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Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Baby James: Week 1...Awesomeness and Adjustment

I cannot stop thinking about how awesome this experience is...I don't even care that my sleeping is messed up. When  I have to wake up and feed my little man or change his diaper in the middle of the night, it is all made better by seeing his little eyes open.
As you heard in my birth story post, he was born Saturday night and we discharged from the hospital on Monday around lunch. I cried on our way home and I was really nervous about being in the car with James! (This week has been full of hormonal crying...just sayin'). The rest of that day was spent trying to figure out how we wanted things set up at home to make it easier for me when I have to get up at night, feed, diaper, etc. A week later, I think we have our system down...that is, until James starts sleeping in a separate room in his crib (for now, he sleeps in the Pack n Play napper in our room). Here's a pic of him in his crib while I was organizing some things in the baby room:
He looks SO TINY in that thing!
On Tuesday and Wednesday, Mr. Boo's mom, Deb, stayed with me all day long until he got home. She made me meals, helped with baby stuff, and provided adult conversation! It was awesome.
We also had a couple of meals provided by friends this week. The Roths brought us some delicious pasta, salad, and garlic bread while the Bradfords provided us with some yummy buffalo chicken quinoa salad, fruit, and brownies! Thanks you guys! You are such a blessing.
Without boring y'all with the details, I'll list some of the "firsts" and other events we experienced this week:
-1st day at home, peed on! He was lying on my chest and it was running down my side :)
-I began taking my placenta pills...not sure of its effects yet.
-Izzie and Angel love took Izzie a couple of days to stop barking at the crying but she is all good now and turning into James' protector.
Izzie watching over James.

Angel doing what she does best...sleep.
-Baby's 1st bath
-My milk came in day 3 or 4 and my boobs hurt like heck at first.
Since he's a regular eater/drinker, all is good now. I told Jimmy to start saving up for boob implants because I'm lookin' hot now-a-days ;)
My mom arrived on Thursday to meet Baby James and we had a few other firsts:
-1st peds appointment...all went well and he gained an ounce to get closer to his birth weight.
-1st "outing" with baby...we went to Kohl's after the appointment to exchange a couple of things mom bought for him to get him some actual newborn outfits (all he had was a bunch of newborn sleepers...with the holiday coming, he needed something handsome to wear to family events). He didn't make a peep while we were good boy.
-1st projectile poop experience. I screamed. It all happened in slow motion.
-1st time leaving home without mom and I had to make a quick trip to Kroger and CVS (I wanted some fresh air and wanted to give Jimmy alone time with James). I was nervous because I didn't want him to start fussing because he was hungry (when I can start pumping, I'll feel better about leaving him with daddy).
James' 1 week birthday was also Mr. Boo's 30th birthday. Grandpa Jim came over and we celebrated with some Benny's pizza. Final thought: my belly is starting to shrink and I can't wait to get back to some kind of activity. When Baby James can start going into public places for longer periods, I'll be putting Facebook posts to find anyone interested in taking some mall walks with us!
P.S. I promise that post sizes with decrease...I just have so much to be excited about right now!!!
Taken today :) My buddy.

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  1. I love the pics with the dogs... glad they have adjusted! Izze looks curious and Angel is laying claim to the couch as usual, lol.
    Let me know of you need anything. I would love to take mall walks with you guys when you're ready!