Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, June 26, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 32 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner

Flashback to a year ago (6/20/15) when I wasn't pregnant or injured. I'm pretty sure I just did a tempo run and was thrilled that I didn't die in the heat.
As I approach the day I can FINALLY run, I'm not super confident that I'll be able to tolerate it. My ankle's response to my rehab walking has been such a roller coaster ride. After a great week last week, I entered this week with a significant increase in my pain. It's caused quite the mental and physical struggle. Fortunately, the weekend wasn't as horrible so I'm slightly more optimistic but still scared out of my mind to try running.
  • 6/20/16: 2.01 walking miles, 37:36 (18:42/mile). I can't really remember a good moment during this walk. My ankle had been bothering me throughout the day, but I refused to take a rest day. James and I did our traditional trail walk while Jimmy played volleyball. That afternoon, Jimmy and I received a bit of bad news (as if we needed something else bad happen in 2016), so I was worked up about it while walking. Between my horrible ankle pain the second mile and my reminiscing of our horrible year, I cried for most of that mile and about 15 more minutes after we finished. If it weren't for my sweet boy being so happy, I would want to forget this day altogether.
    Home. Hoping I can bounce back from injury and pregnancy enough to return home in March to run the Little Rock marathon.
  • 6/21/16: 3 walking miles, 54:16 (18:05/mile); 12.2 cycling miles, 44:54. I met some of my running friends at the track while they did speed work. My ankle was aching before I even started, but I was determined to have a better day. I walked my first mile conservatively hoping that it would allow my ankle to warm up a bit. Not only was my ankle achy, but my opposite piriformis and shin were on fire. I had to stop just after a mile to stretch. It didn't seem to help that much. UGH.  I continued with my second mile and considered stopping after two (especially since that mile was slower than the first). I'm not sure if it was the presence of my friends, but I wanted to get my 3 miles. I was in so much pain that I started balling my eyes out as I was walking. I knew I wasn't hurting myself by pain was simply a result of my weakness. I needed something to distract me, so I played one of my favorite worship songs ("Overcome"). It distracted me enough from the pain, but I continued allowing myself to cry. I cried that entire last mile and then some after finishing. Fortunately, I had some great friends there to support me, rub my back as I was hunched over in frustration, and even lay hands on me in prayer. It was pretty awesome despite my tears and frustration. My ankle ached the entire day at work, but I knew the cycling wouldn't make it worse. I opted for a longer ride than usual to make up for some missed days on the bike.
    I like anatomy references and love my friends. I have some great ones.
  • 6/22/16: 2 walking miles, 31:53 (15:56/mile); 0.62 mile walk/James run. My friend Sarah and I met again this Wednesday for an evening walk. I somehow kept a sub 16 pace but my right leg was on fire. The ankle was mediocre. Although I enjoyed the company, my legs were ready to stop. Afterwards, I met Jimmy and James at Hoff Park. James wanted to go for a "run" and made it a solid 0.62 miles.
    This is my boy, fo sho. Loves his Whit's.
  • 6/23/16: 2.19 total walking miles. We were able to get a family walk of 1.19 miles before James started freaking out about going down the slide. I spent half of the walk pulling him in the wagon and half walking the dogs. The start/stops of family walks are frustrating for me in my current condition because it really makes my ankle hurt. Jimmy took charge of watching James play and watching the dogs so I could get at least another mile solo. It was a slow one (18:33), but I was in so much pain from the family walk that I couldn't get myself to go. I went home to ice my ankle and look forward to my morning walk with a friend.
  • 6/24/16: 1.03 miles, 16:49 (16:20/mile); 8.1 cycling miles, 29:57; 2.16 miles, 35:11 (16:17/mile). I was bummed (and sleepy) when my morning run fell through. I wasn't totally sure when I would fit in my walking so I brought my gear with me. I had enough free time after dropping off James to get in a quick, measly mile. After seeing patients, I hit up The Y for some cycling followed by a loop around the trail. My ankle was moderately achy with walking today, but not the worst it's been this week.
    Afternoon walk=freaking hot=limited clothing. I'm sure my belly scared a few kids.
  • 6/25/16: 6.2 total walking miles. Today was such a hodge podge and didn't allow for my typical Saturday long walk. I'm going on a week of shotty sleep, and today was no different. James woke up at 6am!!! Doesn't he know it's Saturday?! I had enough time to walk 1 stroller free mile before Jimmy had to leave for volleyball. James and I had a 1 mile race to attend so we headed that direction.
    Post race grub.
    We did an additional 1.5 miles prior to the race. For the Chloe Stroller Stroll, we walked 1.01 in 15:03 (14:54/mile average). My goal was to get my mile in the 15's. Go us!! I would have been ok with that mileage for the day, but I was bored when the boys were napping. I was able to get another 2.69 miles that afternoon, bare belly, in the blazing heat [45:49 (17:02/mile)]...and no brace! My first mile this morning was very painful, but my other miles felt mostly great!
    Stroller mile PR!
  • 6/26/16: 4.2 walking miles, 1:07:37 (16:06/mile). When I noticed I was only 4.14 miles away from meeting my monthly walking goal, I knew I could find time to make it happen today. Not only would I meet my goal, but I would get in that "long walk" I missed out on yesterday. I wanted to try and sleep in this morning so I opted for a blazing hot post church walk. I decided to go to Antrim Park to walk the O Trail since it is seconds from my church AND mostly shady. I got in a good 1.87 miles when Amanda met up with me for the rest. I was glad to see her because I knew she'd speed me up a bit. Despite the heat, it was nice catching up with my friend! My ankle mostly behaved today. I had moderate pain the first couple of miles, but felt much better the last half with minimal to no pain.
    One of the best met me on this insanely hot and gorgeous afternoon. [ME, Amanda]

The hubs was at the dog park so this was the best I could do on my own. I look HUGE!! (I did just eat City BBQ!!!)
How Far Along: 32 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Still making its presence known.
Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself again this week.

Symptoms: Horrible sleep and some nausea. My lack of sleep has made this week a rough one. On top of that, I've had some nausea throughout the day. I think it's from a poor diet this week. Baby Boo Deux is sucking out all of my nutrients.
Cravings/Aversions: I'm not so sure I would consider it a craving, but pickles have been really good this week.
Coming Up: OB appointment on Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 31 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner

Our hill group this week!
After visiting the OB on Tuesday, I feel a little more positive about my ankle situation. I had this minor epiphany during my visit with Dr. P. How does my OB visit relate to my rehab?! Let me break it down for you...
As a PT, I feel completely silly for not thinking of this. I guess, when it's your own body, some things just don't occur to you. At my OB appointment, the doc asked me how my foot was feeling. I was telling him that the area of my fractures felt perfectly fine, but my ankle was killing me (particularly with intentional exercise walks). He reminded me that the same hormones that are released during pregnancy to loosen my hips/pelvis/back area also affect the other ligaments of the body...INCLUDING MY ANKLE! Mind blown. I can't believe I didn't make that connection. Of course my ligaments need to prepare me to push out a baby, but I never thought about how the extra hormones were affecting my ankle! He basically told me that my ankle may not feel completely normal until after I have the baby.

The rehab doesn't stop.
I was both happy and annoyed by this information. Happy because at least I have an explanation for what I'm feeling. I'm putting in all of this hard work to rehab my injury, and I want to reap the benefits. Annoyed because I'm not completely sure if I'll be able to tolerate running next month if my ankles continue to feel the way they do now. Only time will tell!
  • 6/13/16: 2 mile stroller walk, 38:30 (19:15/mile); 1.1 mile stroller walk, 21:45 (19:46/mile). We did our usual Hoff Park trip while the hubs played volleyball. I had no goal in mind regarding distance so we just set out to see how I felt. The first mile felt great! No significant pain. For some reason, when we started the second mile, it's like a switch flipped. My ankle was killing me! It took all that I had to survive that mile and get us back to the park. That mile was 2 1/2+ minutes slower than the first. Ugh. I decided to get out my rehab stuff and do some exercises and stretching in hopes I'd feel better. It definitely worked because our next walk was pain free!
    My sweet boy loves bridges.
  • 6/14/16: 11.8 cycling miles, 45:12; 1 mile walking warm up followed by stretching, 16:38; 2.03 mile walk, 35:49 (17:39/mile). I was pretty happy with today. I had a good cycling workout, but had to cut my intervals to 30 seconds because Baby Boo Deux would push really hard when I was leaning forward for my faster segments. It was making me want to pee in my britches. Today, I intentionally did a warm up with stretching in hopes I could have a two miler that felt good. I wanted to test if I needed to wear the brace during the 2 mile segment. About a quarter mile into it, my ankle was in so much pain. I re-donned the brace and felt much better. I didn't feel perfect today but a lot better than yesterday.
  • 6/15/16: 2.07 walking miles, 32:46 (15:50/mile). I met my friend Sarah for a stroller walk with our boys. I think the boys were running their mouths to each other about as much as Sarah and me! I was very happy with our average considering we were pushing strollers. My ankle didn't feel that horrible until we stopped. What bothered me the most was my butt and shin on the good leg. They were on fire!
    Creepy skies on Wednesday.
  • 6/16/16:3 miles, 49:33 (16:31/mile). Not gonna lie...I was giddy about this one. I did the same workout a week ago (only 2.59 miles rather than 3), and my average per mile was 2:30 faster this week!
    Part of the dam hill.
    I did a warm up of 0.53 miles, 4 hill repeats (took me to 2.38 miles), and cool down until 3 miles. My ankle was iffy for the first half of the walk...particularly going downhill. I really need to do more downhill so that my ankle can strengthen. The uphill felt great and was more of a recovery for my leg. Although, it had my heart and respiratory rates going!

    Although I did a poor job of capturing it, the sunrise was beautiful over the water.

  • 6/17/16: 8.10 cycling miles, 30:06; 2.37 walking miles with James, 40:27 (17:04/mile); 1.2 mile family stroll; Shoulder Beasting. This was our first full day in Nashville and I wasn't sure how much activity I would fit in. Fortunately, our hotel had an awesome fitness center and I was able to wake up early for some pre-breakfast cycling miles.
    A little single leg stance action.
    We did a lot of walking over the weekend that I didn't count towards my mileage, but I was happy with the intentional miles I was able to get. That afternoon, James and I found an awesome bike trail right by a YMCA in Brentwood. We went for a stroller walk while the hubs was working out. The first mile felt great but the rest was a struggle. My ankle wanted to fall off and my right shin and piriformis were on fire.
    Another walk, another bridge.
     That evening, we walked 1.2 miles at the Opryland hotel (that was just in one section of the place!).
    Post walk play time by the water.
  • 6/18/16: 4 walking miles, 1:13:55 (18:29/mile-first 3 miles were 17:29 average, slowed down the last mile to let James run); Chest/Back Beasting. James and I had so much fun on this walk! The trooper was able to tolerate 3.5 miles of sitting in the stroller while I focused on walking. I rewarded him by letting him "run" the last half mile. He had been begging me to get out and run, and I couldn't resist the sweetness anymore! P.S. I realized a quarter mile into this walk that I forgot to don my ankle brace. I decided to just go with it and see what happened. I had NO ANKLE PAIN AT ALL!! I didn't even have that weird muscular pain in my good leg!
    Celebrating our long walk!
  • 6/19/16: 2.01 walking miles, 34:46 (17:18/mile). We spent the entire day traveling home and hustling to get James worn out for bedtime. I didn't want to go to bed without doing some kind of exercise. I set out at 9 pm for a short 2 miler. I must have been worn out from the day because my freaking right leg (the good one) wanted to fall off. My ankle felt awesome again (no brace), but the opposite shin and piriformis were hurting like crazy. I've got to figure this out!!
 Since typing my intro at the top, things have progressed in a positive direction! I didn't have any significant ankle pain over the weekend. After Friday, I had no pain with my rehab walks (except the good leg muscular pain mentioned above) and no pain at all with casual walking.

I'm only getting bigger!!
How Far Along: 31 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Surprising me with some painful pushes. All was well at my appointment this week. Heart rate was 140 bpm.
Weight Gain: Didn't weigh myself this week.

Symptoms: None.
Cravings/Aversions: None.
Coming Up: OB appointment next Tuesday!

Monday, June 13, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 30 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner

A meme that cracked me up this week.

If I could describe this week with one word, it would be DISCOURAGING. From the moment I was allowed to walk again to last weekend, I saw nothing but positive progression in my rehab process. I told you guys about my tough weekend in last week's post. My ankle simply wasn't behaving. This continued through the rest of the week.
  • 6/6/16: 3.2 total miles, pace only known for my 1.52 mile segment (18:12/mile). I felt absolutely horrible today. In my pain, I cried to God about how angry I was that this man got away with running over me. No punishment, no guilt, no apology to me for what he did. He has no idea how he has affected my life. He has no idea how I physically feel from day to day. I started off at the gym on the treadmill. I wanted to make this a "speed day" so I could take it pretty easy the rest of the week before my walk race. I was doing my warm up and had to stop 0.36 miles into the walk because my right leg (the good side) was on fire. I butt and my shin muscles were burning like crazy. I stopped to stretch them a bit and returned to finish my warm up. Only 0.20 miles into my second attempt, I had to stop again. It was just unbearable. I returned to my car, cried, and finished my documentation for work. I still had some time to spare, so that's when I did the 1.52 mile SLOW walk. Part of it was ok, but my ankle bothered me most of the time.
    Our view during the evening walk.
    That evening, we did our usual Hoff Park trip to watch Jimmy play volleyball. I got a casual 1.12 miles while James walked along the trail splashing in the puddles. Today was mentally tough.
    My sweet boy splashing in puddles.
  • 6/7/16: 11.2 cycling miles, 45 minutes; 2.5 walking miles (time unknown); Chest/Back Beasting. Today was better, but not awesome. I was limping all day during work. The ankle just wasn't feeling great. After seeing patients, I went to the Y for some cycling. My ankle doesn't bother me at all when I cycle, so I was able to get a good cardio workout. I kept it more moderate in intensity to continue resting my legs for the walk race. I felt so good when I finished and was even walking with less of a limp. I had a good stretch session afterwards before heading to the office to begin my walk. I forgot my Garmin so I walked a route I was very familiar with. I knew the exact distance because I had run it so many times in the past. I opted for 2.5 miles even though I wanted to get at least three. My ankle's good/bad ratio for this walk was 50/50. I think the cycling helped, but it really started bugging me the last mile. At least my good leg wasn't on fire today! Later that evening, we had our usual family gym time so I could do some lifting.

  • 6/8/16: 10 cycling miles, 38:49. I promised my ankle I wouldn't do a rehab walk today. The gorgeous weather made it very tempting, though. The hubs had an ankle brace I could use so I donned that to wear during the day to see if it helped (did not wear it while working out).
  • 6/9/16: 2.59 walking miles in morning, 49:11 (18:59/mile); 8.10 cycling miles, 30 minutes; 1.46 walking miles after cycling, 25:24 (17:24/mile); 0.50 mile dog walk attempt (could not go further...WORN OUT). I met up with a group of ladies at the Hoover Dam for hill repeats. My friend Amber wanted to walk with me so the time passed quickly. We did a half mile warm up then headed to the hill for the other mileage (we got in 4 repeats). I wore the ankle brace along with my inserts. My ankle did not feel good at all. I was limping for most of the walk. I haven't determined yet if the brace is helping. Because I was going up and down the hill the entire time, I feel like I can't judge fairly. I did a shorter cycling workout but made my intensity moderate to slightly hard. I'll likely rest from cycling on Friday and do a really easy ride on Saturday. The afternoon walk was better than the morning walk regarding discomfort. I felt great the first half, but things went downhill after that.
  • 6/10/16: 2.25 mile trail walk, 41:27 (18:25/mile); Bis/Tris Beasting; 1 mile indoor track walk, exact time unknown but somewhere just under 16 minutes. Today left me feeling confused and lost. I decided to take out my inserts, and I wore the ankle brace. The entire trail walk was SO PAINFUL (except mile 0.25 through 0.75). The only good thing about this walk was the pretty part through the woods and the random rain shower that felt so amazing. I felt horrible as I walked back into the gym. I decided to stretch like a mad women, do my beast session, and mix in my ankle exercises. I realized my ankle pain had subsided, so I attempted some indoor track laps. I walked a mile WITHOUT ANY PAIN! I couldn't believe it. Fourty five minutes prior, I thought my ankle was going to detach from my body. I left the gym feeling slightly encouraged but confused at the same time. Was it the difference in terrain that made it better? Was it the fact that my ankle had an extra long warm up and I stretched really well? I have no plans to walk tomorrow because I want to rest for my walk race. I guess I'll just think it over and decide what I need to do race morning.

    The trail around the Hilliard Y.

  • 6/11/16: 6.2 cycling miles, 30:10. SUPER annoyed that I went to the gym for a bike workout and the only thing available was a stupid recumbent bike! UGH!!! I kept my rpm's between 95-105 the entire time and only got 6.2 miles. That would have given me way more on a regular bike. Blah. I did take it easy today and followed up with my ankle rehab exercises. I have a [hopefully] fun walk race tomorrow!!!
    A little single leg stance action on the BOSU. Baby Boo Deux is pushing to the left!

  • 6/12/16: 1.10 mile walk (warm up for race), 20:32 (18:45/mile); 3.02 mile walk race, 46:03 (15:15/mile). You can read my race report for this one! I'm glad I did it and super humbled by the experience.
    A couple of my girls. They rock. [Amanda, Theresa, ME]
Total Miles:
  • Walking: 17.62 miles
  • Cycling: 35.5 miles


How Far Along: 30 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: The booger was really pushy this week. I'm sure it's just getting bigger with less room to move around.    
Weight Gain: Starting weight was 112 lbs. Current weight is 138-ish? I don't usually follow the rules of weighing yourself. I always forget to do it in the morning while naked. By the time I get my clothes on, I don't feel like taking them off!

Symptoms: None.
Cravings/Aversions: None.
Coming Up: OB appointment on Tuesday!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gary Smith Worthington Classic

Such a great, hot race!

It's been 4 weeks since I went on my first walk without crutches! I will not forget that day. I walked 0.25 miles at a time, resting a few minutes in between intervals, for a total of 0.78 miles. I knew in that moment, it was going to be a long road...but it was a journey I was mentally ready to tackle. After five weeks of depression through my non weight bearing phase, I was just happy to be wearing two shoes. I went home that day researching walk races in Columbus (that's when I found the Gary Smith Worthington Classic). I didn't want to commit yet. I just didn't know if my body would be able to walk three miles.
As the days passed, and my walking improved, I knew I needed something to motivate me to keep I registered! I was SO excited about it. I felt my foot responding well to my rehab, and my pace kept getting faster. It was such a confidence boost! That is, until last weekend...
Ugh, last weekend. So stupid. I went for my "long walk" last Saturday and my ankle wasn't feeling great. My pace was slower, and my body felt awful. Every walk after that was worse. I was so discouraged. I experimented with different foot inserts, braces, etc. to try and find what worked for me. I was getting mixed signals. Two days before race day, I finally decided that I would don my ankle brace but not use my shoe inserts. My ankle seemed to be at its best in that situation. Too bad its best wasn't that awesome.
As race day approached, I was less excited and more confused about how my body was healing.

Best. Swag. Ever.
I went into race day with a plan. Not so much a race plan but a pre-race plan. I noticed this week that my ankle felt it's best 30+ minutes after finishing a walk and stretching. I decided to get to the start line early for a 1 mile warm up. I might have looked a little goofy, but I brought my yoga mat and all of my rehab gear. I put my mat on the ground by my car and did all of my stretches and rehab exercises. I made sure I had at least 20-30 minutes between finishing this process and starting my race.
I actually enjoyed the walking course. It started by the street near the Thomas Worthington track on an incline. I didn't mind the little hill (P.S. Those things we consider tiny inclines when we run are so much more significant when you are walking!). My ankle seems to respond well to uphills so it actually made the start very positive for me. After circling around the stadium, we connected to the Olentangy Trail. That part was nice because of the awesome shade. The sun was blazing today!
Somewhere around mile 1 [15:57], we exited the trail. This was my favorite mile mostly because I met a nice trio, a chiropractor and a couple. They were asking about my pregnancy and injury so I spent some time sharing my story. They noticed I kept saying "yes ma'am/sir" and knew I had to be from the south. I found out the couple lived in Arkansas for a few years, just 30 minutes from where I grew up! That was very refreshing for me and helped me to relax a bit. I walked with the trio for just over 1.5 miles until we approached another incline. As we approached the incline, I had already been dealing with moderate ankle discomfort and more severe piriformis pain on my good side for about a mile. I had to let them go because I simply couldn't hang! My discomfort worsened after the incline but I didn't want to give up. I kept the trio in my visual field to motivate me. They were able to push me to a faster mile 2 [15:19].
The last mile was all about getting to the finish line without passing out. I was getting so hot, and Baby Boo Deux was starting to push like crazy. Before the race, I decided to put my bib on my shorts in case I needed to strip my shirt off (ain't no shame in that game). I was SO CLOSE to taking off my shirt when I hit a nice shaded area with a slight breeze. It was glorious. After exiting the trail at mile one, it was all residential streets until around 2.25 miles. At this point, we were back at the school and just needed to circle around and back to the track. It was also at that point that my ankle pain seemed to subside. My piriformis was still on fire, but I didn't have as much discomfort from my injury! This really got me going!!
When I saw the track, I was so excited! I hadn't looked at my pace that entire mile, but I could tell I was starting to pick it up a bit. I could hear a friend (Amanda or Theresa, I'm sure) scream my name! I zoomed around the corner and entered the gravel area just before the track. Gravel doesn't fly in my situation so I opted for the grass. Amanda met me and walked me almost to the finish. I asked her about her race, found out she won, and got SO EXCITED that I had to finish strong. I ended up with negative splits (does that even count in this situation?!) with mile 3 being [14:32]!!!!
I was limping like crazy when I finished, but I didn't care. I did it! A week and a half ago, I would have told you I would get between 45 and 47 minutes for my finish time. After my horrible decline this week, I was fully expecting to get closer to 54 minutes. My official 3 mile walk time was:

Garmin stats.
My Garmin had 3.02 miles in 46:03. In running, not so much a difference. In walking, it meant 13 seconds, dang it!! I was extremely happy with my result. It's exactly in my goal range prior to this past week. I feel like I learned a lot about my ankle from pushing myself today. Even though I was very uncomfortable during my warm up and for the first couple of miles, my ankle really eased up the last mile. I've been so afraid to push myself this week because of the pain. About 45 minutes after I finished, I had NO PAIN in my ankle. It felt great the rest of the day. My discouragement this week has turned into encouragement because of this race.
I want to send a special congrats to a couple of friends. Amanda was first female and Theresa was third!! They are so amazing!

Some of my people. [Amanda, Theresa, ME]

For now, I'm focusing on the 18 days I have to rehab before attempting to run again.

I completely forgot I bought these just before I was run over. Glad I found them when I got home! [The original Baby Boo in the background]

Sunday, June 5, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 29 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
The A Team represented well at the Columbus 10k! (before you freak out, I DID NOT RUN) [Kelly, Theresa, ME, Amber, Marion, Dani]

 I'm really excited about June because I feel like I know enough about my abilities to make mileage goals. Of course, I'm bummed that I can't run this month but thrilled that I can be more active. I feel like my biggest challenge this week was figuring out what it means to have an easy day with regards to cycling and walking. When my running program tells me to run "6 easy miles," I know exactly what that entails. I realized that I haven't really incorporated easy cycling and walking since I started being able to do both of those things. At the beginning of this week, my legs were SO TIRED! I somehow made it through my workouts, but I would wake up every morning with legs that felt pooped. I'll need to find a good balance between easy/moderate/hard so that my legs don't fall off before I can start running.
  • 5/30/16: 2 miles, 31:44 (15:52/mile). Splits were 16:04 and 15:40. I was trying to see if I could take what I was doing on the treadmill to the road. It was harder for a few reasons: 1) heat and humidity. I didn't have that in my parents' basement. 2) ground was more uneven and not as soft. 3) my frickin' knee (on the good leg!). James accidentally hit my knee with his water bottle the day before, and it hurt like hell. I thought he dislocated my patella, but it felt better after an hour or so. Just bruised and sore the next day.
    New running clothes thanks to my momma!
  • 5/31/16: 7.5 cycling miles, 30 minutes (morning); 2 mile dog walk, 42:14 (21:07/mile) in afternoon. I can't say I enjoyed either workout today. My cycling came with a 4:50 a.m. wake up call, and my legs took forever to warm up. That afternoon, I went to Front Runner for inserts and wanted to try them out. I should have opted for a solo walk, but I wanted my dogs to be able to enjoy some exercise. It was the worst decision. They are only fun to walk with if you don't care...and if you aren't recovering from injury. My foot was freaking bothering me when we finished. I will not let them melt my heart again and convince me to take them for a walk without the hubs. (Also had family gym night: chest/back beasting)
  • 6/1/16: 1 mile walk, 17:41; 12.1 cycling miles, 45 minutes; 2 mile walk, 32:48 (16:24/mile). I woke up with my legs feeling pretty tired so I skipped morning cycling. When I arrived to work, the office was still locked, so I threw on my walking shoes and went for a short walk. I didn't want to go so fast that I worked up a sweat in my work clothes, so I opted for a more moderate pace.
    LOVE Pulp Juice Smoothies!
    After a busy work day, I had time to swing by The Y before picking up James. I wanted to start June out with a bang and cycled for 45 minutes instead of my typical 30 minutes. I made it a pretty tough workout since my legs felt warmed up after about 10-15 minutes. Later that evening, I took James to Hoff Park so I could bribe him to go on a longer walk by offering to play on the playground afterwards. I was very happy with this walk considering I was pulling him in the wagon the whole time! My splits were 16:46 and 16:02. There were a couple of inclines that would be insignificant if running but were a little tough with the wagon. Overall, great workout day.
    Wagon time with my boy.
  • 6/2/16: 6.6 cycling miles, 30:07; Bis/Tris Beasting in the evening. Basically, I thought my legs were going to fall off when I woke up. SO FATIGUED AND SORE! I thought about a rest day but had extra time I needed to kill in the middle of the day. I decided to do a REALLY EASY ride on the indoor bike. I wasn't feeling it at first but warmed up after 10 minutes. I had a really good stretch session post-ride that really seemed to help.
  • 6/3/16: 2.25 walking miles in a.m., 36:10 (16:04/mile); 8.2 cycling miles in afternoon, 30:08; 1 walking mile in evening pulling James in wagon, 18:45. The morning walk was awesome. I met a group of fellow runners for National Donut Day. Four of us needed to walk because of injuries. It felt like a very casual walk yet we finished with a good pace!
    I freaking can't get enough of Schneider's!!
    I was still feeling good when I made it to the gym to cycle, so I opted for a moderately hard workout. I should have stopped for the day, but I wanted to get one more mile. For some reason, my walk with James really bothered me. I was spent the rest of the evening.
  • 6/4/16: 4 walking miles, 1:07:23 (16:51/mile). My long walk for the week. This has been the furthest I've attempted to walk without rest. The distance wasn't a problem, and I'm confident I could have kept going if time was on my side. My dang ankle was an issue today. It took my normal half mile or so to feel like my ankle was warmed up, but that didn't last long. My ankle felt weak the entire time. I tried to make myself go a little faster but it just wasn't happening. Oddly enough, I felt the best going up inclines. Going down was an issue. I determined that I need to do some walking hill repeats to try and gain some strength. I never wanted to quit, but I wasn't enjoying it as much as I'd like. I really wanted one of my mile splits to be in the 15s. I was gunning for it the last mile. I channeled my friend, Theresa, to help motivate me. I was close but didn't quite make it. I decided to take it easy the rest of the day.
    Sporting my new clothes on long walk day.
  • 6/5/16: 1 walking mile, 17:38; 2 walking miles, 34:53 (17:27/mile); 8.10 cycling miles, 30 minutes; Shoulder Beasting. My ankle was crap AGAIN today. So annoying. It's not an intense pain, but a very prominent weakness and discomfort of my anterior ankle. I've been very consistent with my ankle rehab exercises, but it seems I will need to focus more on my anterior tibialis muscle. I'm slightly bummed about my weekend walks because I don't know if this sensation will go away before my 3 mile walk race next weekend. I decided to take my inserts out of my shoes to see if that makes a difference.
    Nice walk in downtown Columbus.
    Fortunately, I was not tired from my walks the past two days so I was able to get in a short, tough cycling workout followed by some lifting.
    I had the pleasure of spectating my friends at the Columbus 10k. I took advantage of a great morning by getting in some walking miles before and during the race.
Total Miles:
  • Walking: 17.25
  • Cycling: 42.5

My SI joint has been acting up a little more this week. I know it's pregnancy related, but my altered gait pattern is exacerbating it. Fortunately, it's not significant during my cycling and walking, but it really gets me when I'm turning in bed at night. I'm always contracting my transverse abdominis muscle with all activity, and it really gets a workout when I lift weights. One of my biggest issues (and this was the case with James' pregnancy as well) is my right piriformis muscle. It is almost always on fire. My belly has gotten to the point that I can't get the best stretch. I tried the foam roll and a ball last night. I'll just have to stretch it as much as I can throughout the day to get some relief.

How Far Along: 29 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Still moving. Doc says, based on my size, it will likely be another 6 pound something baby. Heart rate was 145 bpm.

Weight Gain: Starting weight was 112 lbs. Current weight is 134 or 135-ish?

Symptoms: None.
Cravings/Aversions: None.
Coming Up: OB appointments are now every 2 weeks!