Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, May 15, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 26 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
I've officially reached my third trimester! HO.LY.CRAP. This reality did not occur to me until I had my OB appointment on Tuesday. I think my accident/injury has really distracted me from my pregnancy. Also, I've had absolutely no negative symptoms in my second trimester. If the baby wasn't moving around like crazy and my clothes hadn't stopped fitting me, I might have forgotten I was pregnant! I REALLY hope, after my follow up appointment with the ortho next week, I will be able to begin cycling and/or elliptical. I think I will feel so much better if I can get a good cardio workout.

My first crutch free steps (taken Thursday after my ortho appointment):

  • 5/9/16: REST. I think my foot needed a little break after all of the walking action it's had the past three days. Good thing because I was completely unmotivated to do anything today.
  • 5/10/16: Chest and Back (mixed in squats and seated heel raises between sets of upper body exercises...trying to get that ankle/foot strengthened!). I had my 26 week OB appointment in the morning followed by a visit to LabCorp for a wellness screening (putting some free dough on that HSA account). I had to drink that crap to do my glucose screening. I don't remember it making me sick when I was pregnant with James, but it had me feeling awful this time around. I also had to fast for the wellness screening so I was double feeling like crap. I had to go home afterwards and rest for a couple of hours before getting out to run errands. By the time it was all said and done, the gym was the last place I wanted to go. Jimmy agreed to family gym night so I could still get in my workout.
    Just goofing off with my first born.
  • 5/11/16: Shoulders (mixed with resisted seated heel raises for strengthening of my injured leg). I spent the day at home going up and down a lot of stairs to catch up on laundry. Since James is recently obsessed with the Y child care, I decided to wait until the evening to workout. We followed that up by visiting daddy at the volleyball court. By the time nightly tasks were accomplished and James was put to bed, this momma had a swollen foot she needed to rest. Looking forward (and also scared out of my mind) to taking some crutch free steps tomorrow.
  • 5/12/16: Legs/Abs. I kinda didn't want to go to the gym today, but the hubs requested family gym time so he could get in a shoulder workout. I had nothing in mind so I decided to attempt a few little things I haven't had the luxury of doing since my injury. I did these 5 basic exercises: Seated Calf Raises (for my injured leg) 3x50 w/20#; squats 3x20; Clamshells 3x20; Donkey Kicks 3x20; Abs, in and outs 3x15;
    We're loving family gym time!
  • 5/13/16: REST. I got on a Shutterfly kick today. Seriously. Hours upon hours. Good news: I finished an album for 2014 a.k.a. James' first year of life. I cried for two hours about how much my booger has changed in a short amount of time. Hormones.
  • 5/14/16: I was up on my feet a lot which actually felt pretty good. No gym time, but I'm hoping to go for an actual walk outside tomorrow since today's weather was craptastic.
    One of my adventures on Saturday was a Baby Sprinkle Party hosted my some Westerville running pals for 6 pregnant mommas. It was so kind of these ladies, and I'm so appreciative!
  • 5/15/16: 0.78 miles, 23:44. So today's weather was better, but I'm a weenie and didn't want to deal with being cold on my walk. I decided to use family gym time to see how I felt walking for an "extended distance" without a crutch. Between church, grocery store shopping, etc., I walked way more than 0.78 miles, but we all know it only counts if it's on the Garmin! That distance was my intentional walking at the gym. I would walk a quarter mile then have to take a sitting break because I would start to feel discomfort in my foot. I walked the first interval in 6:20 and could tell it was too fast for my foot to handle. I slowed way down for the last two intervals. I wanted to get at least a mile, but time ran out and we had to get James from child watch.
 Shockingly, I am not anxious about getting back to running. I just don't want to do anything to screw up my foot. I miss it dearly, but I'm thinking of my running future rather than my running present. I do have a special PRAYER REQUEST for this week. I go back to the ortho on Thursday and will likely be cleared to work. PRAY THAT THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!!! As long as my x-ray looks good, I'll be cleared to work. I've already been contacted by co workers to get some patients on my schedule which is SO AWESOME!

How Far Along: 26 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Non stop dancing in the belly!
Weight Gain: Haven't weighed myself this week.
Symptoms: None.
Cravings/Aversions: No coffee.
Coming Up: I go back to the doc at 29 weeks!

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