Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Postpartum Journey: What Now?!

After a short blogging break, I think I'm ready to return to documenting my progress and experiences. When I look at my pregnancy as a whole, my initial thought is "WOW! What a journey I had!" In a nutshell (I can't say "nutshell" without thinking of Austin Powers):
  • The first 14-ish weeks were SO TOUGH! So much nausea ALL DAY LONG. Life (let's not even go there with running) was harder to deal with on a daily basis.
    First trimester fun with my boy.
  • Somehow, I managed to run 40-42 miles per week with my long runs averaging 12-14 miles. I did this through 20 weeks.
    That time I won a 5k at 18 weeks pregnant. LOL.
  • Week 20, my nightmare happened (when I was run over while on a training run and fractured three metatarsals in my left foot). I was non weight bearing for 5 weeks and partial weight bearing for 2 weeks. I was then able to begin a walking program and cycling as tolerated but wasn't allowed to run until 3 months post accident. I  worked my rear off to rehab and get strong until I could attempt running again.
    My life for several weeks. Dark times.
  • Week 33, I could finally run again...sort of. It was a painful transition full of many tears. Tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of frustration, and tears of thankfulness. Eventually, as my ankle strengthened and my pain subsided. I was able to work up to running 4 miles (no walking) at a 10:30 pace. It was beyond any expectation I had for myself that late in my pregnancy.
    That glorious run that gave me hope.
  • Week 38 + 3 days, I ran my last mile on the indoor track at The Y. I delivered Ruthie 3 days later. After I ran my last pregnant mile, I was pretty confident I didn't want to run anymore until my baby was born. I'm sure God was telling me to rest and soak in my last days of what might be my last pregnancy. Sigh.
    My last belly shot.
I am beyond thankful for the miles I was allowed to do (walking or running) during this pregnancy. It wasn't the superstar running pregnancy I had envisioned when I got pregnant, but I believe this story was more powerful and had more impact than the one I had in my mind. I can only hope that my story inspired at least one person. If it did, mission accomplished!
So, what now?
I'm just listening to my body and doing activities as tolerated. I've been amazed at how my body responded to this delivery. I've had no pain, just occasional pelvic soreness after extended activity. I'm starting to get my energy back and Ruthie is allowing me to get a decent amount of sleep. Don't get me wrong...I'm not ready to conquer the world. I just know that I feel a lot better the second time around than I did with James.
  • Postpartum week 1: Complete rest. I did nothing except what I had to do to take care of Ruthie. There were a few days that I did a little more housework and errand running than I probably should have, but, I did not do intentional exercise.
    Selfie fun with two of my loves.
  • Postpartum week 2: I did my first walk last Monday (Ruthie was 6 days old). I took the dogs for a walk on their regular 1.5 mile route. Have I mentioned that I hate walking our dogs?! UGH. They are wild. Anyway...I did daily walks, gradually increasing my distance and pace. I improved from walking 2 stroller miles at 16:15 pace to 4 stroller miles at 14:34 pace.
    It's like she knows what to do for a selfie. This was the only pic I took!
  • I know some people may want to scold me, but I had the opportunity on Sunday evening to go on a non stroller walk. I decided that, since walking felt so good, I might try some walk/run intervals. Of course, I listened to my body to guide me on pace or tell me if I should just stick to walking. I tolerated things well. I did a total of 3.15 miles. I started with a half mile walking warm up, then began quarter mile intervals which I did for the remainder of the run. During my running intervals, I just stayed at a pace that felt comfortable and easy. These sections started around approx. 10 min/mile, and, as my body warmed up, improved to 9 min/mile (this was just based on me looking at the pace on my Garmin occasionally). My walking intervals were anywhere from 13:30 to 15:30 min/mile. When I finished, I felt the same as I do when I finish my stroller walks. I am not planning to do intervals everyday, but will slowly get back into running as I feel it is safe for me to do so. All of you that have had babies know that there are things going on in our female system that I have to keep an eye on as I return to activity.
    I love this boy. When daddy isn't dominating his life, this is the kind of fun we have.
I'm looking forward to reporting my return to running and (hopefully) my return to training for a marathon! I'm sure I will have a lot of struggles to share in the next few months. Love you all and can't wait to get back on the road with you again!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ruthie's Birth Story

Ruthie Mae Davis
Born: 8/9/16, 6:32 p.m.
6 lbs. 14 oz., 20 inches

If you've been keeping up with my last 2-3 blog posts, you know that I'd been getting a lot of false labor. I was becoming very frustrated because it would not only make me physically sore, but it was breaking me down mentally. I never experienced that with James (only one episode at 36 weeks), so it was awful constantly thinking you might have your baby at any moment. The work weeks were even worse. I was completely freaked out by the thought of a speedy labor that I was mentally unstable all week long.

I didn't know this would be my last pregnant belly shot.
When I went to my OB appointment on Tuesday morning, I shared all of this with my doctor. I was at least hoping he would tell me I had progressed in some form or fashion. After he checked me, I was sad to hear that I was exactly the same...3cm, BUT I was 100% effaced. Pretty much nothing had happened in the past week. He commented, again, about how low the baby was sitting. He said that baby wanted out! The discussion then lead to something I had never considered: inducing labor. The thought stressed me out because of my desire to go au naturel. Doc educated me on the process and said he could likely schedule it for the next day or two. I had no idea what to think or say, but I told him I'd discuss the option with Jimmy.
After talking to the hubs, we decided to go ahead and have the doctor schedule the induction (it ended up being scheduled for Thursday at 9 a.m.). Deep down, I wasn't 100% sold on going about my labor and delivery this way, but, at the same time, I think it slightly decreased the stress I was feeling about when it all might go down. Despite scheduling the induction, I went into fierce prayer mode. I wanted to go into labor naturally...there was no other method that my heart desired. I just prayed that I would have this baby before Thursday at 9 a.m.

Big brother, James, meets little sister, Ruthie!
Since my OB appointment that morning, my body was feeling weird. I was very crampy but assumed it was because of my vaginal check. I only had one patient that day, so I picked up James from the sitter for some splash pad fun (and lunch with daddy). I was happy to put James down for a nap shortly after we got home because I still wasn't feeling well.

Our last adventure as a family of three.
Around 3:30 that afternoon, I realized my cramping seemed to be getting worse. At the time, they didn't seem like contractions to me, but I decided to keep and eye on the clock just in case. During that half hour, the cramps worsened every 7-10 minutes, but I still didn't think it was labor. I texted Jimmy around 4 o' clock (he was at an appointment) asking him if he would be home soon because I wasn't feeling well. 

Hello, clue #1.
I will never forget the time on the clock...4:09. I called Jimmy a short moment later, at 4:09 p.m., freaking out because "I think my water just broke." It exploded out of me as if I'd just popped a water balloon. We immediately discussed what to do because it was never in our plan for this to happen when I was home alone with James...without my rock of a husband to help me out. I went to the bathroom to confirm that my water broke...not sure why because it was obvious that it had! I started to put on a pad or stuff some TP into my panties but the fluid would not stop flowing out of me. There was no point in changing my clothes. I grabbed a towel and put it between my legs. I stuffed one end in the back of my pants and held the other end up front with my hands. I brought an overnight bag for James to the car (my hospital bag was already packed up) and woke my sweet boy up from his nap. I have no idea what he was thinking but it didn't matter. I had to get to Dublin ASAP!!
James had no shoes or socks on, and I only had a pair of socks on my feet. I told James we had to hurry and get in the car to go see daddy. He was so sweet and made no fuss about it. We got into the car, turned on the hazard lights, and blasted down the road.

I was so scared. I called everyone I could think to call to help calm me down. I thought about how I was just at the doctor THAT MORNING discussing my status and my options. I spent the entire day discussing with my friends their experiences with being induced. I made arrangements with work to be off beginning Thursday. I did all of these things with Thursday in mind and no thought that I'd go into labor the SAME DAY the discussion even began. Right before I went into labor, I talked to all of my friends and family about how I was having the baby in a couple of days. Then, in the snap of a finger, I was having my baby! What the crap?!
Fortunately, even though it was the beginning of rush hour, I didn't have to deal with as much traffic as I had anticipated. I made the trip from Gahanna to Dublin, with James in the car, as safely as I could have imagined. The intensity of the contractions subsided while I was driving and long enough for me to get to the triage room at the hospital.

Our arrival to the hospital was probably the funniest scene if put in a movie. I still had the towel stuffed in my pants, I had to carry James AND his overnight back since he didn't have any shoes or socks on. I walked as fast as I could across the parking lot until I got to the transport chairs. I was just praying I wasn't leaking fluids all over the floor. I put James in the chair, and we rushed up to the second floor. I was getting crazy looks from all around. I kept telling everyone "My water broke...I'm so sorry I look stupid right now." While all of this was going down, Jimmy and his mom were on their way to the hospital. Jimmy, of course, stayed with me while his mom took James back to our house.
I'm just guessing that it was around 5 p.m. at this time. I was in triage being hooked up to the monitors. My cramping turned into obvious contractions. I had to focus and breathe through them when they occurred. I decided I wouldn't look at the clock to time them out because I honestly didn't want to anticipate each one's beginning. They confirmed with me that I wanted an unmedicated labor, but stated they had to hook me up to IV fluids because I felt dehydrated and just couldn't make myself drink between contractoins. I just remember sweating like crazy...I guess I was working much harder than I felt. When the nurse did my vaginal check, I was still 3-4 cm and completely effaced.
At this point, we were just waiting for them to set up a labor and delivery room so that I could transport there. I'm not sure what time this happened...I just know that the contractions kept getting more painful and seemed to be getting closer and closer together. I think the worst part of intentionally doing this unmedicated is not knowing how long you will be contracting before the pushing phase. By the time I made it to labor and delivery, I was hating my life. When I had a contraction, I just put my head down, focused on my breathing, and repeated "The Lord is my strength." Ha! I think I had less than a handful of contractions in labor and delivery when I decided I needed to try a different position. With James, I did mostly side lying, so I decided to try it again...that's when crap hit the fan.

My newest love.
When I went into that position, the nurse wanted to check my cervix. It would be my only other check since I arrived to the hospital. As she was getting on her gloves to check, I had my next contraction. They kept telling me to let them know if I felt rectal pressure. This time, I felt that pressure. She took one look at my vag and started ripping off my mesh undies and pad they had given me. She also called someone to say that the doc needed to come immediately. I'm assuming she saw the head peaking out. After our teamwork in getting off my undies, she said to whomever was on the phone that I was fully dilated and a plus one. HELLO BABY!
They realized that the doctor was not going to make it on time, so they called in the midwife. All of a sudden, there were about 4 ladies in the room (I think 3 nurses and the midwife). They were trying to prevent me from pushing until they had the table set up for the baby to exit. It was the next contraction, the one after my strip tease contraction, that I had my demonic moment. I mean, how does a woman in labor prevent herself from pushing when a baby's head is starting to come out and her body is telling her to push?! I'm not really sure what I said while I was a demon, but I do remember the screaming and groaning. I think I apologized when the contraction was over with! After that moment, the contractions weren't as intense and the staff was finally ready to allow me to push...well, as ready as my body was allowing them to be.
The pushing phase seemed to go by fast. I can recall at least 2 contractions, maybe 3. I'm guessing I didn't push more than 5 minutes. Even though it was short, I was getting annoyed with pushing. They were cheering me on through the process, making me think the baby was about to be out. I think I asked after each push if it was out yet. The pushing was not painful at all this time around. It just made me tired. They asked me if I wanted to look and I said something along the lines of "NO! Why in the world would I want to do that?!" Seriously. Eww. Finally, I was one push away from meeting Baby Boo Deux...I just had to get the shoulders out.

Brand new baby!
When the baby came out, I couldn't really tell what was going on because I was tired. I kept asking what the sex was. They wanted Jimmy to announce it, but he couldn't tell if it was a swollen vagina or balls with a hidden penis! He guessed it was a vagina and was correct. I just delivered our precious baby girl!!!
I know I haven't mentioned my husband too much in this process but that's because it all went by so fast. When I was going through contractions, he would always make sure I didn't need anything. At one point, I was so hot that I couldn't take it anymore, and Jimmy got me a cold towel for my forehead.  He did offer to tell me some stories to distract me, but I wanted to keep repeating "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine" (James' current favorite song). There really wasn't anything else he could do because it went by so fast!

Spitting image of James when he was born.
 I got to have some skin on skin action with my girl for a while so that daddy could cut the cord and I could deliver the placenta. It was the sweetest moment. I could not stop crying happy tears. I couldn't believe we had a girl. I wasn't sure how to feel about it. I was just happy that she was here.
After the standard 2 hour post delivery wait in labor and delivery, it was time to go to our room. I was shocked at how great I felt. I could walk with a normal gait pattern unlike when I had James. I was able to push Ruthie to our room with a huge smile on my face. No wheelchair needed!
As the night progressed, Ruthie and I were passing all of our tests. In the morning, the OB said he was ok with me being discharged that day as long as things went well with Ruthie's 24 hour testing. Just like her mommy, Ruthie passed all of her tests and we were discharged around 9 p.m. It was nice to be able to be at home that night.

Selfie fun with my loves.
Despite the drama leading up to the delivery, I am SO thankful that this was my experience. I was not 100% settled with being induced because I didn't know how my body would respond to the process. I truly believe God intervened on my behalf so that I could be at peace with my labor process. He just added the water breaking at home drama to keep me on my toes for not trusting him the past two weeks! LOL.

My wonderful hubby and his daughter.
So, that's my story. I'm looking forward to the healing process, learning to be a mom of two, and getting back to running, of course! Thanks to everyone who had me in mind and sent positive vibes the past few weeks!! I'll fill you guys in on how awesome James is as a big brother and how we are adjusting as parents of two.

Say whaaat?!


Monday, August 8, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 38 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
I'm wondering if this will be the last of my "D.O.A.P." series.

Such a cute banner for Baby Boo Deux from my sweet friend, Karen!
The week had a crazy start to say the least. I can't believe I've been having contractions on and off for two weeks, and I don't have a baby yet!! So annoying. I'm not ready to have this baby because I'm uncomfortable...I actually feel really good. My energy level has been better than I can imagine, so I really can't complain. I'm just super frustrated that my body is going through all of these signs that point to baby coming at any moment, and it decides to trick me.
  • 8/1/16: REST. Unintentional. I had my alarm set for a 5 a.m. run but decided 2 more hours of sleep was more important. I wasn't too worried about fitting in a run because I knew I'd have time to go to the gym after work. Long story short, I started having contractions around 11:30 a.m., approximately 10 minutes apart, that lasted the next three hours that I was treating patients. About that time, the contractions were getting closer...more like 7 minutes apart. I was feeling pretty crappy and decided running might not be the best thing to do at that moment. I was in Hilliard at the time (my delivery hospital being Dublin Methodist) and decided it wouldn't be wise to drive back home to Gahanna just in case I continued to progress. Doing so would run the risk of having to drive back to Dublin in rush hour traffic. No bueno if I was actually in labor. Anyway, I went to the hospital around 4:30 pm, they monitored me, I walked an hour, monitored again, walked another hour, then one final monitoring. When they did my final vag check around 8:30, I remained at 3cm dilation and 70% effaced (same stats as when I arrived that evening but a progression from my OB appointment last week). Total, I contracted about 13 hours.
    I had to take a belly pic while waiting in triage just in case Baby Boo Deux was coming.
  • 8/2/16: REST. Intentional. I WAS SO SORE AND FATIGUED WHEN I WOKE UP! The last 6 hours that I had the more intense contractions really took all the energy that I had left in my body. It took all that I had to attend my work meeting and treat two patients that morning. That afternoon, I had my weekly OB appointment. I was STILL 3cm dilated and 70% effaced. UGH. I wouldn't have cared as much if I didn't feel like shit. All those contractions could at least have given me a centimeter! I committed to resting the remainder of the evening in hopes that I could tolerate a run the next morning.
    Gifts from my coworkers!
  • 8/3/16: 2 walking miles. I was feeling like crap again today...not as sore as yesterday, but definitely exhausted. I wanted to run but had absolutely no desire to do so. I went to the Y after work and walked a mile on the treadmill and a mile on the track. I was having contractions throughout the day but my most consistent ones were when I was walking. The end of this pregnancy has been SO different than with James. The only false labor I had with him was at 36 weeks...then nothing until the day I had him. This baby might be a little turd.
  • 8/4/16: 1 mile running, 10:01, 1.5 miles walking. What a fun visit I had at the Y today. A young a-hole had his face in his phone as I was running my last lap on the indoor track. He proceeded to cross over the track lanes without looking at who may be coming (I'm pretty sure I can't be missed at this point). I wasn't about to stop running because I had a goal and I was on a roll. I had to yell "EXCUSE ME!" loudly because he had headphones in as well. He paused and the physical interaction wasn't as violent as it could have been. He stared at me for about two seconds and went about his way without an apology. I yelled at him and told him to get his face out of his freaking phone. When he made no acknowledgement to what I was saying, it pissed me off even more. I typically don't put up with rude shit like this so I took action...sure, not the most Christian thing of me to do, but I was pissed and full of hormones. I walked up to this boy as he was getting on the elliptical, tapped on his arm until he pad attention to me, and told him of his stupidity. The only thing he could muster up to say was "Ok." Idiot. Anyway, my running mile felt good but my ankle was a little sore afterwards. I'll likely stick to running a mile at a time until the baby comes. Now's not the time for me to feel pain again.
    My angry face.
  • 8/5/16: REST. I had the day off work so I spent a lot of time with my boy. He spent the night with the grandparents so I joined Jimmy at his volleyball tournament. I was exhausted by 9 o clock and passed out by 9:30! P.S. Mucus plug was lost in the morning.
    Splash pad fun with my boy.
  • 8/6/16: 1 mile run, 10:27; 1 mile walk; 1 mile run, 11:17. Still childless, Jimmy and I had a gym date. I did a mile run on the indoor track along with a mile walk. When I finished my running portion, a senior citizen said to me, "Isn't that bad for the baby?" WTF, dude...yes, I'm intentionally harming my unborn child.  I kept the anger inside and simply said, "That's a silly question. Of course I'm not hurting my baby," and continued to walk. On the inside, I was completely annoyed by this. I vented to my husband and decided I wanted to talk to the gentleman about it. I walked up to him as he was sitting and we discussed the situation. It was actually a very nice, get-to-know-you conversation in which I discovered he was just very uneducated about the situation. Later that morning, Jimmy played a bit of volleyball, so I ran a mile while he was doing that. I did this outside, and it was blazing out there. I pretended I was running on the cool, indoor track.
  • 8/7/16: REST. I stayed busy between church, a baby sprinkle, grocery shopping, etc., but I didn't go on any exercise walks or runs. I did have a 3 hour dose of false labor while Jimmy was at poker night. I was a little worried about having to pack up then wake up James to go to the hospital!
    Cuddles while daddy was at poker night.

I forgot to ask Jimmy to take my weekly pic so you just have to settle for this side view.
How Far Along: 38 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: The day after my hospital visit, I had my OB appointment which I talked about above. I've continued to have contractions all week long and baby is moving as usual.
Weight Gain: I keep going between gaining 30-31 lbs. My weight gain has plateaued the past couple of weeks

Symptoms: Lots of contractions and mucus plug lost on Friday.
Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really.
Coming Up: OB on Tuesday if I haven't had baby yet.