Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Losing to Live 5k a.k.a. The Public Announcement

So much to say...but I won't say it all now! My blog has been very silent for a month because all I have wanted to talk about is being preggo. We just wanted to wait until we confirmed it with the first ultrasound:
As soon as I took a positive pregnancy test (2 actually!), I went online and ordered this shirt:
Mr. Boo and I are in West Virginia this weekend visiting my family. We visited Memorial weekend last year as well. My family's church had their 2nd annual "Losing to Live 5K." This is the race I won last year (to my complete surprise). Everyone was expecting me to win the title again this year, but I knew it wouldn't happen because "pregnancy fatigue" has hit me REALLY hard. It's definitely affected my running speed.
Race Report:
Last year at this race, it was SO STINKIN' HOT! I remember being in shorts/tank top and being sweaty hot. This year, it was in the 40's when we arrived...it might have made it into the 50's by the end of it all.
My step sis, Katelyn, ran it this year...that's us getting our race gear.
My proud mommy:
This race has the hilliest course I've ever run (besides the LR Marathon). Surprisingly, I conquered them like a champ! My doctor's only order with regards to running is that I don't run to exhaustion. In my last two races, that order has gone through my mind the entire time. If I start to feel exhausted, I just slow down.
Making my way down the final stretch!
...about to cross the finish line!
I forgot to stop MapMyRun at the finish so I didn't get my exact time but my parents said it was just over 27 minutes...not bad for an exhausted pregnant lady :) After recovering a few minutes, I went back on the course (backwards) to meet up with Katelyn. I met her at the last drink station and finished the rest of the race with her.
...rounding the corner on our way to the finish!

Katelyn sprinting to the finish!
P.S. Even if I wasn't preggo and in the best running shape, I still wouldn't have won this year...the winner was this hard core chick who ran it in 20ish minutes! You go girl!

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