Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Monday, May 9, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 25 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
My injured foot 5 weeks post accident.

 I find it slightly annoying that EVERYTHING seems to be google-able EXCEPT "running after acute metatarsal fractures." The information out there tells me everything I already know about the healing process in the initial 6-8 weeks post fracture and nothing about return to activity. All of the other information refers to stress fractures rather than acute fractures caused by trauma. Hopefully, when I get to that point, I can contribute to this injury recovery world by telling my story.
  • 5/2/16: REST. Very intentional. My body was so tired from the trip to Cincy that I needed this day to rest. I was also battling a headache and some nausea. James and I joined the hubs that evening at Hoff Park while he played volleyball.
  • 5/3/16: Chest and back. I got myself back to The Y for some beasting.
    I was punched in the gut when I really looked at this pic. This is the calf on my injured leg 5 weeks post accident. It's amazing how the muscles atrophy after inactivity. I was completely disgusted when I saw this. It made the required recovery period a little more real to me. When I saw the atrophy, I knew it would be a long process.
  • 5/4/16: Shoulders. Jimmy requested a family night at The Y so I spent my day being mostly bored. I did make it to Khol's to spend some of the "Sorry you are hurt" money that my mom sent me. After crying during his first visit to The Y child watch last week, James was excited about going back! If he keeps up the enthusiasm, I see more opportunities for gym dates with Jimmy in my future.
  • 5/5/16: REST...sort of. I had my ortho appointment this morning and had no idea what to expect. No good news has ever come from any of my appointments, so I assumed the worst. I received what seemed like the best news ever. My x-rays revealed optimal healing of my fractures (5 weeks post accident). Rather than going one more week non weight bearing, Dr. D is allowing me to begin the partial weight bearing segment of my rehab! Praise the Lord!!
    These are happy tears. I was so thankful when I left the doctor. As usual, I held it in until I got to my car.
    I have to stick to a strict 50% weight bearing status for a week. At that point, I can begin to test the waters a little more (only with walking...NO RUNNING!). I go back to him in two weeks. The projected prognosis, pending good x-ray results, is that I will be released to go back to work with no restrictions! YAY! The doctor has been very honest with me through this whole process and told me not to expect more high impact activities (i.e. running) until 3 months post accident. When I go for my next follow up, I will inquire about cycling, elliptical, etc. For now, I am getting used to wearing a shoe again. I spent today doing mostly standing to get my leg used to bearing weight again.
    Yay for standing! It was weird. I was scared.
  • 5/6/16: Bis and Tris. A friend told me about this "Touch a Truck" event happening today. I decided, with my new weight bearing status, I should be able to handle taking James...especially since he's a good listener. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold his hand to cross the street or navigate the crowds (because of my crutches), but I assumed he would be his normal self and just listen to my instruction. WELL...he chose this one day to be a butthole and do everything else except what I asked him to do. I was in a crazy pissy mood most of the day because this normal 2 year old attitude never ended. Finally, that evening, James seemed to chill out a bit. Jimmy and I were able to make it to the gym, and James had a blast in the child care at The Y.
    The most calm moment of "touch a truck." Sitting on the school bus.
  • 5/7/16: No lifting but a lot of walking. So far, no significant pain in my foot. Mostly getting fatigue, and my body tells me when I need to sit and rest.
    Saturday was a good day. I had a blast with James at the park while daddy played volleyball.
  • 5/8/16: I think I did even more walking today. I was more brave about the amount of weight I put through my leg. I'm pretty sure I wasn't putting 50% through my leg the first day or two...mostly out of fear. I'm excited and very nervous about this process. Today was Mother's Day so James and the hubs took me out to breakfast at the place of my choice (DK Diner).
    My loves. James can't get enough pancakes.
    Then we made the rounds in Marysville to see the grandparents, and followed that with a trip to the grocery store and a walk to the park near our house. Needless to say, I was pooped. I haven't decided if I'll go to the gym on Monday or allow myself to be lazy.
    His silly shenanigans continue!

How Far Along: 25 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Still moving like crazy!!
Weight Gain: I FINALLY stepped on the scale this week since I received weight bearing rights. I kept forgetting to weigh myself in the morning before eating and getting dressed but I think I'm somewhere around 130 lbs. My starting weight was 112 lbs. I guess that amount of weight gain is fairly normal at this point, but, because of my lack of activity the past 5 weeks, I feel like a complete hog.
Symptoms: Nothing really.
Cravings/Aversions: No coffee.
Coming Up: 26 week follow up appointment (TOMORROW!) with glucose test