Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My October Adventures Continue...

I appreciate and love fall time more and more as I get older :) It's such a great time of the year! Jimmy and I decided to get a pumpkin and draw on it instead of carve it...dull, I know! Not really cuz we had tons of fun drawing together!

We had lots of fall fun this weekend. I did my first corn maze EVER with Jimmy and some of our friends on Friday night. At this corn maze, we had to find 8 different stations and use a crayon they gave us to rub the picture onto our piece of paper (we termed these stations "rubbings")! Let's just say that the first "rubbing" we found was a little on the perverted side and we wondered what other "rubbings" may lie ahead! Another highlight of the night had to be when Becca ran into the rope and bounced back like a slingshot (this was right after we were talking about how unintelligent the high school kids were acting that night)!

The next day, our friend Abby invited some of us over for a fall party. We had some yummy food and ended up watching football and UFC instead of carving pumpkins :) Nothing better than food, friends, football, and UFC all in one night! Here's another pic of the pumpkin Jimmy and I drew on...he is quite the artist (he even drew me some boobs...quite proportionate to my real boob

Oh how I love my husband! So, let me update you all on the house process. We looked at 5 houses on Saturday. We LOVED one of them and really liked two more. The wanted to offer on the one we loved but our realtor called us back soon after and told us that another couple looked at it a week earlier and that it was in contract :( We were bummed but we keep telling ourselves that there is a reason that God didn't want us to have that house. Of the two we really liked, we decided that one of them we liked better so we are taking a second look at it on Wednesday. We'll see how that goes and maybe we'll go for it! We'll see and I'll certainly keep you all posted.
Last, and certainly not least, I get to see my sisters, nephews, nieces, and brother-in-law this week/weekend!!!!! I am so excited!!! I leave on Thursday and return Monday...I can't wait for my Nebraska adventure :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


This post is for those that love this song just as much as I do:

That song is so sweet!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another busy but, more importantly, FUN week...

First of all, did I put the commas in the right place in my title? If you know the answer to this question, please let me know.

SO...I had another week in which I had something scheduled every night. Monday: got my her did (it's a little darker...not as blonde); Tuesday: e4 Bible study at Heritage Christian Church...intense, overwhelming, satisfying, eye-opening; Wednesday: I'll talk more about below; Thursday: spaghetti dinner at the Roth's house followed by life group; Friday: fun happy hour with Becca and Ashlie then watched my boo play volleyball :)

Jimmy and I have begun the house buying process. We are approved for a loan so last weekend we began looking at homes. We saw three homes last weekend. I loved the first one, Jimmy wasn't a fan; we both hated the second one; Jimmy liked the third and I would consider it if there was a new remodeled kitchen. The thing I learned the most that first day is that Jimmy and I like different things and we both would have to learn to compromise in this process.

After discussing the houses we looked at on Saturday, we decided to take a second look at the third house. We brought along Jimmy's Uncle Mike...he builds homes for a living and knows Columbus VERY well. He basically said that if we bought this house we would be living 2 blocks from the hood where people get shot...he also said it would cost at least $10,000 to remodel the kitchen and that a lot of the things in the house were a piece of crap (i.e. the garage door, windows, etc.). That was enough info for my boo and I to decide we would keep looking...and that's what we're doing! We are taking on a new strategy by looking at houses slightly above our price range, knowing that we can negotiate down into our price range. Even though it's a stressful process, we learn something new through each experiece!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The silly games we play...

I did something sort of embarrassing at work yesterday. I was trying to tell one of my patients to take a "rest" or a "break" but accidently combined the two words and ended up saying: "Why don't you go ahead and take a little BREAST!" I felt like an idiot!

Doing that reminded me of a game my husband and I play when we are feeling silly and want to make each other laugh. We take a couple (Ex: Warner and Patty) and switch the first letter(s) of their names (from previous example: Porner and Watty)...and for some reason it really cracks us up!

I then started thinking about all of the other crazy things that Jimmy and I do that crack us up but others might think we are weirdos! I know you couples out there have these silly little games. Jimmy and I make up silly songs and sing them to each other (some of them not to be shared out loud!)...we also like a good game of butt tag :)

So, my question for my friends out there: What are some of the silly games you play with your significant other that some people may think is weird but you think it's AWESOME?!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Does life ever slow down?

Sometimes I wonder "who's to blame for the craziness I call my life?!" I truely know that I'm to blame but I don't know how to slow it down! On the other hand, when those rare moments come when life does slow down, all I can think about is filling in that time with something to do! It's a vicious cycle people!!

There are two things I really enjoy doing that I've neglected the most lately: exercising and reading my Bible DAILY. I love doing both of these why are they the first things to be thrown out if I'm having a busy day?! It makes no sense!

I am now recalling my weekly my butt off during the day, get in my car and think about how I will crash when I get home, call my husband and ask what we want to do for dinner, shower, pursue dinner plans, crash (that is unless I have a Bible study that night or Life group)...I'm sure you all have something similar to this...oh yeah, I can't forget my daily dose of Snooki or Operation Repo or vocabulary lessons with The Situation...why is that stuff so addicting?!'s what I'm gonna try:

continue to work my butt off, call Jimmy about dinner thoughts, think about my workout while driving home and listening to some rap music :), WORKOUT, pursue dinner plans, attend my committments for the night, and relax by reading my Bible instead of watching TV.

I really really hope this works for me. Especially in the midst of house hunting and pregnancy scares (if you don't know, that was part of my weekend...LOL) and other dramas in life...