Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Friday, December 27, 2013

Baby James: Week 2...This Baby Makes My Day Brighter

We kicked off James' second week of life by taking advantage of the 50-something December day...We went on our first family stroll!! We love family walks and it was nice to add James to the mix. Despite Mr. Boo having a broken toe, he went with us anyway. I was only able to tolerate about 30 minutes before I got sore (even though I want this belly to go away STAT, I'm being wise and listening to my body).
Ready for a walk!

Wait up Daddy, Izzie, and Angel!
-I learned the hand covering technique to prevent being sprayed by pee
-James' cord fell off
-The Petermans and Wendy visited
12/23 (I title this day our "visitation marathon"):
-Aunt Amy took newborn photos for us!
-Steph brought us some delicious chili and cornbread
-Our neighbors, Erin and Eric, brought us flowers, homemade bread, spaghetti sauce, and cookies
-Pastor Rich brought us a gift from the church including a personalized burp cloth with James' name on it...he prayed for us while he was here which was very encouraging :)
12/24 (Christmas Eve):
-Celebrated the birth of James' future girlfriend and/or best friend, Charlotte Cole Hatt! Congrats to Dan and Becca!
-Traditional Christmas Eve celebration at Jim and Joan's...I did not touch my baby for 4+ hours (except when he needed milk). He was so popular!
-I had my first adult bev in 9 months...a very small glass of wine (I didn't want to feel guilty for drinking a full glass!)
12/25 (Christmas):
-We spent part of this day at Deb and Mike' time is always nice but I was really missing my boy because everyone else was holding him the ENTIRE time we were there and I was starting to get sad because I wasn't spending time with my boy on Christmas :*(
Daddy kisses

Future Buckeye? (can't wait until he fits into his Razorback gear!)
-Amy showed me how to use the Moby and, when we got home, I put James in it and carried him while I put away our put a huge smile on my face
-Put James to bed around 10:15 or so and was FINALLY able to spend quality time with Mr. Boo...this was so refreshing. I was missing him so you, Boo!
-2nd Peds appointment = success! Per Dr. D, James is "cute" and "perfect." He weighs 6lbs 11oz, his circumcision has healed, and he can start using a paci since he's feeding well. I was also told I can start pumping and using a bottle. I'm planning to start pumping but won't start a bottle for a couple more weeks. I want to see how he handles the paci.
I don't care what anyone says...that's just cute!
-Loren brought us chicken broccoli alfredo!
12/27 (James' original due date):
-Tried out the paci periodically throughout the day...he seems to like it but I feel like the paci is huge
-35 minute family walk!
-Jimmy and I got a Red Box movie for our Friday night date at home (we're trying to mask the fact that we want to go see Anchorman 2 at the theater)
Happy 2 weeks to my little man! We love you SO MUCH James!!!

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