Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Classic New Year Blog

I'm not doing anything traditional such as answering questions about your year or listing your favorite moments of the year...honestly, my year was pretty straight forward and I just don't have time at the moment to answer all of those fun questions about my year! (wish I did cuz it's fun to think back!)
Here is my year in a nutshell (I can't say "nutshell" without thinking about Austin Powers): Mr. Boo and I decided we were ready for a baby, we created a baby (details not necessary), I grew a baby inside of me, and we delivered a baby. BEST YEAR EVER! I seriously LOVED being pregnant (despite the negative things associated with it) and I LOVED the labor and delivery experience (despite the ouchiness of it) AND I've thoroughly enjoyed the first 17 days of James' life.
Such a sound sleeper.

Pardon how amazingly sexy we look...we just can't help it :)
I don't do New Year's Resolutions but I typically have some sort of goal that I set regarding running or working out. This year (this idea inspired by a church friend, Jolie), I plan to have one word that I want to describe my year. I said in a blog during my pregnancy that it was my goal to be an inspiration to other pregnant women. I want to continue that word "INSPIRE" into 2014. I'm making it my 2014 goal to be as inspirational as I can in all that I do..mainly, motherhood. I know it will be a challenge but I'm excited to see how I can juggle being a mom with work, exercise, and play. I can't wait to include my little man in my activities. I have never been more excited about a challenge in my life!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Random Postpartum Thoughts

  1. Crying- Obviously, hormones go crazy and YOU WILL CRY. If you didn't do your share of crying, you have no soul (please know that I'm joking but really?!)! For the first few days, I cried every time I tried to go to sleep. I just prayed and cried. It wasn't necessarily a bad cry...it was more like "I can't believe I have the cutest baby in the world," "I don't deserve this precious baby," "I'm afraid I won't be able to figure things out/be a good mom." Then, all of a sudden, I didn't cry anymore. After texting with my friend, Jackie, I think my experience might have something to do with the placenta pills that I'm taking. Jackie said that she noticed a difference in her crying/emotions when she didn't take her pill. I haven't skipped taking my pill and, after talking with Jackie, I'm afraid to do so! I'm hoping that is what's helping to keep my emotions in check :)
  2. Belly- I was so concerned with how my previously flat belly was going to look after being pregnant (so stupid, I know, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it was a concern). This is what I imagined: Have you ever watched The Biggest Loser? I imagined my belly looking as if I was 300+ lbs. and had lost 200 of it...that saggy skin look. Boy, was I wrong! After delivering James, it simply looked like I was still pregnant...just not as far along. The only difference is that I felt it jiggle when I walked rather than it being hard like during pregnancy. As the days have gone on, I still have a pudge but it is slowly getting smaller. The fact that it's cookie/holiday season doesn't help things out...50% of my diet the last 2 weeks has been cookies! Now that I can drive (YAY!), I'll be able to go for walks on a daily basis until I can start other cardio activity. I can also slowly start doing other exercise at home like squats, lunges, and maybe even some light abdominal and yoga moves. I'll just listen to my body and see how things go.
  3. Trying on pre-pregnancy pants- Kind of wish I had waited for this one! Today, Mr. Boo and I went to Meijer and I wanted to wear some real pants or jeans...so I did it...I tried on some pre-pregnancy jeans! Oy. I'm currently trying to figure out if my hips are going to stay the same size or shrink along with my belly. Honestly, I'm ok with my current hips...I just want to know if there is shopping in my future or if I'll be able to squeeze into those favorite jeans of mine that I love oh so much. I did fit into a pair that is a little stretchier so all hope is not lost. :)
  4. Pumping- Please tell me about your pumping experiences the next time I see you or in a message. I just started trying to pump milk yesterday and VERY little came out. I thought it might have been because James was eating every 1 1/2 hours yesterday which is unusual for him. I only tried once yesterday and once so far today. I had better luck today but it still wasn't a whole lot. The pediatrician told me to pump the breast that he feeds from the least after that specific feeding. Does it just take time to establish good pumping? I dunno...guess I need to do some research or contact a lactation consultant.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Baby James: Week 2...This Baby Makes My Day Brighter

We kicked off James' second week of life by taking advantage of the 50-something December day...We went on our first family stroll!! We love family walks and it was nice to add James to the mix. Despite Mr. Boo having a broken toe, he went with us anyway. I was only able to tolerate about 30 minutes before I got sore (even though I want this belly to go away STAT, I'm being wise and listening to my body).
Ready for a walk!

Wait up Daddy, Izzie, and Angel!
-I learned the hand covering technique to prevent being sprayed by pee
-James' cord fell off
-The Petermans and Wendy visited
12/23 (I title this day our "visitation marathon"):
-Aunt Amy took newborn photos for us!
-Steph brought us some delicious chili and cornbread
-Our neighbors, Erin and Eric, brought us flowers, homemade bread, spaghetti sauce, and cookies
-Pastor Rich brought us a gift from the church including a personalized burp cloth with James' name on it...he prayed for us while he was here which was very encouraging :)
12/24 (Christmas Eve):
-Celebrated the birth of James' future girlfriend and/or best friend, Charlotte Cole Hatt! Congrats to Dan and Becca!
-Traditional Christmas Eve celebration at Jim and Joan's...I did not touch my baby for 4+ hours (except when he needed milk). He was so popular!
-I had my first adult bev in 9 months...a very small glass of wine (I didn't want to feel guilty for drinking a full glass!)
12/25 (Christmas):
-We spent part of this day at Deb and Mike's...family time is always nice but I was really missing my boy because everyone else was holding him the ENTIRE time we were there and I was starting to get sad because I wasn't spending time with my boy on Christmas :*(
Daddy kisses

Future Buckeye? (can't wait until he fits into his Razorback gear!)
-Amy showed me how to use the Moby and, when we got home, I put James in it and carried him while I put away our gifts...it put a huge smile on my face
-Put James to bed around 10:15 or so and was FINALLY able to spend quality time with Mr. Boo...this was so refreshing. I was missing him so much...love you, Boo!
-2nd Peds appointment = success! Per Dr. D, James is "cute" and "perfect." He weighs 6lbs 11oz, his circumcision has healed, and he can start using a paci since he's feeding well. I was also told I can start pumping and using a bottle. I'm planning to start pumping but won't start a bottle for a couple more weeks. I want to see how he handles the paci.
I don't care what anyone says...that's just cute!
-Loren brought us chicken broccoli alfredo!
12/27 (James' original due date):
-Tried out the paci periodically throughout the day...he seems to like it but I feel like the paci is huge
-35 minute family walk!
-Jimmy and I got a Red Box movie for our Friday night date at home (we're trying to mask the fact that we want to go see Anchorman 2 at the theater)
Happy 2 weeks to my little man! We love you SO MUCH James!!!

My Return to Working Out

Not really...I still like my once a week happy hour :)
Along with the blogging of my adventures with James, I want to start blogging about my return to working out and eventually running. At the moment, I would like to think that I'll be able to run a half marathon in the fall of 2014. Now that I'm publicly stating my goal, I have no choice but to make it happen!
Tomorrow marks James' 2 week birthday which means I can drive! This means I can start going to malls and stores on crappy weather days so that I can take walks. So far, 30-40 minutes is my max but I'm hoping that will increase now that I can go everyday.
I go to my doctor January 14th and, as long as he clears me to do other cardio, I'll branch out from there. Yay!!! I'm looking forward to reporting my progress to you guys and can't wait to start registering for races!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Baby James: Week 1...Awesomeness and Adjustment

I cannot stop thinking about how awesome this experience is...I don't even care that my sleeping is messed up. When  I have to wake up and feed my little man or change his diaper in the middle of the night, it is all made better by seeing his little eyes open.
As you heard in my birth story post, he was born Saturday night and we discharged from the hospital on Monday around lunch. I cried on our way home and I was really nervous about being in the car with James! (This week has been full of hormonal crying...just sayin'). The rest of that day was spent trying to figure out how we wanted things set up at home to make it easier for me when I have to get up at night, feed, diaper, etc. A week later, I think we have our system down...that is, until James starts sleeping in a separate room in his crib (for now, he sleeps in the Pack n Play napper in our room). Here's a pic of him in his crib while I was organizing some things in the baby room:
He looks SO TINY in that thing!
On Tuesday and Wednesday, Mr. Boo's mom, Deb, stayed with me all day long until he got home. She made me meals, helped with baby stuff, and provided adult conversation! It was awesome.
We also had a couple of meals provided by friends this week. The Roths brought us some delicious pasta, salad, and garlic bread while the Bradfords provided us with some yummy buffalo chicken quinoa salad, fruit, and brownies! Thanks you guys! You are such a blessing.
Without boring y'all with the details, I'll list some of the "firsts" and other events we experienced this week:
-1st day at home, peed on! He was lying on my chest and it was running down my side :)
-I began taking my placenta pills...not sure of its effects yet.
-Izzie and Angel love James...it took Izzie a couple of days to stop barking at the crying but she is all good now and turning into James' protector.
Izzie watching over James.

Angel doing what she does best...sleep.
-Baby's 1st bath
-My milk came in day 3 or 4 and my boobs hurt like heck at first.
Since he's a regular eater/drinker, all is good now. I told Jimmy to start saving up for boob implants because I'm lookin' hot now-a-days ;)
My mom arrived on Thursday to meet Baby James and we had a few other firsts:
-1st peds appointment...all went well and he gained an ounce to get closer to his birth weight.
-1st "outing" with baby...we went to Kohl's after the appointment to exchange a couple of things mom bought for him to get him some actual newborn outfits (all he had was a bunch of newborn sleepers...with the holiday coming, he needed something handsome to wear to family events). He didn't make a peep while we were there...my good boy.
-1st projectile poop experience. I screamed. It all happened in slow motion.
-1st time leaving home without James...my mom and I had to make a quick trip to Kroger and CVS (I wanted some fresh air and wanted to give Jimmy alone time with James). I was nervous because I didn't want him to start fussing because he was hungry (when I can start pumping, I'll feel better about leaving him with daddy).
James' 1 week birthday was also Mr. Boo's 30th birthday. Grandpa Jim came over and we celebrated with some Benny's pizza. Final thought: my belly is starting to shrink and I can't wait to get back to some kind of activity. When Baby James can start going into public places for longer periods, I'll be putting Facebook posts to find anyone interested in taking some mall walks with us!
P.S. I promise that post sizes with decrease...I just have so much to be excited about right now!!!
Taken today :) My buddy.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Baby James: My Birth Story

My 38 week bump pic...taken the night before I had Baby James.
*side note: The week leading up to this, I still did Hip Hop Fitness, I still did a jog/walk at The Y, and I went to two life group events. My point in telling you this: life doesn't need to stop! Keep going!
December 12, 2013 (Thursday):
This is when, I believe, it began. Around 230 pm, I was finishing my last patient of the day and felt something leaking from down south. Of course, I had no idea what it was, if it went through my pants, etc. My only thought was "Let me get through this evaluation so I can get to a restroom!" I left my patient's home and went to Jimmy's car only for it NOT to start...perfect timing, right?! I called AAA (praise The Lord for AAA!) and, an hour and a half later, they rescued me. I had to pick up Mr. Boo from work immediately so it ended up being 5 pm-ish before I could get to a restroom. Basically, I think my mucus plug passed because I had the so called " bloody show" when I got home. 
Dec 13, 2013 (Friday):
Of course, I did not sleep that night thinking about the possibility of going into labor (even though passing your plug can mean labor comes weeks or days or hours later). I did start having contractions around 2 am but they weren't regular and they didn't hurt. I decided to go into work that day because I didn't want another false labor incident to freak me out. I was able to see all of my patients and had contractions on and off throughout the whole day. They eventually stopped before I went to bed.
I was in labor when this was taken. Jimmy wasn't home at the time and I wanted to make sure I got a pic of my belly before I went to the hospital. Yes, I'm smiling...but I was between contractions :)
December 14, 2013 (Saturday...THE BIG DAY...I'm totally going to cry as I type this):
I started having contractions early in the morning. They were different from the day before...tighter and with cramping. Even though I wasn't in pain at the time, I knew this was the day :) I was going to get to meet my Baby Boo!!! With that in mind, I knew I needed to put the Pack n Play together. I was able to finish most of it before I needed to start my brownies and Mac n Cheese (our pastor and Jimmy's mom, step dad, and step bro were coming over to hang out and change our pastor's brake pads...we decided to make a lunch date of the event). Looking back on this, I am so thankful we were busy this particular morning because it helped to take my mind off of what was going on.
As the day went on, the contractions became stronger and closer together. This entire time, I was writing down the times the contractions began so that I'd know when they were 5 minutes apart. As lunch time approached, they became strong enough that I had to stop whatever I was doing and focus for that few seconds. I would be mid conversation and have to pause. It was actually quite entertaining for my audience :) I'm also not quite sure how uncomfortable I was making my pastor and the other men in the house! I wonder what they were thinking as all of this was going on...maybe they weren't thinking anything at all. Everyone left and that's when reality hit Jimmy and me...we were about to have our baby!
Jimmy packed up the car and made arrangements for a replacement for his role in our church's Christmas show (he was the drummer for the show and had to be at church for two showings and one rehearsal the next day). His brother graciously said he'd do it for Jimmy if we were still in labor. (In case you wondered, he was able to attend church the next day, solo, of course, and play drums in the show). We then called our amazing friend, Jenny, to take our dogs for us. She came over about the time I was ready to go to the hospital and stayed with me and the dogs while Jimmy brought his drum equipment to our worship pastor. When he arrived home, I used my serious voice to let him know "IT IS TIME!"
*Side note: This last paragraph describes the time period between about 430 and 6 pm. The contractions were very strong at this point. They were painful but tolerable. The only way I could get comfortable between contractions was to lay on my side with a pillow between my knees...no more baking for me! I just had to really focus and breathe through each one. At this point, I HATED the clock because I knew when each contraction was about to start and I dreaded it!
We arrived at the hospital sometime between 630 and 645 pm and Jimmy insists that he push me up in a wheelchair but, of course, I thought that was rubbish and told him I wanted to walk. We get to the second floor of St. Ann's, check in, and I head to the triage room to strip down and get ready for the rest of my marathon. They attached me to the monitors to make sure Baby Boo and I were ok and checked my dilation. I was so nervous about this because I didn't want it to discourage me if it was a low number. After checking, the nurse said I was 6 cm!!! I'm pretty sure I verbally yelled out "YESSSS!" and actually held the "s" sound for a long time! They asked me at this point if I wanted an epidural...I let out a big fat "No, thank you" and went about business. I stayed in triage long enough for them to get a labor and delivery room prepared for me. While waiting, Jimmy put on some worship music to help us get focused and to know that The Lord was with us. He played "In Christ Alone" which is one of my favorites...I'm pretty sure I started balling my eyes out. At this point, it was so painful but I was so focused that it wasn't an issue (keep in mind, my amazing husband was coaching me through each contraction with perfection).
This is maybe 1/3 of the L&D room.

Cheryl and me between contractions...let's do this!
We get into labor and delivery (not sure what time it was at this point because I was hard at work) and things continue to progress...and quickly. My amazing nurse, Cheryl, checked me and I had reached 8 cm! Yessss! I was still in the condition that all I could do was lay on my side with the pillow between my knees. We labored mostly at home so I didn't get to take advantage of the HUGE room or the nice tub. Unfortunately, they thought it best for me to stay hooked up to the monitor the whole time because they baby's vitals weren't quite where they wanted them to be to take the monitor off. The monitors sucked  but it was worth keeping an eye on Baby Boo. The only thing you need to know at this point is that it's VERY painful and contractions feel like hell BUT those moments in between contractions were awesome and I was able to carry on partial conversations with my nurse and hubby (I seriously can't brag enough about Jimmy and Cheryl...they were such a great team and the best support).
Here's my next time reference, which I got from Cheryl, and it begins the description of the rest of my experience in labor and delivery. At 836 pm (remember, I've been at the hospital only 2 hours or less), my water broke...or, in my mind, BURSTED LIKE A WATER BALLOON! This meant two things: Baby Boo should be here soon (smiley face) and contractions would only get worse (frowny face). AND THEY DID. OMG. This was definitely transition phase for me because I remember saying out loud "I can't do this anymore!" The nurse checked my cervix just after my water broke but wouldn't tell me where I was at because she wanted me to focus on not pushing (I felt like I needed to poop but wasn't quite ready to push yet). She called the on call doctor to get to the hospital (he was about 20 minutes away) and I overheard her say I was a +2 station. I knew what that meant and I knew Baby Boo was coming. YESSSS!
Dr. T (my doc wasn't on call) was there just in time for me to start pushing the baby out. I was screaming but not like the scream in scary movies...more like a low grunting scream. Even though I knew I needed to curl up during the pushing, my automatic reaction was to straighten my entire body. I really needed the staff to coach me through this part...and they did. Besides how hard pushing was, I remember them getting Jimmy into the whole process. They had him watching and educated him through the whole thing...told him everything that was happening. Although I had no interest in seeing what was going on down there, I wish I could have seen my husband's reaction to what was happening. He said it was so amazing. I can't describe the pushing phase as painful but it was hard. I can't even say the actually baby coming out part was super painful...maybe because I was so focused on pushing.
And then, 913 pm arrived, and my baby was delivered! I only pushed 20-25 minutes! Yay! My unmedicated birth plan came true!!! It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do but I was never concerned or scared. Nuff said. When they announced it was a boy, my first thought was "Thank goodness, I don't have to figure out how I want to spell the girl's name." At this point, I had some skin to skin action with my boy, Jimmy cut the cord, I "delivered" my placenta, and I probably cried the entire time because I was so happy about the result of our hard work. The only problem we had is that Baby James' temperature was a little to low so they asked me to do a little more skin to skin time before letting daddy hold him.
My little man :) I never dreamed my child would be this small considering I was a 10 lb. fatty!
I think that pretty much covers it but you are welcome to ask any questions about the experience.
Without further ado, I present to you our Baby James:
Born at 913 pm at St. Ann's Hospital. 6 lbs. 8 oz., 18 inches long.
P.S. The hospital experience was amazing. The staff was awesome and I have no complaints about my experience at St. Ann's. Without listing every person, I would like to thank everyone who visited us at the hospital and at home so far, provided gifts and food, and those who are sending sweet messages to us. We appreciate you all!!!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby Boo: 38 Weeks

I'm so excited about my OB appointment that I'm writing my post a day early!!
I'm so curious about Baby Boo's size. Will (s)he be a fatty like I was? Or a slightly smaller fatty like Mr. Boo was?!
Thebump.com says nothing earth-shattering but it mentions "lightning crotch" because of the baby compressing on the nerves...mine is more like lightning butt. EEK. Despite the occasional surprises (which don't happen very often), I'm loving all the movement the baby makes :)
I'm still working out but my running tolerance has significantly decreased this week. I went to the Y on Saturday and did 2 miles total but alternated 1/4 mile walk and 1/4 mile jog. I felt great doing it that way but had a little pelvic soreness the rest of the day. The thing I noticed the most during the jogging was how bad I felt like I had to pee! I went to the restroom after finishing and just produced a little squirt! Baby's pushing on my poor bladder like crazy! I also did Hip Hop Fitness on Sunday and tolerated the whole hour. I took Monday off and felt like a new woman the next day!
I guess I started "nesting" this week. I'm just trying to keep myself as busy as possible so that I'm not focusing so much on when Baby Boo might get here.
I took a breastfeeding class on Monday night (a.k.a. my "booby class" according to Mr. Boo). It was free through the pediatrician's office and I wanted to make sure I did enough reading about the topic. I did learn a few new things and it made me a little more confident about what I had already learned.
I had my OB appointment this morning and it put the biggest smile on my face for the rest of the day! Baby Boo's heart rate is a healthy 140 bpm and its head is still way down there in proper position. Dr. P was back from vacation so he was able to check my cervix. I am only 1cm dilated (which is no surprise because I haven't had any contractions since my false labor incident) but I am 80% effaced!!! Dr. P said his best educated guess is that he'll see me a week from today at my next appointment but that I can expect to have Baby Boo any time after that! OMG!!! He strongly feels that I'll have him/her before my due date...that would be amazing! Even if that doesn't happen, I can't believe how close I am to meeting my little one!!!
Here are a couple of 37 week pictures:

Please be praying for Mr. Boo and me. I'm planning to work until it happens which increases my curiosity about what I'll be doing when it all begins! Will my water break at a patient's house?! Will my pain be tolerable enough to get to Jimmy (we carpool) so that he can take us home to start the labor process together? Any many, many more unknowns...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baby Boo: 37 Weeks

A little less drama this week compared to last week :)
FYI: That's a winter melon...never heard of it.
Thebump.com says the baby is getting its "first sticky poop" ready...YAY!
I'm peeing like crazy but my sleeping is so much better! Not sure how that one happened! I've noticed that, despite it being cool outside, I get SO HOT! My pits sweat like crazy.
Baby Boo is moving around a lot and I love watching her/him deform my belly :)
With regards to exercise, I was lazy over the holiday but returned to Hip Hop Fitness on Monday. I did 1 hour and 15 minutes before I had to leave. It was just so hot and I was getting tired. The next day, Mr. Boo and I went to agility class with our pups and I ran the courses with Angel like I usually do BUT I started getting some pelvic soreness. I had Mr. Boo run with both Angel and Izzie so that I could have a break. I was pretty sore that night and into today (for that reason, I took today off from working out except for all of the walking I do during the day for work).
I think I have everything I need for baby...I hope! The main thing I have left to buy is my cloth diapers...but I won't need those the first month anyway.
I am now going to the OB weekly but my doctor was on vacation this week so I saw another OB. It's weird to see someone else when you've been with the same person the entire pregnancy. They did some test to check for some kind of "germ" down there (can't remember what the test is called but it was negative so who cares) and they checked my cervix for the first time (thinning but not getting bigger). Baby Boo's heart rate was 132 bpm and I received my flu shot...I think that's about it!
Here is my 36 week pic:
I feel like this picture does no justice for how big I actually look up close!
P.S. Just wanted to thank some people who have been very encouraging to me this week...especially after this false labor crap: my sisters, my mom, Mr. Boo, my friend Leslie who left me a sweet Facebook message, my co-worker Andrea, my sister in law Amy, my fellow life groupers, and many, many more!!! Thank you!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Baby Boo: 36 Weeks

Wow...what a week! I'll be short and sweet with most of it so I can tell you all about my false labor experience.
Thebump.com says nothing earth shattering this week about Baby Boo. It just mentions that if (s)he is born any day now that (s)he will have all systems ready to go!
I had my 36 week appointment on Tuesday and things still look great. I gained a couple more pounds for a grand total of around 26ish lbs.! We asked the doctor about any vaccinations I might need because the pediatrician mentioned a couple at the meet and greet last week. Dr. P said that his only recommendation is for me to get a flu shot (which I am hesitant of because of my experience a few years ago) but I totally trust him and plan to get it at my appointment next week. Anything for Baby Boo! They'll begin checking my cervix next week and I'll start going weekly until Baby is born.
Workouts are still going well and I'm having absolutely no pain. I just stop when I start to get tired or hot. I was able to tolerate 1 1/2 hours of a 2 hour Hip Hop class and I ran a mile at The Y the other day.
I had my last baby shower this past Saturday with Jimmy's side of the family. I received so many precious gifts and it got me really excited about Baby Boo coming soon! Thank you so much to his family for being a part of my celebration for the baby!!! My sis-in-law, Amy, posted some pics from the shower on my Facebook page if you want to check them out. Here's my 35 week bump pic:
Ok...what I've been waiting to tell you all about and why I was so quiet on Facebook yesterday:
Tuesday evening, around 930 p.m., I started getting cramps in my abdomen and just felt blah. I thought nothing of it because I was SO BUSY that day and had even ran that afternoon. I was just very tired and fell asleep on the couch. When Jimmy got home from volleyball, I told him I wasn't feeling well and we went to bed. I woke up around 130 a.m. and still felt very crampy and my abdomen was tightening. I also couldn't stop going to the bathroom.
It wasn't until the 2 o'clock hour that I realized that the tightening I was getting was regular and would come and go. After this realization, I couldn't sleep. I decided to start timing the tightening just in case they were contractions. I wasn't totally convinced at the time that they were contractions because they didn't hurt. They were anywhere between 7-10 minutes apart. I went back to the bedroom about 430 a.m. and told Mr. Boo what was going on. I still didn't hurt bad at this point, just felt crampy. I decided to call my OB to see if maybe they could get me in for an appointment to check my cervix rather than me deal with going to the stinkin' hospital. They nurse told me to keep timing them and if they are 5 minutes apart for an hour, I should go to the hospital.
Unfortunately, the contractions became closer and closer and were more intense but still not what I would call painful. They were 5 minutes apart for about an hour and a half when Mr. Boo and I decided to go to St. Ann's. While all of this was happening at home, we were packing for the hospital just in case. Luckily, I had all of our lists ready to pack...I just hadn't done the packing yet.
As we headed to the hospital, we stopped for a bacon egg biscuit just in case this was going to be my last meal for a few hours. We checked into the hospital, they took us to triage, and they started monitoring my contractions and Baby Boo's heart rate. They checked my cervix and said it was only a "fingertip" which basically means nothing is happening to it. Over the next hour or so, my contractions started to become further apart but I was still cramping pretty bad. She rechecked my cervix a while later and nothing had happened. At that point, they told me to go home. They also gave me permission to travel to WV.
My reaction to the experience: I was so excited at the thought of meeting Baby Boo earlier than expected that I took this experience very hard. When it was all over, I couldn't stop crying. I was just sad. I couldn't comprehend that I was having contractions that regularly for 14 hours and nothing was happening. Besides being emotionally bummed out, I felt so bad that I informed my family and work of all of this for nothing. Physically, the experience wasn't painful but my stomach was so fatigued afterwards. We did end up travelling to WV just after all of this and the ride sucked...BUT we made it here safely and I slept almost 11 hours last night! It was amazing.
I don't feel as sad today and I know that we made the right decision to go to the hospital. The doctor assured us that what I was experiencing appeared to be real labor (I was feeling so stupid after all of this). He said that I would have been wrong not to go to the hospital. Even though I know all of this, the perfectionist in me hates screwing up and I feel like I did such a foolish thing. Anyway, I'm feeling tremendously better today and Baby Boo is moving as always in my belly :)
P.S. Mr. Boo was awesome through the whole thing even though he was sleepy and was able to drive us to WV :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baby Boo: 35 Weeks

I seriously cannot believe I'm only 5ish weeks away from meeting Baby Boo...unreal.

I know the numbers they show are averages but I cannot believe that my babes is that long!

Thebump.com mentions that the uterus is approximately 1,000 times its original size...that's crazy to think about! It also says that the baby responds best to high pitched noises (I automatically thought about my dog, Izzie...her bark is so high pitched sometimes that I know Baby Boo is probably lovin' it).

Yes, I pee ALL THE TIME...Yes, I'm constipated...but I still feel so awesome!!! I am totally convinced that it's because I stay so active. I know I still have 5ish weeks to grow but that's not enough reason for me to start sitting on my butt.

This was another rough week in the sleep department until two nights ago. I became very congested last Wednesday evening and didn't sleep well that night (maybe 1-2 hours). Things just go worse the next day...I even stayed home from bible study to rest/sleep. This trend lasted through the weekend but I finally started to feel better a couple of nights ago and can tell I've gotten more sleep. It's amazing what a couple extra hours can do for you!

Despite the lack of sleep and congestion, I was able to enjoy a surprise baby shower put on by my coworkers last Thursday morning at our meeting. There was lots of fruit, bagels, and cake as well as wonderful gifts :) They made me feel special, for sure.

This week, I also bought a couple of things for the baby room and washed all of the clothes, blankets, etc. that we've received so far.

I'm still surviving the same workout routine and feeling great doing it...so thankful! I'm really listening to my body as I'm working out and NEVER get pain. I'm also having less pelvic soreness which is awesome.

This week, we met our pediatrician. The books and articles I've read made such a big deal out of this task. It makes me wonder if people actually go on several interviews to find a pediatrician. I figure, if a friend recommends the doctor and the doctor seems nice and knowledgeable, it's not rocket science....I dunno...that's just how I felt after meeting her. We also found out that she is the doctor in her practice that is in charge of seeing babies born at St. Ann's (where we are delivering). She said, if it's during the week, she will be able to come see the baby for a check up at the hospital the morning after it's born. I thought that was kinda neat.

Here's what has been on my mind lately: I'm not scared about labor and delivery. Of course I'm nervous! I just feel so confident in my husband and the team at the hospital that I know I will be in good hands. I'm just starting to wonder about what I'll be doing and where I'll be when it all goes down! I guess that's the exciting part. I would like to think that I'll be at home but I might be at work or church or the store...oh my, the possibilities! I just can't wait to have a birth story to tell the world!

Alright, here's my 34 week pic taken last Friday:

P.S. I have my last shower on Saturday and I'm so excited!! Then I get to look forward to shopping for anything left on my registries!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Pregnancy Goal...

...to be an inspiration.
I can't really remember a time/moment in my life that I've felt I can be an inspiration to others (maybe this is me being hard on myself...or maybe I just wasn't paying attention when God gave me these opportunities). When I got pregnant, all I could think about was staying active the entire pregnancy and being as healthy as possible...not just for me, but for Baby Boo and Mr. Boo.
I just felt like God wanted to use me to inspire other women and show them that IT CAN BE DONE! I am now 34 weeks into my pregnancy and never imagined that I would still be able to do what I'm doing with regards to exercise. I promise this is not me bragging but me simply letting people know it's possible. So many people get pregnant and think life has to stop. They often use pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy, eat whatever crap is in front of them, and have others do everything for them. Maybe it's my independent soul but that just never appealed to me!
So, what am I still doing at 34 weeks? Here are a few things (again, I'm not bragging but inspiring):
-Hip Hop Fitness every Monday
-Running (now more like jogging) at least twice a week...yes, I'm slower...yes, I run less
-Other various workouts at the gym
-A lot of family walks with our dogs
-Yard work including mowing and raking/bagging leaves (if you've ever seen my yard, you know I don't garden)
-Until November came around, I was doing a 5k race 1-2 times each month
-I can still tolerate my job duties (I'm a home health PT so I'm constantly up, down, and all around)
...that's just to name a few. Now that my belly has grown and I'm obviously pregnant, I get a lot of weird looks...especially when I'm jogging...but I also get a lot of smiles and encouraging words from strangers.
Being only 6 weeks away from my due date, I'm entering into the hard phase of pregnancy. I am growing by the day, I don't sleep, my body gets tired more easily, etc. but I can honestly say that I still feel amazing and very positive about the things that sound like they suck. Only the Lord knows what my labor and delivery experience will be but I feel like he has used my motivation to stay active to prepare me exactly how He feels I need to be prepared...He is good like that :)
So, to you ladies out there, I pray that I can be an inspiration to you all and that I didn't do all of this for nothing! I can't wait to share my next 6ish weeks with y'all and share Baby Boo's birth story!! Oh my goodness...I can't believe how close we are to that special day!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Baby Boo: 34 Weeks

I can't stand typing blogs from my phone but my computer sucks butt at the moment so here I am...ok, no more complaining :-)

Thebump.com says baby recognizes and reacts to simple songs...(s)he must be enjoying all of the time we spend in the car (where I do my best singing)! 

I shared on Facebook that I've been SO sleepy lately. I can't allow myself to chill during the day or I'll fall asleep on the job. I hope this is prepping me for late night breast feeding. Despite being sleepy, exercise gives me that little burst of energy! The past 2 weeks on "5k Wednesday," as Mr. Boo is running his 5k, I've been able to jog 1 mile, walk 1/4 mile, then follow that up with another mile jog. This week was a 2 hour Hip Hop class but I stopped after 1 1/2 hours. I was tired but didn't hurt...I wanted to end on a good note rather than push it too hard! Finally, I did some raking/bagging leaves on Sunday. As long as I feel good, I'm gonna keep on going!

I had my 34 week appointment yesterday and it went really well. Baby Boo's heart rate is 142 and (s)he's still moving like crazy! Dr. P said the baby's in the proper position and he let Mr. Boo feel the head...made me smile :-) I'll go back in 2 weeks then start going every week...I cannot believe I'm only 6 weeks-ish away from meeting our baby!!!

The only other things from this week are that I contacted a lady to do my placenta encapsulation, printed our birth plan, and bought a cushion and rug for the baby room.

I have so much to look forward to next week and can't wait to share with everyone! I'm going to a Bradley class for a little refresher on labor situations that may arise. We also are meeting who we hope will be our pediatrician. Here is my 33 week pic:

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby Boo: 33 Weeks

That's a durian...I have no idea. And does the baby really weigh that much inside of me?! Crazy!
Question for the moms out there: Thebump.com says I should go ahead and install my car seat. Here's my dilemma...I will be going to West Virginia at Thanksgiving along with my hubby and two pups. Part of me feels like we should install and take the car seat with us JUST IN CASE baby comes early while in WV (I will be 36 weeks at that point). But Mr. Boo thinks it will take up too much space because of all that we have to pack (dogs, their crates, our suitcases, etc.). Plus, coming home, we will have to pack Christmas gifts from my parents into the car. Should I or should I not install the car seat?
I'm still having trouble sleeping but my heartburn hasn't been as bad this week. Exercise is still going well but I have decreased my amount of running simply because of pelvic soreness. My right piriformis is ALWAYS sore/tight and I have trouble stretching it. I try to use the tennis ball and Mr. Boo to massage it. Overall, I'm still feeling awesome and those things above are very tolerable.
I see Dr. P next week so I'll get to update you all on baby's status in my next post. I think Baby Boo is settling into a position rather than moving around everywhere! I noticed that the kicks I'm feeling are all in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen. Sometimes Baby Boo will stick  itself out to where I have this weird looking bump on my belly for a few seconds. So cool!
I'm continuing to mark things off of my Baby to-do list but there are some things I just can't do yet so I'm sort of waiting :(
A few people, including Mr. Boo, told me that I look like I grew over the weekend but I can't really tell. Here is my 32 week pic:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Baby Shower #2- Marysville Style

If you're a regular follower, you know that I had my first shower in West Virginia in late September. I wrote about it HERE. Yesterday, I had my second shower which included friends from church, work, and/or Hip Hop Fitness. I was initially concerned because the shower was held in Marysville and my friends live in various places around Columbus. I've made that drive so many times that it's nothing to me...but for those who don't make it out that way, it may seem like an eternity! I am so blessed that a good group of women were able to show up!

The girls minus Sarah G. Two of my planners are on each side of me (Lindsay and Jenny).

The same group but including Joan (yellow shirt, my mother-in-law and other planner).
My obsession with themes was greatly satisfied yesterday :) I love the fall and the book "The Giving Tree." My shower planners played off of those themes (My friends, Jenny and Lindsay, along with one of my mothers-in-law, Joan, planned the party). They did an amazing job! Here are some pics of the d├ęcor:

Cute plates/napkins!

That's an actual tree that was given to me...now I just need to plant it!

The flowers were given away as gifts to game winners.
It was a relaxed environment that included some appropriate games (guess the baby food, guess the size of Lisa's belly, and name songs with "baby" in it). I was glad I didn't have to guess melted candy bars in diapers!
The food was amazing as well! We had chili, veggies, and a cheese tray along with apple cider to imbibe (the guests had the option of adding carmel vodka...I'm sad I missed out on that one!). There were also wonderful fall desserts including this apple granola bake, apple pie, and pumpkin pie. YUMMY!!!
The only time I felt awkward was during gift opening, of course! I felt my face turn SO RED! And my pits were sweating like crazy! I appreciated every gift that I received and can't wait to use them with Baby Boo!

Thanks so much to the planners and the party attenders for everything!! I felt so loved!