Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Friday, May 31, 2013

Dresser Color and My First Belly Pic

After searching google images and pinterest, I found this dresser:
I LOVED the color when I saw it...very apple-like. After some research, I found that it came from THIS blog. The color is by Behr and it's called Happy Camper. For now, I'm keeping the knobs black. Thank you Mom and Steve for doing this for me!
So...you might be expecting to actually see my first belly picture. Don't hold your breath. There's not a huge difference...mostly bloating! Plus, I took it bare belly for my future reference. I wasn't sure which week to even start taking pictures.
That's all. Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Boo: 10 weeks,,,The Size of a Prune?!

Now that I'm sharing, I'll share with you that the first few weeks have been rough so far. I'm the laziest I've ever been! I'm staying positive because I know this part of it will pass...hopefully :) For the first time yesterday, my abdomen actually looked pregnant. I thought I was crazy! Surely it can't feel this way already?! Then I read my daily tidbit on thebump.com. It said that it's very possible to start seeing changes at this point...not huge ones but little ones. I noticed that the bottom of my abdomen, an inch or two below my belly button, is a little rounder. YIKES! I assumed it was bloating but I guess things are starting to change...weird.
What has happened so far/decisions we've made:
-I found out I WON'T GET ANY paid maternity leave/short term disability...we've checked all options. Therefore, we have to do anything we can to save money the next 7 months. Since Mr. Boo's an amazing saver (of money) and since The Lord is with us, I am confident that we will save enough for me to have at least 8 weeks off with Baby Boo.
-We don't plan on finding out the sex! OMG. Can I do it?! My mom and Jimmy's mom aren't fans of that decision but they are still incredibly excited that we're having a little one. The reason we aren't finding out: If it's a boy, Mr. Boo said it has to be 'James Robert Davis III'...Mr. Boo's a Jr. so I totally respect that request. After that decision, I thought "What's the fun if we know we are having a boy and know that we have to name it a certain name?" I'd rather the sex be a surprise so we can have fun talking about what it might be :)
-I have a nursery theme in mind. I will save some money converting my office furniture into usable furniture for the nursery. My mom called me yesterday and said she and Steve would like to buy us a crib (the furniture will be black). Anyway, as a child, I was obsessed with the book "The Giving Tree." I just love it! I thought it would be a perfect unisex theme for the nursery! Trees, apples, green, red...I can't wait!
My mom said she has a dresser I can have:
(Love that woman!)
She (and Steve) are going to paint it for me...I just have to decide on the color. I was thinking some shade of green with red (or even apple) knobs! Then my mom sent me this pic:
This made me laugh so hard! Crazy lady!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Losing to Live 5k a.k.a. The Public Announcement

So much to say...but I won't say it all now! My blog has been very silent for a month because all I have wanted to talk about is being preggo. We just wanted to wait until we confirmed it with the first ultrasound:
As soon as I took a positive pregnancy test (2 actually!), I went online and ordered this shirt:
Mr. Boo and I are in West Virginia this weekend visiting my family. We visited Memorial weekend last year as well. My family's church had their 2nd annual "Losing to Live 5K." This is the race I won last year (to my complete surprise). Everyone was expecting me to win the title again this year, but I knew it wouldn't happen because "pregnancy fatigue" has hit me REALLY hard. It's definitely affected my running speed.
Race Report:
Last year at this race, it was SO STINKIN' HOT! I remember being in shorts/tank top and being sweaty hot. This year, it was in the 40's when we arrived...it might have made it into the 50's by the end of it all.
My step sis, Katelyn, ran it this year...that's us getting our race gear.
My proud mommy:
This race has the hilliest course I've ever run (besides the LR Marathon). Surprisingly, I conquered them like a champ! My doctor's only order with regards to running is that I don't run to exhaustion. In my last two races, that order has gone through my mind the entire time. If I start to feel exhausted, I just slow down.
Making my way down the final stretch!
...about to cross the finish line!
I forgot to stop MapMyRun at the finish so I didn't get my exact time but my parents said it was just over 27 minutes...not bad for an exhausted pregnant lady :) After recovering a few minutes, I went back on the course (backwards) to meet up with Katelyn. I met her at the last drink station and finished the rest of the race with her.
...rounding the corner on our way to the finish!

Katelyn sprinting to the finish!
P.S. Even if I wasn't preggo and in the best running shape, I still wouldn't have won this year...the winner was this hard core chick who ran it in 20ish minutes! You go girl!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Race for the Cure

I did this race for the first time last year and fell in love with it! It's such an emotional/amazing experience. It's hard to run and cry at the same time :-) I ran in celebration of my mother-in-law, Deb:

I would like to thank my biggest fan and supporter, Mr. Boo! He's there for all of my races to hold my bag and take pictures! (I forgot my camera this year so no action shots)
If you didn't notice, we are really tired :-)

My view from the start line:
If you can see the balloon arch in the distance, that's the start line. I was in the first block of people but there were so many others behind me! It was insane!

I kept my phone with me to try to take shots along the way. Here's me crossing the bridge into downtown in the last mile:

Overall, it was so much fun and I'll probably do it again next year. For all you swag lovers out there, look what I got: 


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baking and A Tough Decision

Since I've lived in Ohio, we always go to Deb's (Mr. Boo's mom) house for a Mother's Day dinner. She usually doesn't let us bring anything, but I was able to convince her to let me take care of dessert!
 I decided to make my creation, the Dirt Dessert Pie (which I made for our anniversary):
I also wanted to try out this recipe for Peanut Butter Reese's Pieces Shortbread Bars:
The only problem is that I forgot they were supposed to be "bars" and cut them into squares :(
So, I think I mentioned in a post sometime recently that the Colts are playing the Broncos this season (at Lucas Oil Stadium!!!). If that means nothing to you, trust me when I say it's a BIG DEAL! It means Peyton is returning to Indy (yes, we are on a first name basis) and I've never seen him play at that stadium...I don't even care if it is for another team!
This morning, Mr. Boo forced me to take a couple of days to make a decision. He said, if I want, we can make this game happen...buy decent tickets, get a hotel room for the night, etc. BUT it would be my birthday present, his birthday present, AND our Christmas present! I'm pretty sure I know my decision but I promised him I would think about it first ;)
Colts vs. Dolphins, November 2012
One more thing, I just have to mention that he cleaned the entire house when I was at a Mother's Day banquet with his mom :) Thanks, Boo!!! I love you!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Impromtu Date

Mr. Boo and I go on dates regularly, but it's always nice when the date is a little different than usual. Yesterday, Boo texted me and asked if I wanted to cook or if I wanted him to pick up dinner on his way home. I wasn't feeling well so I chose the latter.
Shortly after this text conversation, Boo called...he didn't sound overly happy. His car wouldn't start and the machine he uses to start it needed to be charged. He asked if I could go pick up the food he already ordered while he tries to start his car. I was excited to hear that he ordered Carrabba's!!!
After picking up the food, he still couldn't get his car started so he told me to come pick him up because he had an idea. He brought us to a park in Dublin near where he works. No one was there, it was so pretty and nice outside, and there were picnic tables! We busted out the food and had a dinner date at the park :) It was so awesome! I wouldn't complain if we did that kind of thing more often...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Derby Dinner

Warning: You are about to see a bunch of pictures of food. I like food. I like to make food for my friends/family (and take pictures of it). Very well then.

Our friends, The Hughes and The Lobbs, joined us for a derby themed dinner tonight. By the way, we didn't even watch the race! It's all about eating and fellowship :) HERE'S the link to my pinterest board where I found my menu ideas. There were a few things on my original menu that I intended to make but, with the smaller crowd, I decided to down-size the menu.

Pretty plates and bowls :)

Sweet tea...a must-have
Buttermilk Biscuits

Salad. YUM.
Watermelon. There is something about it that screams "Summer!"

Dessert. Strawberry cupcakes.
We ate dinner on the patio. It was SO NICE outside. That is my Mamaw's old table (notice the yellow legs!).
Not pictured, but also on the menu, was baked beans and the pork that Mr. Boo smoked in the smoker pictured above. Luckily for us, we have left-overs :)
 Random note: My friend, Jenny, brought me this tea:
Thanks, Jenny! Can't wait to try it!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dinner for The Roths

Our friends, Jordan and Lindsay, just had their baby, Michael Jon, less than a week ago and I got to meet him last night!!! He is such a cutie :) But he thinks every boob is his mom's so be careful if you hold him!
When I was trying to figure out what to make them for dinner, I knew I wanted it to be feel good food...good for the soul. I decided to make meatloaf and mac-n-cheese! I used the same mac-n-cheese recipe I've posted in the recent past. You can check it out HERE. Very easy to make.
I've never made homemade meatloaf before so this was a new adventure for me. I used THIS basic recipe from Martha Stewart but made a few changes based on stuff I read and stuff I just wanted to do:
-I used GF white bread.
-I omitted the ground pork and just used 1 1/2 lbs. ground beef.
-I used 1 garlic clove instead of two.
-I added 1/2 tsp. sage.
-After shaping the meat, I put three slices of bacon on top.
It ended up being delish! My only regret is that I didn't take a picture :)