Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Boo: 10 weeks,,,The Size of a Prune?!

Now that I'm sharing, I'll share with you that the first few weeks have been rough so far. I'm the laziest I've ever been! I'm staying positive because I know this part of it will pass...hopefully :) For the first time yesterday, my abdomen actually looked pregnant. I thought I was crazy! Surely it can't feel this way already?! Then I read my daily tidbit on thebump.com. It said that it's very possible to start seeing changes at this point...not huge ones but little ones. I noticed that the bottom of my abdomen, an inch or two below my belly button, is a little rounder. YIKES! I assumed it was bloating but I guess things are starting to change...weird.
What has happened so far/decisions we've made:
-I found out I WON'T GET ANY paid maternity leave/short term disability...we've checked all options. Therefore, we have to do anything we can to save money the next 7 months. Since Mr. Boo's an amazing saver (of money) and since The Lord is with us, I am confident that we will save enough for me to have at least 8 weeks off with Baby Boo.
-We don't plan on finding out the sex! OMG. Can I do it?! My mom and Jimmy's mom aren't fans of that decision but they are still incredibly excited that we're having a little one. The reason we aren't finding out: If it's a boy, Mr. Boo said it has to be 'James Robert Davis III'...Mr. Boo's a Jr. so I totally respect that request. After that decision, I thought "What's the fun if we know we are having a boy and know that we have to name it a certain name?" I'd rather the sex be a surprise so we can have fun talking about what it might be :)
-I have a nursery theme in mind. I will save some money converting my office furniture into usable furniture for the nursery. My mom called me yesterday and said she and Steve would like to buy us a crib (the furniture will be black). Anyway, as a child, I was obsessed with the book "The Giving Tree." I just love it! I thought it would be a perfect unisex theme for the nursery! Trees, apples, green, red...I can't wait!
My mom said she has a dresser I can have:
(Love that woman!)
She (and Steve) are going to paint it for me...I just have to decide on the color. I was thinking some shade of green with red (or even apple) knobs! Then my mom sent me this pic:
This made me laugh so hard! Crazy lady!

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  1. Congratulations again! That is crazy about your employment but glad you had time to plan!

    Can't wait to meet baby boo!