Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Izzie Davis

This past Sunday, Jimmy and I decided to drive to Columbus Grove, OH to pick out our first puppy as a couple! If you had asked us a week earlier if we wanted a pet we would have said NO! But, in the snap of a finger, we decided we wanted to get a Mini Aussie. We did our research and ended up at Anderson Acres :)

After our long adventure there, we had 4 puppies to choose from and we ended up making the BEST CHOICE EVER! Her name was originally Sarah but Mrs. Anderson said we were welcome to rename her...we had already picked out the name Izzie before we even got the puppy so we went with that...IZZIE DAVIS!

She is such a joy! So cute, so playful...just a blast to hang out with!! I hate leaving her home while we're at work! I just want to be home to play with her all the time :)

She was nervous at first but has really come around in just 2 days! Here are some of the highlights:

Sunday: threw up on me in the car 4 times..but it was ok because she is cute...we figured out she hates the leash but LOVES the snow

Monday: her first day alone...so sad for me...when I got home there were 4 poop piles on the floor...our fault for leaving food for her to eat all day long...the good thing is that every time we take her outside (which is a lot) she pees and poos!

Tuesday: she finally got used to the leash...still not the greatest but we're working on it!

As the week went on, we continued to play chase in the snow and have barking wars on the floor...she thinks I'm the insane one and Jimmy is the calm one...now that's backwards!!! Overall, Izzie is AWESOME and I'm so excited to have her...she is really loving it here and I'm so happy for her :)

Next task: crate training...we start that tomorrow (I'm tired of picking up poo and pee when I get home!)