Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Monday, June 13, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 30 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner

A meme that cracked me up this week.

If I could describe this week with one word, it would be DISCOURAGING. From the moment I was allowed to walk again to last weekend, I saw nothing but positive progression in my rehab process. I told you guys about my tough weekend in last week's post. My ankle simply wasn't behaving. This continued through the rest of the week.
  • 6/6/16: 3.2 total miles, pace only known for my 1.52 mile segment (18:12/mile). I felt absolutely horrible today. In my pain, I cried to God about how angry I was that this man got away with running over me. No punishment, no guilt, no apology to me for what he did. He has no idea how he has affected my life. He has no idea how I physically feel from day to day. I started off at the gym on the treadmill. I wanted to make this a "speed day" so I could take it pretty easy the rest of the week before my walk race. I was doing my warm up and had to stop 0.36 miles into the walk because my right leg (the good side) was on fire. I butt and my shin muscles were burning like crazy. I stopped to stretch them a bit and returned to finish my warm up. Only 0.20 miles into my second attempt, I had to stop again. It was just unbearable. I returned to my car, cried, and finished my documentation for work. I still had some time to spare, so that's when I did the 1.52 mile SLOW walk. Part of it was ok, but my ankle bothered me most of the time.
    Our view during the evening walk.
    That evening, we did our usual Hoff Park trip to watch Jimmy play volleyball. I got a casual 1.12 miles while James walked along the trail splashing in the puddles. Today was mentally tough.
    My sweet boy splashing in puddles.
  • 6/7/16: 11.2 cycling miles, 45 minutes; 2.5 walking miles (time unknown); Chest/Back Beasting. Today was better, but not awesome. I was limping all day during work. The ankle just wasn't feeling great. After seeing patients, I went to the Y for some cycling. My ankle doesn't bother me at all when I cycle, so I was able to get a good cardio workout. I kept it more moderate in intensity to continue resting my legs for the walk race. I felt so good when I finished and was even walking with less of a limp. I had a good stretch session afterwards before heading to the office to begin my walk. I forgot my Garmin so I walked a route I was very familiar with. I knew the exact distance because I had run it so many times in the past. I opted for 2.5 miles even though I wanted to get at least three. My ankle's good/bad ratio for this walk was 50/50. I think the cycling helped, but it really started bugging me the last mile. At least my good leg wasn't on fire today! Later that evening, we had our usual family gym time so I could do some lifting.

  • 6/8/16: 10 cycling miles, 38:49. I promised my ankle I wouldn't do a rehab walk today. The gorgeous weather made it very tempting, though. The hubs had an ankle brace I could use so I donned that to wear during the day to see if it helped (did not wear it while working out).
  • 6/9/16: 2.59 walking miles in morning, 49:11 (18:59/mile); 8.10 cycling miles, 30 minutes; 1.46 walking miles after cycling, 25:24 (17:24/mile); 0.50 mile dog walk attempt (could not go further...WORN OUT). I met up with a group of ladies at the Hoover Dam for hill repeats. My friend Amber wanted to walk with me so the time passed quickly. We did a half mile warm up then headed to the hill for the other mileage (we got in 4 repeats). I wore the ankle brace along with my inserts. My ankle did not feel good at all. I was limping for most of the walk. I haven't determined yet if the brace is helping. Because I was going up and down the hill the entire time, I feel like I can't judge fairly. I did a shorter cycling workout but made my intensity moderate to slightly hard. I'll likely rest from cycling on Friday and do a really easy ride on Saturday. The afternoon walk was better than the morning walk regarding discomfort. I felt great the first half, but things went downhill after that.
  • 6/10/16: 2.25 mile trail walk, 41:27 (18:25/mile); Bis/Tris Beasting; 1 mile indoor track walk, exact time unknown but somewhere just under 16 minutes. Today left me feeling confused and lost. I decided to take out my inserts, and I wore the ankle brace. The entire trail walk was SO PAINFUL (except mile 0.25 through 0.75). The only good thing about this walk was the pretty part through the woods and the random rain shower that felt so amazing. I felt horrible as I walked back into the gym. I decided to stretch like a mad women, do my beast session, and mix in my ankle exercises. I realized my ankle pain had subsided, so I attempted some indoor track laps. I walked a mile WITHOUT ANY PAIN! I couldn't believe it. Fourty five minutes prior, I thought my ankle was going to detach from my body. I left the gym feeling slightly encouraged but confused at the same time. Was it the difference in terrain that made it better? Was it the fact that my ankle had an extra long warm up and I stretched really well? I have no plans to walk tomorrow because I want to rest for my walk race. I guess I'll just think it over and decide what I need to do race morning.

    The trail around the Hilliard Y.

  • 6/11/16: 6.2 cycling miles, 30:10. SUPER annoyed that I went to the gym for a bike workout and the only thing available was a stupid recumbent bike! UGH!!! I kept my rpm's between 95-105 the entire time and only got 6.2 miles. That would have given me way more on a regular bike. Blah. I did take it easy today and followed up with my ankle rehab exercises. I have a [hopefully] fun walk race tomorrow!!!
    A little single leg stance action on the BOSU. Baby Boo Deux is pushing to the left!

  • 6/12/16: 1.10 mile walk (warm up for race), 20:32 (18:45/mile); 3.02 mile walk race, 46:03 (15:15/mile). You can read my race report for this one! I'm glad I did it and super humbled by the experience.
    A couple of my girls. They rock. [Amanda, Theresa, ME]
Total Miles:
  • Walking: 17.62 miles
  • Cycling: 35.5 miles


How Far Along: 30 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: The booger was really pushy this week. I'm sure it's just getting bigger with less room to move around.    
Weight Gain: Starting weight was 112 lbs. Current weight is 138-ish? I don't usually follow the rules of weighing yourself. I always forget to do it in the morning while naked. By the time I get my clothes on, I don't feel like taking them off!

Symptoms: None.
Cravings/Aversions: None.
Coming Up: OB appointment on Tuesday!

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