Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, November 12, 2017

RV: Week 1

Running Vacation
Vacation: an extended period of recreation; the action of leaving something one previously occupied.
For me, a running vacation doesn't mean I'm not running. It means I do what I want, and I do what I please! There is something so freeing about those weeks between training programs that just makes you fall in love with running all over again. Not that I don't enjoy those weeks of training, but by the time the season is are you! It's nice to sleep in, unapologetically say no if you don't feel like running, or even run three miles without thinking you are a slacker. This is what my running vacation is all about.

Which makes more of a statement?!
Here's how I spent my first week of freedom:
  • 11/6: 3.08 miles, 9:23/mile; Chest/Back, 30 minutes. I met Jessie in Gahanna for some easy miles. She is getting back to running after an injury and marathon, and I'm still making sure my parts work after Saturday. It was so freaking windy!! 20+ mph!!! Overall, I felt fatigued but good.
    Holy crap wind!
  • 11/7: 3.13 miles, 8:46/mile; Bis/Tris, 30 minutes. I met Elizabeth and Sarah in NA for a we don't know what we're actually going to do run. We were thinking 5 miles, but it was chilly and rainy. We decided we would do the 5k loop and go from there. Obviously, we were happy with the loop and an early finish. I think Sarah's comment was "I'm wet enough to be finished."
  • 11/8: 5.08 miles, 8:59/mile. After deciding to skip a morning opportunity for sleep, I had just enough time after work and before an appointment to get a 5 miler. It was freaking gorgeous outside. Fall daytime runs are my absolute favorite!! Regarding my bod, things are still feeling good, and I'm feeling less fatigued than I was at the beginning of the week.
    Best fall day EVER!
  • 11/9: Shoulders, 30 minutes. Running rest day. I felt I should probably give the legs a break before attempting a longer run.
  • 11/10: 10.25 miles, 9:03/mile. I got to enjoy a lunchtime run on the Genoa Trail with Katie. Although it was so so cold, it was such a gorgeous sunning day! I'm getting good at this cold weather gear thing...I dressed just right today. The legs were feeling great today. I just had a little piriformis tightness afterwards.
    I missed this girl. Seriously.
  • 11/11: 7.07 miles, 9:19/mile; Restorative Yoga for Hips, 30 minutes. I was so excited to get a run at Highbanks! It's one of the few places in Columbus (that I'm aware of) that has some hills. My fast friends, Jen and Brittaney, agreed to meet me for the fun. The goal was 6-8 easy miles. I handled most of it well except for that last big hill as we headed back towards the stairs. My ass needs to get more hill action the next few months now that I'm running Pig. Good thing I like them!
    Those two are freaking amazing runners. Both have "BQ" on their resumes.

    Look at that temp! Can you believe I overdressed?!
  • 11/12: Yoga, 30 minutes. I woke up before the sunrise to meet Meg at the dam for a walk. I took my sweet Sophie so she could get some exercise. We walked four and a half miles up and down Sunbury then across the dam. It was so nice to walk, talk, and drink coffee with my human friend and my fur baby.
    I couldn't wait for this date. I should have snapped a pic of the sunrise.

    Sweet Sophie girl.
Overall, I felt good this week considering I ran a marathon. Sometimes I wonder, if marathons don't go your way and your time wasn't that great for you, do you really need the same recovery? Maybe, maybe not. That's why I choose to just listen to my body. I intentionally stuck to upper body strengthening this week. Also, I ran whatever my body said was easy. I was hoping that would keep my pace in the 9s a little more, but I felt good while running. After my long run on Friday, my piriformis felt a little tight. It's almost always tight, but it doesn't always cause my sciatic pain. Then, after running Highbanks on Saturday, my legs really took a beating! LOL. I've been stretching those hips like crazy, and I'll plan to run all easy miles during the week.
So, my exciting news of the week is that I'm registered for my spring marathons! Thanks to Indy, I fell back in love with 26.2. It reminded me that all of the hard work is and will be worth it. I plan to run the Carmel Marathon as a goal race to attempt a BQ. My goal for Pig will depend on how I do at Carmel. With that being said, training "officially" starts the week after Thanksgiving. That means two more weeks of vacation!!
I loved this post by Shalane. She reminded us to write down our goals and look at them often. She encouraged us to share them with others...state them out loud. This allows for positive encouragement and accountability. It can be scary to share our goals because, let's be real, haters gonna hate. We all know this comes out of things such as jealousy and insecurity. Let's all support each other in our missions. If we can't do that, we should just let it be.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Finisher swag.
EEEK! I finally finished a marathon this fall!! Bahahaha!!! Ok, I'm finished making fun of myself now.
I bought these shoe charms at the expo. I didn't wear them for the race because I'm a huge believer in not doing anything new on race day!
For those who aren't familiar, here's a quick recap of my marathon race year:
  • Little Rock Marathon at the beginning of March (3:52:??), 6-7 months postpartum...I was ecstatic!
  • Carmel Marathon at the end of April (3:46:??)...again, ecstatic about a 6 minute improvement.
  • Erie Marathon at the beginning of September (DNF)...quit at 12.3 miles.
  • Columbus Marathon mid October (DNF)...I decided to do the half instead.
I was hoping the fall might bring me a BQ, but something was happening with my body that I couldn't quite figure out. Long story short, the theory is that a new medication I was taking might have been the culprit. In hopes that I could make things change in time for Indy, I went to my doc and he changed me to something else. I think...THINK...MAYBE it might have helped. In my DNFs, I seemed to bonk around 7-8 miles. Today was much different.
Expo fun.
I ALWAYS go into marathons with a time goal. I don't want to be that person that says I don't have a goal, but really I have a goal that's none of your damn business because I might not reach it. Ha!! After two DNFs, I honestly didn't want to give myself any expectation. I had no idea how my body would feel with this new med in my system. I told myself two things: 1) have fun. 2) damn it, Lisa, FINISH A FREAKING MARATHON THIS FALL! (enter all the eye rolls)
Wave 2!
I didn't get to see all of my pals at the start, but I was able to snap a pic with Jackie and Jeanne.
Two of my favorites at the start line.
Of course, it felt cold but I ran to the start line to warm up a bit. It took a good 2 miles to warm up during the race. My strategy was to not look at my watch and break up the race in sections in my mind.
I love the start/finish area of this race. Beautiful.
My first goal was to make it to the 7-8 mile mark without being nauseous. Goal met! During Erie and Columbus, this seemed to be the point in which I knew my fate was not good. I wanted the feel of my first mile or two to be obnoxiously slow. [8:41, 8:27] Go me! After that I wanted to allow myself to speed up, but only if I felt happy and my body was not nauseous. Sometime around mile 6, I realized I was just behind the 3:40 group. I decided I would try to stick close to them in case I continued to feel good. Miles 2-8 are as follows [8:03, 8:19, 8:15, 8:14, 8:18, 8:18]. Pretty decent consistency for not looking at my watch!
After this point, the marathoners were without the halfers. I was still without nausea and not yet fatigued (hello Erie and Cbus). Up to this point, I had been entertaining myself by looking for people with Buckeye gear so that I could yell "O-H!" It worked and helped me to stay distracted. The next mark I was awaiting was the infamous 10.5 miles where I quit the marathon two years ago. When I passed it, the memories flooded back, and I had a big smile on my face because I was still feeling ok! I finally made it to the half marathon marker in just under 1:50...feeling like I had more to give. Miles 9-13 were [8:19, 8:22, 8:13, 8:21, 8:17].
At the halfway point, I was feeling positive about the possible outcome. I knew that I would finish, but I didn't want to get too excited because there was still plenty of time for fun things to happen. At this point, I was still hanging with the 3:40 pace group. I was able to stick with them for the next two miles [8:25, 8:21] before crap hit the fan.
At around 16 miles, I started feeling nauseous. My pace slowed down [8:47], but I didn't let it get to me mentally. I could still try to speed up if I could just make it through the nausea. I promised myself that I would take it one mile at a time when I started to feel this way. Mile 17 is when things really took a turn. My belly felt very crampy/gassy. When I tried to let it out, I let out things that needed to stay inside. Thank goodness I wore a feminine product to save my undergarments. All I could think about at this point was getting to the next potty. The bad part is that I wasn't sure how far away it was! Ugh. This mile ended up being [8:43]...pretty consistent with my last mile. I guess you can call the 8:40s my gassy/gotta shit my pants race pace.
...And there it was...
Was it a mirage? Or was it the port-a-pot that was going to save my favorite shorts? As my watch read 17.9 miles, I realized I was finally approaching a potty! YAY!!! There was no line, and I was able to get right in. Just as I was thinking that I was the most disgusting human being on the planet, I heard the runner beside me grunting three times as loud as me. Phew. Due to this potty break, mile 18 was [12:51]. BOO!! Based on that time and the previous miles, I'm guessing my break was approximately 4 minutes. Bummer.
I temporarily felt better and tried to remain optimistic. I continued not to look at my watch because looking at my watch would make me unhappy. My next mile ended up being [8:52]. After 19 miles, I knew the rest would be trouble. I started to walk a bit during this mile, but got super frustrated with myself. I told myself to just make it to 20. If I can keep running to 20, I'll give myself permission to walk. This mile ended up being [9:23].
At mile 20, they had an arch and hype team announcing that you had only a 10k left! This actually pumped me up...but not enough to keep running. I was feeling unhappy. It was then that I had to remind myself of my two goals: finish this marathon and run happy! At this point, I kept walking and forced myself to smile. After forcing the smile and listening to everyone cheering me on, the smile was no longer work. It was natural and genuine. The next four miles consisted of walking when I started to feel unhappy and running when I felt the urge. Miles 21-24 were [11:48, 11:33, 12:12, 10:59].
At some point in my interval miles, Jackie and I met up. We were both struggling. We decided to try to motivate each other and finish this together. She got ahead of me at one point because I just couldn't run...I couldn't even force my legs to progress faster than a walk. I was starting to cramp like crazy and it was HURTING!
I'm not sure what happened, but things took a major turn with about 2.5 miles to go. The cramping stopped, and I felt this tiny bit of energy rush over my body. It was the craziest thing. I started looking at my watch because I wondered if I'd be able to break 4 hours. When I realized I'd be close, depending on the actual Garmin distance, I started to run and never turned back. Mile 25 was [9:09]. So much better...I am almost there!
Sometime after this point, I saw Jackie ahead of me. She was walking. I tried my best to catch up to her and said "C'mon Jackie...let's finish this thing. RUN!!" After this, I could not speak words. All I could do was put one foot in front of the other. JUST. KEEP. GOING. Mile 26 [8:38]!
We all know our Garmins hit 26.2 before the finish line, but I wasn't sure how much the difference would be for this course. I did realized that I wasn't going to break 4 hours on the race clock, but I sure as hell was trying to run as if I could. Because I'm a weirdo, I looked at my watch until it hit 26.2. If I broke 4 hours when my watch said 26.2, I was going to count it! LOL. It was 3:59:??. LOL. I knew now that I would be mentally ok after crossing the finish line. As I was going down the finishing chute, I heard the hubs and got super happy. I crossed the line with my Garmin reading 26.4 miles, 4:01:18, 9:08/mile average. My last 0.4 miles at [8:37]. I DID IT.
The third shortest marathon I've ever run. HA!
My official time:

My fourth best or worst time depending on if you are glass half empty or full.
I can honestly say that disappointment never crossed my mind. One might think I would be unhappy, but here's why I wasn't:
  • I was so happy to say "I finished" rather than "another DNF."
  • In my other fall marathons, I felt fatigued and nauseated by miles 7-8. For this race, it didn't hit me until mile 16!
  • If I didn't have such a long poop break, I would have had another sub 4. For some reason, that made it easier to swallow.
  • I enjoyed it. I've run shitty marathons of which I've absolutely hated almost every moment (i.e. Columbus 2012...Veteran's 2015).
    I spontaneously decided Friday afternoon that I was going to get a tattoo after the race. I couldn't wait! [26.2 + runner girl]
A few side notes:
  • Nutrition: I took gels per my usual method that seems to work: 15-20 minutes pre-race, miles 4, 9, 14, 19, and whenever I feel like taking one after that. I also took a salt tab anytime I felt tight or started cramping. I'm still not sure if the salt tabs help me. I just know that they don't seem to hurt me.
  • Course: Despite what my BFF says, I liked this race and course! There was never one moment that I felt lonely. Maybe it was because the weather was great (mid 40s to low 50s, light wind maybe close to 8-10 mph), but the spectators showed up and made us feel like rock stars. There were some areas of the roads that were a little rough, but it didn't seem to affect my running. I never lost my balance or twisted my ankles because of the road. I also didn't feel like I was in an agility class. I enjoyed running through downtown and the beautiful residential areas. The course is definitely flat as advertised. I can only recall 3-4 inclines during the whole thing...and they weren't even that significant.
While the hubs slept in, I went for a recovery mile followed by coffee, donuts, and exploration. Loved this solo time.
I would certainly consider doing this race again in the future. The volunteers and spectators were great. They made it a great experience despite not having my best time.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

WTFIMP: Week 2

What the F is My Problem
My pretty unicorn.

Captain America.
Well, it's officially race week. I do not feel ready or excited. Not in a glass half empty sort of way...I just didn't feel well all week long. I'm planning a super easy week full of drinking lots of water and eating all the food.  
  • 10/23: 5.51 miles, 9:12/mile. Today sucked. It really did. I'm not feeling sorry for myself...just stating the facts! I felt like complete crap. I ran 1.5 miles solo before meeting Heather and Betty for the rest. I intended to run 7 miles, but that wasn't happening based on how I felt. My legs were like lead, I was extremely nauseous, and I had to poop. Since I stopped earlier than expected, I drove home, showered, and went back to bed for 20 minutes. We ran late all morning but it was worth laying back down. I developed this massive migraine that stuck with me until 1:30 that afternoon. I was fine for a few hours, but the headache started to resurface that evening. I decided I would take off Tuesday instead of Wednesday in hopes that the extra sleep would help.
  • 10/24: Barre, 45 minutes. I took a running rest day in hopes I'd feel better doing my speed workout on Wednesday. Jimmy and I put the kids in child watch so we could check out the barre class before James' swim lesson. It was pretty tough. My quads, calves, and abs were on fire.
  • 10/25: 3 miles outside, 8:46/mile; 6 miles on the mill, 7:55/mile. After a rough Monday and a better Tuesday, I was hopeful for an even better Wednesday. Unfortunately, I woke up feeling like shit. I couldn't fathom trying this speed workout. I had to cancel on my dear friend. I was restless until I had to get the kids up. All I could do was hope I felt better by the afternoon. Work ended up being super stressful which distracted me from how I was feeling. I got off in time to do my run before Jimmy and the kids got home. Workout: 3 up, 5 x 1 mile at HP with 0.25 recovery. Splits: 7:47, 7:41, 7:47, 7:41, 7:41. I did an unmeasured walk for my cool down. I actually felt good and comfortable so that's a plus.
  • 10/26: 5.01 miles, 9:21/mile. This morning was my first cold run of the season...32 degrees, maybe? I think I'm finally learning how to dress for this crap because I was never cold or hot. It helped that the wind wasn't blowing. I met with my Gahanna girls for an easy run to start my craziest work day of the week. I was feeling a little nauseous, but significantly better than Monday and Wednesday.
    New shoes!
  • 10/27: 10.01 miles, 8:56/mile; Power Yoga Class, 1 hour. My work day fell through, so I had the opportunity to sleep in just a bit. It all sounds great until your 1 year old keeps you awake until 1:30 a.m. I woke up at 5:20 a.m. (feeling sleepy and hungry) to meet Tamara for 4 miles. I felt ok during those miles. After dropping her off, I headed out for 6 more. It sucked so bad. I was nauseous, fatigued, and lightheaded. I wish I had thought to take the gel I had in my Flipbelt, but the thought never crossed my mind. I actually stopped at 9.3 miles and just stood there. I didn't know if I was going to throw up or pass out. UGH. I finished the run and vowed to forget about it.
    The run sucked...I might as well act stupid.
  • 10/28: Power Yoga Class, 1 hour. Running rest day since I ran long yesterday. The hubs joined me at The Y for a yoga class. I love that Ruthie is old enough to enjoy the child watch so that Jimmy and I cannot workout together!
  • 10/29: 7.06 miles, 8:35/mile. I met Brittaney at her house for a nice pre-church run. The goal: to show her how to connect to the NA trails from her house. It was a chilly morning, and I definitely overdressed! I'll figure it out eventually.
This yoga I've been doing is starting to pay off. I've been able to consistently do a crow pose! That's a big deal for me! I tried for the first time 3 months ago and couldn't do it at all. Now I'm ready for whatever is the next hardest thing.
Crow pose!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

WTFIMP: Week 1

What the F is My Problem
I have no idea what detail I went into on my last post. Sometime after the half marathon, Amanda sent me an article about possible reasons for the way I've been feeling...particularly on race day. The thing that stuck out to me was "taking an anti-depressant." I know I've mentioned in my recent blogs that I've been on a new med, but I'm not sure that I've mentioned the reason. So that this all makes sense, I suppose I'll just have to spill the beans.
Like many others, I have struggled with depression for a long time. I felt it to be minor and never addressed it. In the past couple of years, it has seemed to exacerbate and bring out the worst in my personality. For this reason, I decided that I needed to suck it up and address it.
Back in August, I finally made an appointment with my PCP. After hearing my story, he started me on 10 mg of Lexapro. I went back 5 weeks later, discussed the progress (or lack of) and he increased me to 20 mg. I then went back 4 weeks later and we determined that this was an appropriate dosage for me. I hadn't had any depressive moments in a long time and seemed to be a little more laid back about things. I really felt good in that area.
After my horrible experience at Erie, I thought nothing of my meds being the issue. I just thought it was a freak situation that would likely not happen again. I was pumped about running Columbus. After another shitty race with my body crashing in the beginning, I knew something had to be wrong...but what?!
In a desperate attempt to fix things before Indy, I posted on Facebook to see if anyone else had experienced this. I then contacted my doctor to make an appointment to figure this out. At my appointment on Thursday, the doc and I decided that I would stop the Lexapro immediately and start taking Pristiq.
A sweet friend sent this to me. It was a great reminder.
  • 10/16: 5.11 miles, 9:30/mile. The Gahanna crew strikes again. Nice, easy run full of laughs and near death experiences with Lisa B and Sarah.
  • 10/17: Yoga, 1 hour; Legs, 30 minutes. I got off work just in time to make it to a yoga class. It was a good mix of strengthening and stretching (which I really needed!!). I then followed that with a good leg workout.
  • 10/18: 8.09 miles, 8:37/mile. Workout: 2 up, 4 at marathon pace, 2 down. I was instructed to be disciplined about keeping my MP miles within 10 seconds of the intended pace (8:12-8:15). Sarah wanted to do a track workout, so I ran to meet her there (the track just happens to be 2 miles away!). I did my four MP miles on the track to hang out with her and ran home for my cool down. Perfecto. My MP miles were 8:18, 8:15, 8:05, and 8:13. The third one was a little too close to the faster end, so I made sure to tone it down for the last one. Two things that weren't awesome today: soreness and fatigue from yesterday's shenanigans AND I had to poop. Highlight: the weather was amazing! So cool outside. This is the cool weather I can deal with. I will hate it when it gets below 40 degrees.
    One of my happy places.
  • 10/19: 6.09 miles, 9:41/mile. I had the pleasure of celebrating my friend, Ellen, at her birthday run! She's a special lady and deserves all of the attention. A group of us surprised her and went out for a few chatty miles.
    The donut mug.
  • 10/20: 10.01 miles, 8:16/mile; Yoga class, 1 hour. I didn't have any patients to treat today, so I decided to run after the kids went to the sitter. I did get up early to check out a yoga class at The Y. I met Marion later that morning for a 10 miler. It was the run of layers. I started with a long sleeve...that lasted 2 miles. I ran in the tank for about 5 miles before I needed to strip to my sports bra. The sun was blazing and I was sweating like crazy. Regarding how I felt, I was definitely starting to feel nauseous after about 7 miles. I was more tired than I would have liked the last mile or two. Part of the fatigue could have been from the yoga earlier that morning, but I'm not sure if the nausea had to do with my meds.
    So much sun. LOVED it.
  • 10/21: 20.01 miles, 8:45/mile. YES! 20 miles! One might think that I should be able to finish a marathon if I can run 20 miles. UGH. I ran the first 6 with Brittaney, and the last 14 solo. I decided to make a big loop so that I had no choice but to run the full twenty (I guess I could have cheated and cut it short, but I'm less likely to do that with one big loop). I decided I would not look at my watch at all. I brought my music (which I haven't done in forever) and let myself just go. I had the route memorized so all I had to do was run happy. I was nervous...not knowing if I'd have to use the bathroom; if I'd get nauseous, lightheaded, etc.; would I have to quit and call Jimmy to pick me up? I tried to let those negative thoughts escape and enjoy the gorgeous day. The run mostly felt good until the last two miles. They were TOUGH. My legs started to tighten up, I was nauseous, and starting to get pretty tired. Despite the last two miles, I enjoyed the run.
  • 10/22: Yoga, 1 hour. I couldn't waste the morning inside! It was so beautiful outside. I wanted to catch the sunrise at Hoover, but everyone was still in bed. When everyone woke up, we just loaded up in the stroller and took it to the streets of Gahanna. Later that afternoon, I took a yoga class at The Y. I really needed to get stretched out after all the miles I ran the past few days.
    My loves.

    My other loves.
At this point, I'm not sure how confident I am about running Indianapolis. I'm just going to show up and, at the very least, have fun.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Columbus Half Marathon

I stumbled upon some friends at the expo! [Dani, Marion, ME, Jackie, Jeanne]
Needless to say, I'm in a bit of a rough patch. LOL.  Oh man. I titled this blog "honest mother runner," so I suppose I need to do what I claim and spill my guts in these moments.
I was supposed to run the full today. A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Debbie, decided not to run and we were able to get the bib transferred to my name even though it was after the transfer date (THANK YOU COLUMBUS MARATHON!). I was so incredibly excited to run this race! I really needed a redemption Columbus race since I freaking bombed the 2012 marathon (5:03:??).
Here was my plan:
Amanda is the one who gave me the idea to try out this pace strategy. I ordered the pace band for the Columbus course based on a conservative start and negative split for a 3:36 goal time.
Going into the race, everyone was aware that the weather would likely not be ideal (it was about 70 degrees and high humidity). I definitely felt it from the start, but I didn't intend on letting it stop me. [insert eye roll]
Always a beautiful start at this race.
I saw most of my friends at the start and had the pleasure of hanging out with my church friend, Lindsey, who freaking killed her first marathon. So amazing.
Start line smiles! [ME, Lindsey]
I felt like a turtle at the beginning but still went out too fast [8:09]. I forced myself to slow down and stay true to my plan. I did a lot better after that with my next few miles [8:30, 8:13, 8:17, 8:09, 8:07].
I forget the exact mile Amanda met up with me, but she was waiting on the side of Broad Street until she saw me. We ran together until mile 7 or so. That's about when my body started feeling funky. I was definitely lightheaded at moments. I have no idea why! I have been drinking water like crazy all week/all morning/the whole race. Mile 7 was ten seconds slower than intended [8:35]. It was the end of this mile when shit hit the fan...pun intended.
I had to go to the bathroom BAD. I NEVER have to use the restroom during races. I felt so sick! As much as I hated the thought, I knew I'd have to stop at the next Port-a-pot...I just hoped I would make it there before crapping my shorts. I finally made it to a bathroom at 8.25 miles. Mile 8 was [8:44]. Eek.
After going to the bathroom, I felt awful. I was feeling lightheaded, nauseous, etc. WTF. I kept thinking "I can't quit another marathon...I just can't." I started walking and called my husband to tell him I felt like crap. He said all the right things in the moment, but I still didn't know if I wanted to actually stop at the half or continue to go for it. I then started texting my friend, Rachel, who was visiting from Louisville. She was going to be cheering me on after the half. I wasn't sure I would actually make it to that point. 
After texting her, I called Amanda. I knew she had her phone and would likely answer it. I wanted her to know I was struggling. After talking to all of my people and seeing some of my friends on the course, I decided I would stop at the half. This mile, with all of the decision making, was [12:11]. Amanda was about a mile ahead of me and decided to turn back around to join me. Now that's a good friend! LOL.
At this point, we just rolled with it and tried to enjoy it as much as we could. Personally, I was hating life. I walked A LOT. I kept apologizing to Amanda, but she said she didn't care. I was so happy that she didn't cuz neither did I...I was over it! UGH. Because we intervaled the next three miles, they were [10:39, 10:47, 10:10]. We just enjoyed the crowd, conversation, and all of my bitching.
Little did we know, we would experience some drama the last mile. Some time in mile 13, a gentleman collapsed in front of us. It was the scariest thing I've witnessed. It appeared that he was seizing. Other runners and spectators were performing CPR, calling 911, etc. Amanda ran to get the nearest police officer. Long story short, it took way too long for the appropriate people to address the situation. After finding an AED and performing more CPR, the man was revived. All I could do was pray for this man. When he started breathing again, Amanda and I headed towards the finish. Due to this fiasco, mile 13 was [14:09]. I'm not sure what others got for the mileage, but I am sure that my Garmin was probably over the distance due to the bathroom break and mile 13 drama.

My official time was:
I found out after the finish that I wasn't alone in my situation. A couple of my other friends made the same decision to stop at the half. It made me feel a little better that I wasn't making up my complaints. It also made me realize how hard core the marathoners were on this day. Brutal.
I've had a few hours to think over this situation. Just like with Erie, I'm not sad that I didn't finish the full. At least I had the option of the half. Not sure if this is technically a DNF! I'm just annoyed. I'm annoyed that I'm training so well and crap out on race day. I have no excuse for Erie. I honestly don't know what happened. My only logical explanation is that maybe I had a little virus. Today was different in that the weather was a huge factor in some of my symptoms. The pooping?! I have no idea what that was about.
I made the goal at the beginning of the year to run three marathons this year. I had two good ones in the spring, and have yet to finish one this fall. I am registered for Indy, and that will be my last chance. I have no choice but to finish that one. After that I'm taking a break from the marathon. I think it's something I just need to do. I LOVE training for them, but I feel like I've put this pressure of  BQing on myself that simply isn't necessary.
The truth is, I will be in the same age group for the next 4 years. I have plenty of time to make this happen. My goal after a BQ was to try to PR a half. I really feel I should not run a full in the spring so that I can focus on the half marathon. It will give me a mental break from my idea of a BQ and hopefully revive my excitement to attempt my ultimate goal of running in Boston. I know it's going to be SO HARD to stick to this because I LOVE marathon training, but I feel it's what I need to do.
I am so incredibly impressed by everyone who ran today. You marathoners in particular are freaking amazing. So, here I go again. Another three weeks of not knowing what the hell I should run followed by trying to actually finish a marathon. 
When race time comes, I don't need any sweet messages. I need you to tell me to suck it up and get my ass to the finish line. I'm serious.
Special shout out to my sweet friend, Rachel. She was one of my besties from PT school. She was in town for a conference this weekend. We were able to meet up for dinner Friday night and see each other throughout the weekend since I was downtown a lot. She made me this amazing sign that I didn't get to see while running since I stopped at the half. I'm honored she let me keep it!
Dinner at Bakersfield. [Rachel, ME]

This is special. "Lisa want some Pizza."

Sunday, October 8, 2017

BTTG: Week 4

Back To The Grind
September Mileage. Not my best or worst.
Sometimes the most unexpected comments make the most unexpected changes in your perspective. Outside of the whole Boston qualification drama, I've been trying to come up with a race strategy for the fall. The only thing I'm fairly certain I need to do is start a little slower than my actual goal race pace. My body needs that warm always has. I'm just so scared that I won't be able to make up for the time!! UGH. I know my body will feel better, so I just need to trust the process.
So, the thing that changed my perspective...
Amanda sent me a screenshot of a pacing strategy. There is this website,, that comes up with your marathon splits based on a few factors:
-Your goal time
-The marathon course you are running (my favorite part!! it considers elevation, etc.)
-Your start strategy (even pace, conservative, very conservative)
-Your pacing strategy (even effort, even pace, negative split, positive split)
You can even customize the size and color! It's definitely worth checking out.
Anyway, actually seeing the splits in front of my face opened my eyes even further. Seeing how they can vary rather than stressing about a stagnant 8:12-8:15...stressing if it was too far above or below that range. I immediately ordered a band based on my chosen strategies. It got me excited and a little less nervous.
  • 10/2: 4 miles, 9:28/mile; Bis/Tris/Legs, 30 minutes. I met up with my favorite Gahanna girls (Lisa B and Sarah K if you are confused) for another easy run. Lisa B caught us up on her health status (hospital one day, racing the next...wonder woman!) and we had a puma siting....or maybe just an orange cat...minor details.
  • 10/3: Chest/Back/Glut Med, 30 minutes. Running rest days are good.
    We had some pumpkin painting fun.
  • 10/4: 6.2 miles, 8:21/mile. Steady state run for me. I met up in NA again this week to help some friends with a tempo run. I ran the first half with Erin and Heather and finished the run solo. I wish I could have captured the gorgeous night sky on my camera. The moon was amazing this morning, and the sky was full of stars. I was so amazing!!
  • 10/5: 5.11 miles, 9:39/mile. Another easy run with my Gahanna crew. This morning, we went on a 5 mile tour of the Columbus Academy neighborhood. Minus Morse Road, I'm pretty sure we were never going downhill and rarely going flat!
    My friend posted this on IG, and it made me snort.
  • 10/6: 10 miles, 8:17/mile; Power Yoga, 1 hour. I'm typing this at the end of the day, and I'm fairly certain that I won't be able to move when I wake up (which sort of sucks because I am solo with the kids ALL DAY AND EVENING tomorrow)! No work meant sleeping in an extra hour, meeting Amanda at 6 a.m. for our run, and drinking coffee from a mug at home while the kiddos watched cartoons. After an hour of chilling at home, we went to the Y. The kids went to child watch while I took a yoga class. OMG. It was so tough. I'm not sure if it felt more tough because I ran just prior to it, or if it would have felt that hard anyway. I was freaking sweating like a hog, and my legs were burning like crazy! So awesome.
    So gorgeous after a sweaty run. [ME, Amanda]

    This actually happened to me in class. SMH.
  • 10/7: REST. The hubs was out of town for Bible quizzing, so I had to plan a day without running.
    James found this cool bug outside!
  • 10/8: 8.01 miles, 9:25/mile. The plan was 8 miles with the last mile at MP. I met up with some friends in Westerville for a new route. My marathon pace mile was too fast, but whatevs. I need to learn to rein it in before race day.
    Sunday Runday Funday crew. [ME, Elizabeth, Tina, Chris]
Another week down. I had an exciting day of tracking my friends who were running the Chicago Marathon. In one more week, a bunch of people will toe the line in Columbus!