).

Most recently I purchased Save-the-Dates which was an adventure in itself. It was probably the first time Jimmy and I have argued in the wedding process. At first it was a "waste of money" and then it turned into "I think we need to send save-the-dates." All that aside, we ended up spending only $18 on ones that were business card sized.

After the Save-the-Date adventure, I had to do what I was dreading the most at the beginning of planning...FINDING A PHOTOGRAPHER! This was mostly because I was lazy and didnt want to do the research but I sucked it up and found a girl who seems very awesome. She did our engagement shoot on Wednesday...it was SO CHEESY! I felt like a weirdo posing for those pics. At one point Jimmy asked me to jump up and he would catch me. I thought he wanted me to just kick my legs back into the air but he actually wanted me to jump and wrap my legs around him...well, somehow in the confusion of how to jump, I kicked him right in the you-know-what! OUCH! Later in the shoot the photographer asked "Would you like to lay on top of him?!" After she said that, my perverted mind wondered before I finally figured out what she meant...she was referring to a particular pose for a picture which was equally as awkward as the others. Anyway, those pics should be on her website soon...when I get them I'll let you all know.

You must be thinking to yourself, "I wonder how Jimmy is enjoying it all?" Two words: HONEYMOON and REGISTRIES! He gladly helped me choose the Sandals Resort in Antigua (we are currently saving up for the down payment on that). We are spending most of our money on the honeymoon because...well...it's the best part!! BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW!

He also had lots of fun scanning random items for our registries. He wanted to scan a big screen TV so I let him have his fun...then I deleted it later :) That request came from the same guy who wanted to scan condoms as a joke...there is no way I was letting that happen! Jimmy made the registry process a lot of fun for me :) I will never be able to go into WalMart, JC Penney, or Bed Bath and Beyond and have the same amount of fun (P.S. that is my plug to let you all know where we registered...haha...P.S. #2 I have a hard time receiving gifts without feeling bad...I don't want you all to feel obligated to get us something...we just want everyone to have fun at the wedding) :)
Anyway, that's all for now...let me know if you guys would like stories about anything else! I'll keep posting stuff as it occurs :) Love you all!