Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Monday, October 4, 2010

Does life ever slow down?

Sometimes I wonder "who's to blame for the craziness I call my life?!" I truely know that I'm to blame but I don't know how to slow it down! On the other hand, when those rare moments come when life does slow down, all I can think about is filling in that time with something to do! It's a vicious cycle people!!

There are two things I really enjoy doing that I've neglected the most lately: exercising and reading my Bible DAILY. I love doing both of these things...so why are they the first things to be thrown out if I'm having a busy day?! It makes no sense!

I am now recalling my weekly routine...work my butt off during the day, get in my car and think about how I will crash when I get home, call my husband and ask what we want to do for dinner, shower, pursue dinner plans, crash (that is unless I have a Bible study that night or Life group)...I'm sure you all have something similar to this...oh yeah, I can't forget my daily dose of Snooki or Operation Repo or vocabulary lessons with The Situation...why is that stuff so addicting?!

So...here's what I'm gonna try:

continue to work my butt off, call Jimmy about dinner thoughts, think about my workout while driving home and listening to some rap music :), WORKOUT, pursue dinner plans, attend my committments for the night, and relax by reading my Bible instead of watching TV.

I really really hope this works for me. Especially in the midst of house hunting and pregnancy scares (if you don't know, that was part of my weekend...LOL) and other dramas in life...

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  1. ditto all of this, my friend. my workouts and devos are for some reason the first to go as well. :( makes me so sad. we miss you at bible study, too. can't wait for you to come back!! :) :)