Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, May 29, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 28 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner

My family minus Sophie...she can't stay still.

 I miss running. It's starting to get hot and humid which is one of my favorite to run in (I know, I'm crazy...I think it just reminds me of home). No matter how much I want to be out there, I know my foot is not ready for it. On a positive note, I can tell it's getting stronger and stronger every day!

The chart I referred to a lot this week to know what pace I'm walking on the mill. I never went over 4.0 mph.
  • 5/23/16: 7 cycling miles, 30:21. I didn't have the opportunity to do rehab walking today. Bummer. My foot was aching by lunch today. I think the demands of the job are catching up with me!! I had to take my shoe off while driving to give it time to breathe. That seemed to help because I was able to hit up the gym for a cycling workout (without pain). By the time I picked up James and the hubs, my foot was achy again. Jimmy begged us to watch him play volleyball. James didn't want to go for a walk while we were there so I missed out on the walk. Probably a good thing.
    I hate sneaking gym selfies.
  • 5/24/16: 10.6 cycling miles, 45 minutes; 1.4 mile walk, 27:08 (19:22/mile); I had a pretty intense workout on the indoor bike after work. I have to do intervals to keep me from getting bored. Again, I wanted to die, but it was amazing. Later that evening, we did a family walk and pulled James in the wagon. I was able to hold the same pace as my last walk despite pulling the extra weight! My medial foot was aching (arch area) so I'm thinking about trying an insert to see if that helps.
    Achy foot.
  • 5/25/16: REST. I really wanted to get up early and go to the Y for a cycling workout. I'm bummed I have to wait a whole week to get back on the bike (traveling to see the family so I won't have access...UGH). Hopefully that means I'll get a lot of walking miles!
    Mom, me, and jd3.
  • 5/26/16: 2 walking miles in morning, 35:35 (17:48/mile); 1.5 walking miles in the afternoon, 28:55 (19:17/mile).  My morning workout was the furthest and fastest walk so far! I'm sensing a trend in a positive direction. I walked my first mile in 18:52 and decided to pick up the pace. I ended with a 16:43 mile. I didn't realize until late in the first mile that the incline was set to 3.0. That might explain the huffing and puffing! Later that afternoon, I wanted to add some mileage towards my goal so I did an easier walk. I spent this walk thinking about a good goal for my 3 mile walk race as well as mileage goals for June.
    Looks like baby is pushing on the left!
  • 5/27/16: 2.5 walking miles in the a.m., 41:18 (16:31/mile). SO excited about my morning walk!! I added an additional half mile and crept up to 4 mph for the last 0.75 miles. Mile splits: 18:04, 15:44, 7:30 (half mile), incline set between 2 and 3.
    jd3 imitating mommy stretching and reading texts.
  • 5/28/16: 3.1 miles in the morning, 49:50 (16:05/mile). I guess we can call this my "long run"...or walk. Mile splits + 0.10: 17:24, 15:35, 15:03, 1:48. Felt so awesome afterwards even though I didn't think I was going to survive in the middle of my walk.
    jd3, again, imitating mommy!
  • 5/29/16: 2.77 pre-coffee miles, 43:34 (15:44/mile). My only goal for today was to make my total monthly mileage an even number. Splits: 16:36, 15:12, 11:46 (0.77 miles).  My next challenge is seeing if I can translate this pace from the mill to the road.
    Last schweaty walk on the family mill.
Based on my progression, I would love to be able to average somewhere between 15-16 minutes per mile for my walk race...hopefully closer to 15 minutes. I cracked up when my friend, Amanda, sent me a video of elite walkers. Those gals WALK a 5k almost as fast as I can run one! Bahahaha!!

As far as next month's mileage goals, I think it's reasonable to get on the bike at least 4 days a week and walk at least 6 days a week. I would like to give myself at least one rest day. I think a good combination of both walking and cycling (along with strengthening) will be key in my return to running. I need to get my lungs tolerant of the intensity but also get my foot used to the weight bearing. A goal of 120 cycling miles and 75 walking miles should be challenging yet attainable.
A few things I've learned this week:
  1. Just like with running, I need a good warm up before I can get that walking speed to where I'd like to be for my walk race. You can see that in my mile 1 splits.
  2. I might need an insert for my shoe. My gait pattern is definitely not normal. My foot is tight and I mostly feel it on the medial side when I do my rehab walks (also in my right butt cheek). I may visit Fleet Feet or Front Runner this week.
  3. You CAN get a cardio workout from walking! Now that I'm able to tolerate faster walking speeds in addition to adding incline, I'm getting my heart pumping hard without the bike! I was so concerned about not getting cardio while at my parents' house, but my morning rehab walks took care of that.


How Far Along: 28 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Moving like a mad (wo)man.

Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself this week.

Symptoms: None.
Cravings/Aversions: Since returning to work, I've been desperate for a pick-me-up in the morning. I decided to suck it up and try to drink coffee again. Fortunately, I was able to tolerate a little bit!! Ahh, heaven!

Coming Up: I go back to the doc on Tuesday! Hopefully I can pee in the cup this time.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 27 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
Good ole ankle exercises.

I'm excited about this post because it will start documenting what I consider my rehab process. Although the current prognosis is that I cannot run until July, I will gladly make walking goals. I'm part of a monthly mileage challenge on Facebook, so I randomly made a goal of 25 walking miles for the month of May (since I didn't get started logging miles until 5/15).  I'm not sure how easy it will be to get my miles once I go back to work. I walk a lot during the day for my job so I imagine I'll be pretty tired by the end of the day. I might have to start those early wake up calls again! EEK.
Fun with my first born.

Also, to keep me motivated while I can't run, I registered for two "races" in June. One is a 3 mile walk (June 12th- Gary Smith Worthington Classic), and the other is a 1 mile "stroller stroll" (Chloe 5k at Creekside on June 25th). Since the three mile walk is in three weeks, I'm hoping I can increase my walking endurance and speed so that I'm not dead last!

Retail therapy to make me feel better about not being able to run.

I received the best news from my ortho this week. My fractures are HEALED!! I am good to resume normal daily activities without restrictions. I just have to avoid "high impact" activities (i.e. running, jumping, etc.) until July.  I can now go to the gym and add some cycling and elliptical to my workout. I can't wait to start burning those calories!!!
  • 5/16/16: 1 mile, 27:34 followed by beasting. Last night's walk (in previous blog post) was tough...mostly because of all of the walking I did that day prior to hitting up the gym. Today was so much better!! I walked a half mile, checking my time every quarter mile, then took a sitting break. I took my shoe off and lightly massaged my foot before doing my next half mile interval. My quarter mile splits were 6:36, 6:14, 7:35, 7:09. These times/distances are comical, but it will be the best way for me to see improvement. I then lifted biceps and triceps while mixing in squats (3x20, no resistance) and seated calf raises (3x50, 20#) for my injured leg. I did one lap of high stepping for my injured leg because my hip flexor didn't feel like it got a workout.
    I can't believe the progression I've made since this walk
  • 5/17/16: 2 miles, 53:59; chest and back workout. This is just comical to me. Oh well...tis my life at the moment. I am proud of this walk, though, because my overall average was faster than my previous two, AND I did one more mile. I split this walk into intervals of 1x800m and 2x1200m. My first mile was 24:07 which has been my fastest thus far. I really slowed down my last 1200 meters. My foot and back were getting pretty tired.  Later that evening, we had family gym night so I beasted chest and back.
  • 5/18.16: 2 miles, 25:44 solo, 23:59 stroller with James. My morning was filled with errands and dates, so I was able to enjoy the gorgeous afternoon weather. I opted for a walk outside rather than on the indoor track at the Y. I was questioning if my GPS was working inside of the gym, but I think it was accurate. My pace outside was about the same as inside the gym. That evening, Jimmy played volleyball so I took James on a stroller walk. I was able to walk each mile without a break!
  • 5/19/16: 2 miles, 21:48 solo mile in early afternoon, 23:45 stroller mile with James before dinner. My ortho appointment was today. Now that I know my fractures have healed, I have less fear with each step that I take! I walked my fastest mile thus far and was just as excited as if I had run a PR! LOL. I really hope I can get my walking mile times down so that I don't look like a fool at my 3 mile walking race. I can tell my ankle is very weak. The doc told me I can start some strengthening for it!
  • 5/20/16: 1.45 miles, 37:43 (26:01/mile). BACK TO WORK!! I assumed my work day would wear me out so I intended to rest. After my boo and I went on our dinner date, we decided to go on a family walk with the dogs. I was SO TIRED after all of this! I had to elevate my sausage foot and relax the rest of the evening.
    Angel and Sophie. They're pissed off at each other.
  • 5/21/16: 7.5 cycling miles, 30 minutes; 3 miles interval walking at zoo; beasted shoulders with squats. I tested the indoor bike for the first time. I warmed up for 10 minutes, level 8 for 5 minutes, level 10 for 10 minutes, and cool down for 5 minutes. It was hard as $h!t, but I loved EVERY second of it. I just felt so thankful that I could workout hard enough to increase my heart rate and sweat! After beasting, I tried to take it easy for a couple of hours because I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking at the zoo and wasn't totally confident I could make it through the adventure. I was spent by the time we got home!
    What a wonderful feeling it was to sweat!
  • 5/22/16: 11.2 cycling miles, 45 minutes; 1.5 miles walking, 29:03 (19:25/mile). I was very proud of my workouts today! Since I handled yesterday's bike ride well, I decided to increase to 45 minutes. I managed to stay at the same overall pace. After a 10 minute warm up, I did level 8 for 10 minutes, level 10 for 10 minutes, 1:1 minute intervals switching between level 8 and 10 for 10 minutes, and a 5 minute cool down. That likely means nothing to you, but helps me remember what I was able to do! (insert silly face) My foot was a little tired afterwards so I tried to rest a bit before going on a walk. I went solo 1) Because my sweet son has entered the tantrum phase and he was stressing me out so I asked Jimmy for alone time when he got home from volleyball 2) I wanted to see what I could get my body to do. I didn't expect sub 20 minute/mile average but I was so excited that I could do it! It makes me feel a lot better about that 3 mile race I have in a few weeks!
    On my way to a better me.
I am so excited about my progression this week. It makes me hopeful for the next 5 weeks until I can try running again. After getting great workouts on the bike, I've decided against even trying the elliptical...mostly because it's stupid and I hate it. My main goals for the next 5 weeks are to get at least 4 good bike workouts per week and daily walking (if weather permits) to build up to a swift 3 miles...and to continue my strength training! 

I felt massive when I took this pic. In my defense, it's the end of the day and I'm feeling bloated!

How Far Along: 27 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Still moving!

Weight Gain: Start weight 112 lbs., Current weight approx. 132 lbs.;

Symptoms: None.
Cravings/Aversions: No coffee.

Coming Up: I go back to the doc the day after Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 26 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
I've officially reached my third trimester! HO.LY.CRAP. This reality did not occur to me until I had my OB appointment on Tuesday. I think my accident/injury has really distracted me from my pregnancy. Also, I've had absolutely no negative symptoms in my second trimester. If the baby wasn't moving around like crazy and my clothes hadn't stopped fitting me, I might have forgotten I was pregnant! I REALLY hope, after my follow up appointment with the ortho next week, I will be able to begin cycling and/or elliptical. I think I will feel so much better if I can get a good cardio workout.

My first crutch free steps (taken Thursday after my ortho appointment):

  • 5/9/16: REST. I think my foot needed a little break after all of the walking action it's had the past three days. Good thing because I was completely unmotivated to do anything today.
  • 5/10/16: Chest and Back (mixed in squats and seated heel raises between sets of upper body exercises...trying to get that ankle/foot strengthened!). I had my 26 week OB appointment in the morning followed by a visit to LabCorp for a wellness screening (putting some free dough on that HSA account). I had to drink that crap to do my glucose screening. I don't remember it making me sick when I was pregnant with James, but it had me feeling awful this time around. I also had to fast for the wellness screening so I was double feeling like crap. I had to go home afterwards and rest for a couple of hours before getting out to run errands. By the time it was all said and done, the gym was the last place I wanted to go. Jimmy agreed to family gym night so I could still get in my workout.
    Just goofing off with my first born.
  • 5/11/16: Shoulders (mixed with resisted seated heel raises for strengthening of my injured leg). I spent the day at home going up and down a lot of stairs to catch up on laundry. Since James is recently obsessed with the Y child care, I decided to wait until the evening to workout. We followed that up by visiting daddy at the volleyball court. By the time nightly tasks were accomplished and James was put to bed, this momma had a swollen foot she needed to rest. Looking forward (and also scared out of my mind) to taking some crutch free steps tomorrow.
  • 5/12/16: Legs/Abs. I kinda didn't want to go to the gym today, but the hubs requested family gym time so he could get in a shoulder workout. I had nothing in mind so I decided to attempt a few little things I haven't had the luxury of doing since my injury. I did these 5 basic exercises: Seated Calf Raises (for my injured leg) 3x50 w/20#; squats 3x20; Clamshells 3x20; Donkey Kicks 3x20; Abs, in and outs 3x15;
    We're loving family gym time!
  • 5/13/16: REST. I got on a Shutterfly kick today. Seriously. Hours upon hours. Good news: I finished an album for 2014 a.k.a. James' first year of life. I cried for two hours about how much my booger has changed in a short amount of time. Hormones.
  • 5/14/16: I was up on my feet a lot which actually felt pretty good. No gym time, but I'm hoping to go for an actual walk outside tomorrow since today's weather was craptastic.
    One of my adventures on Saturday was a Baby Sprinkle Party hosted my some Westerville running pals for 6 pregnant mommas. It was so kind of these ladies, and I'm so appreciative!
  • 5/15/16: 0.78 miles, 23:44. So today's weather was better, but I'm a weenie and didn't want to deal with being cold on my walk. I decided to use family gym time to see how I felt walking for an "extended distance" without a crutch. Between church, grocery store shopping, etc., I walked way more than 0.78 miles, but we all know it only counts if it's on the Garmin! That distance was my intentional walking at the gym. I would walk a quarter mile then have to take a sitting break because I would start to feel discomfort in my foot. I walked the first interval in 6:20 and could tell it was too fast for my foot to handle. I slowed way down for the last two intervals. I wanted to get at least a mile, but time ran out and we had to get James from child watch.
 Shockingly, I am not anxious about getting back to running. I just don't want to do anything to screw up my foot. I miss it dearly, but I'm thinking of my running future rather than my running present. I do have a special PRAYER REQUEST for this week. I go back to the ortho on Thursday and will likely be cleared to work. PRAY THAT THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!!! As long as my x-ray looks good, I'll be cleared to work. I've already been contacted by co workers to get some patients on my schedule which is SO AWESOME!

How Far Along: 26 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Non stop dancing in the belly!
Weight Gain: Haven't weighed myself this week.
Symptoms: None.
Cravings/Aversions: No coffee.
Coming Up: I go back to the doc at 29 weeks!

Monday, May 9, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 25 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
My injured foot 5 weeks post accident.

 I find it slightly annoying that EVERYTHING seems to be google-able EXCEPT "running after acute metatarsal fractures." The information out there tells me everything I already know about the healing process in the initial 6-8 weeks post fracture and nothing about return to activity. All of the other information refers to stress fractures rather than acute fractures caused by trauma. Hopefully, when I get to that point, I can contribute to this injury recovery world by telling my story.
  • 5/2/16: REST. Very intentional. My body was so tired from the trip to Cincy that I needed this day to rest. I was also battling a headache and some nausea. James and I joined the hubs that evening at Hoff Park while he played volleyball.
  • 5/3/16: Chest and back. I got myself back to The Y for some beasting.
    I was punched in the gut when I really looked at this pic. This is the calf on my injured leg 5 weeks post accident. It's amazing how the muscles atrophy after inactivity. I was completely disgusted when I saw this. It made the required recovery period a little more real to me. When I saw the atrophy, I knew it would be a long process.
  • 5/4/16: Shoulders. Jimmy requested a family night at The Y so I spent my day being mostly bored. I did make it to Khol's to spend some of the "Sorry you are hurt" money that my mom sent me. After crying during his first visit to The Y child watch last week, James was excited about going back! If he keeps up the enthusiasm, I see more opportunities for gym dates with Jimmy in my future.
  • 5/5/16: REST...sort of. I had my ortho appointment this morning and had no idea what to expect. No good news has ever come from any of my appointments, so I assumed the worst. I received what seemed like the best news ever. My x-rays revealed optimal healing of my fractures (5 weeks post accident). Rather than going one more week non weight bearing, Dr. D is allowing me to begin the partial weight bearing segment of my rehab! Praise the Lord!!
    These are happy tears. I was so thankful when I left the doctor. As usual, I held it in until I got to my car.
    I have to stick to a strict 50% weight bearing status for a week. At that point, I can begin to test the waters a little more (only with walking...NO RUNNING!). I go back to him in two weeks. The projected prognosis, pending good x-ray results, is that I will be released to go back to work with no restrictions! YAY! The doctor has been very honest with me through this whole process and told me not to expect more high impact activities (i.e. running) until 3 months post accident. When I go for my next follow up, I will inquire about cycling, elliptical, etc. For now, I am getting used to wearing a shoe again. I spent today doing mostly standing to get my leg used to bearing weight again.
    Yay for standing! It was weird. I was scared.
  • 5/6/16: Bis and Tris. A friend told me about this "Touch a Truck" event happening today. I decided, with my new weight bearing status, I should be able to handle taking James...especially since he's a good listener. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold his hand to cross the street or navigate the crowds (because of my crutches), but I assumed he would be his normal self and just listen to my instruction. WELL...he chose this one day to be a butthole and do everything else except what I asked him to do. I was in a crazy pissy mood most of the day because this normal 2 year old attitude never ended. Finally, that evening, James seemed to chill out a bit. Jimmy and I were able to make it to the gym, and James had a blast in the child care at The Y.
    The most calm moment of "touch a truck." Sitting on the school bus.
  • 5/7/16: No lifting but a lot of walking. So far, no significant pain in my foot. Mostly getting fatigue, and my body tells me when I need to sit and rest.
    Saturday was a good day. I had a blast with James at the park while daddy played volleyball.
  • 5/8/16: I think I did even more walking today. I was more brave about the amount of weight I put through my leg. I'm pretty sure I wasn't putting 50% through my leg the first day or two...mostly out of fear. I'm excited and very nervous about this process. Today was Mother's Day so James and the hubs took me out to breakfast at the place of my choice (DK Diner).
    My loves. James can't get enough pancakes.
    Then we made the rounds in Marysville to see the grandparents, and followed that with a trip to the grocery store and a walk to the park near our house. Needless to say, I was pooped. I haven't decided if I'll go to the gym on Monday or allow myself to be lazy.
    His silly shenanigans continue!

How Far Along: 25 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Still moving like crazy!!
Weight Gain: I FINALLY stepped on the scale this week since I received weight bearing rights. I kept forgetting to weigh myself in the morning before eating and getting dressed but I think I'm somewhere around 130 lbs. My starting weight was 112 lbs. I guess that amount of weight gain is fairly normal at this point, but, because of my lack of activity the past 5 weeks, I feel like a complete hog.
Symptoms: Nothing really.
Cravings/Aversions: No coffee.
Coming Up: 26 week follow up appointment (TOMORROW!) with glucose test


Monday, May 2, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 24 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
I'm nearing the 5 week mark since that man ran over me. I wonder if he thinks about what he did. He obviously doesn't care because there has been no follow-up. For all he knows, the worst could have happened, but he doesn't care because I haven't heard a thing from that man that lives a mile away from me. Ugh. I think I've said this before, my biggest struggle with this whole situation has been forgiving this person. I feel like I could put closure to that part of it if I had an apology or some other form of contact from this person. I simply cannot comprehend doing this to someone and not feeling guilty about it, especially if I knew I lied to the po-po to cover my butt. Oh well, I can't make other people have a heart.

I continue with life...doing what I can. Mornings are better for me because I just take my time getting ready, hit up the gym, go to the grocery store, or just meet up with friends. Afternoons get tough because I'm worn out and start to miss Jimmy and James.
  • 4/25/16: Bis and Tris. I was feeling a little off today. I had to take more sitting breaks than usual because I would feel slightly lightheaded. My fault because I didn't eat breakfast. That evening. I got some action outside with James while Jimmy played volleyball. This two hour adventure at Hoff Park tends to wear me out a bit because I'm trying to keep up with my boy. Totally worth it, though, because he has a blast.
  • 4/26/16: Chest and Back. Today was pretty exciting because I could tell I am getting stronger! I had to increase my resistance for all of my exercises to feel the same effect. Whoop, whoop!! Today was great because Jimmy took a half day off work to bring Angel to her follow-up appointment. It allowed me to spend some time with jd3 that afternoon.
  • 4/27/16: REST. Sort of. I didn't hit up the gym, but I did have to watch James ALL DAY. Jimmy had a 7 a.m. meeting and a happy hour to attend after work. In some ways, the day was good, but I had a few mental breakdowns which seem to overshadow the good moments nowadays. It's a personal problem, but I'm allowing myself to hate my life right now. I should have the right to hate my life for at least 6-8 weeks. Why do we have to be so damn positive all the time?! We did enjoy a park date with friends and lunch at Bob Evans...all took so much energy out of me but jd3 had a blast.
  • 4/28/16: Shoulders. didn't sleep well AT ALL last night. I don't think I came downstairs until 10 a.m. or so. I wasn't motivated to dress for the gym and sat like a blob on my couch until 11:45. I finally got off my butt to get ready, put the pups in their crates, and headed to the car...just to have to turn around and come back inside. I left my freaking scooter in the Impala. I can't manage getting the dumbbells at the gym without the scooter. UGH!!!
    So not happy about the scooter situation.
    After complaining to the hubs, he promised we would beast after dinner. We went to The Y, put jd3 in child care (his first time which means he cried his face off for 5 minutes), and lifted shoulders!
  • 4/29/16: Bis and Tris. I was not myself today. I hadn't eaten breakfast yet so maybe that was my problem. I had to take more sitting breaks than usual and felt lightheaded with some of my exercises. (Side note: I volunteered for elite runner check in at the Cap City half which was this year's US Championship! It was fun seeing all of the fasties.)
  • 4/30/16: Although I did not go to the gym, I am not calling today a rest day! I was supposed to run the Flying Pig Half this weekend but had to defer to next year due to my accident (THANK YOU TO THOSE IN CHARGE OF FLYING PIG FOR ALLOWING THIS DEFERRAL!!). I didn't want to leave my girl, Amanda, with the financial burden of paying for the hotel room we were supposed to share for this trip...especially since the main reason she registered was to run with me! I had quite a few friends running the various races this  weekend so I decided to join in on the race day fun and spectate. I used my knee walker all weekend to assist in getting me around the city. The hotel was less than a mile from anywhere we had to go. Between the "walk" to dinner and the hours we spent at the expo, I'm pretty confident I "walked" 2+miles this day. I sort of wish I had been wearing my Garmin to know for sure. I might have gone way more than 2 miles! It was raining after dinner and we were almost a mile from the hotel so we Uber'd back to our room. I had lots of fun with my girls today but I was SO tired (and in pain) when we got back to the hotel.
    Flashback to last year's expo! [Jackie, ME]
  • 5/1/16: Same deal as yesterday. No visit to the gym but certainly not a rest day! I did even more scooting this day. After looking back at all of the places I scooted that morning while my friends were running, I'm guessing that I probably did 5 miles minimum! OMG. I noticed this morning that the brake on my knee walker broke and I was scared to go down this particular hill with it broken. I didn't get the see the half marathoners finish but Uber'd down the hill in order to see the marathoners. I was able to scoot/walk back to the hotel because I didn't really need my brakes for the uphill. I was so freaking tired by the time we got back to Columbus. I'm thinking Monday might have to be a rest day for this momma!
    Some of the crew post race. [Megan, Amanda, ME, Dani, Jordan]. Missing Marion, Tamara, and Felicia!
It was so awesome to see so many friends at Flying Pig. It definitely turned a rough beginning of my week into a great ending. Props to the hubs for cleaning the house while I was away!! He did a great job!!
How Far Along: 24 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Still moving like crazy!!
Weight Gain: I decided I'm not going to weigh myself until I get off of crutches and can safely get on a scale.
Symptoms: Nothing really. Occasional nausea that goes away when I eat.
Cravings/Aversions: No coffee.
Coming Up: 26 week follow up appointment with glucose test