Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Monday, May 26, 2014

Baby James: 23 Weeks...Wild And Willy Nilly

Yes, I'm 2-3 days late on this sorry!!! We're in WV visiting family and this is the first chance I've had to escape and write about my boy. As you can see from the picture above, Baby J is a momma's boy lately. Poor daddy's feelings are hurt :( He always wants to be in my arms.

His sleeping continued to be awful this week but he did have some moments that he slept at least 3 hours. The poor sleeping caught up with me this past week. I was so sluggish at work...I even fell asleep while feeding James a bottle.

We had to miss Baby Yoga this week (as well as our weekly run with Baby Peyton and Jackie). I knew we had to do our 6 mile run before getting to WV or we wouldn't do it at all...SO...after J woke up Friday morning, we ate and headed out for our run. J enjoyed nature for the first 3 miles, napped the next 2 miles, and cheered me on during the last mile!
James had to bundle up for this early run!

James had some firsts this week:

-First long trip (5 1/2 hours or so). He did really well! I made sure he ate before we left then I put his bottle in some warm water so it would be ready for his next feeding. It took him about an hour to finally fall asleep and take a nap. When he woke up, he was ready for his bottle (I rode in the back with him so I could tend to whatever he may need). We stopped for a quick bite to eat about halfway through the trip and I took the opportunity to change his diaper. I had to pump at some point so that I could have milk for his next feeding. I'm sure the truck drivers enjoyed the show. We had just enough milk to make him happy until we arrived but my growing boy was HUNGRY when we finally made it! Overall, our first trip with James was successful.

-J met some family members for the first time. He loves them all!
James met Grandpa Steve when he was very young but now he's old enough to play with him! Thanks for the Batman onesie, Grandpa!

In the next post, I'll tell you all about James' week in WV (including his first food experience!!!)!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baby James: 22 Weeks...Very Vigorous

I know I just posted his 5 month letter but I wouldn't be Lisa if I didn't do James' weekly post. 
Now that's a man.

So, my first Mother's Day was this week. It didn't live up to my expectations but James was extra sweet that day and slept 7 hours the night before :) We went on a special run that day:

Speaking of special runs, James and I ran with my friend, Jackie, and her little boy, Peyton, on Saturday. Our boys experienced their first sleet/hail storm run. Fortunately for us, it happened in the last 5 minutes of our run!
One of his "Hey ladies" faces.

James had a funny first this week and I could NOT seem to get a picture of it! He was on his stomach and lifted up the entire bottom 3/4 of his's like he was standing on his chest! So funny.
Interested in daddy's drum repair.

James is still waking up a lot at night. I'm not really sure what the deal is and, honestly, I'm tired of guessing so I'm just gonna role with it. 
So cute watching him suck his little fingers :)

I've been convicted lately about my complaining. I know it's normal for moms, especially new moms, to complain about being tired, not knowing what to do about their crying babies, etc., but I don't want to be THAT mom. I really want to take things "like a man" and just deal with my situations appropriately. So, that's my new take things like a man. 

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! (this as taken before we left for church that day)

Sleeping on Daddy's lap at his flannel!

Friday, May 16, 2014

James Turns 5 Months

Dear Jamesy,

The older you get, the busier your mommy gets (which is why this is two days late). Along with the craziness comes the awesomeness :) You get cooler as you age! Your life right now is all about phases. When mommy and daddy finally get used to your current phase, you decide to change things up. Trying to keep us on our toes?!

We have bonded this month through running. It's been awesome because mommy loves to run and you love to come with me! When I tell you we are going to a jog, you get so excited. You love to check out the scenery then eventually fall asleep. When we finish and I wake you up, you look so happy :)

Speaking of happy, you love to smile! It melts my heart! Mommy can be having the craziest moment but, if you smile, the craziness doesn't matter. You giggle every once in a while and it's always over the weirdest things.

I think your absolute favorite thing lately has been bath time. You LOVE to kick in the water. I always sing the "splish splash" song when you kick. I think you recognize the song because when I say "James, do you want to splish splash?," you get really excited and start kicking!

You are so alert and aware of everything. You turn when we say your name and when we enter the room. You love Izzie and Angel and try to grab their hair. They have been really patient with you.

You are grabbing at everything, necklaces, my clothes, etc. You even try to grab mommy's food. I'm making you wait 1 more month until I feed you real food!

I'm looking forward to the next month. The cold weather is over with, summer is in the near future...I already bought you swimming gear! We will probably go to the zoo for the first time AND you get to meet new family members who already love you.

I love that you let me give you lots of kisses and hugs. I'm gonna keep doing it while I can because, one day, you will think it's gross!

You are doing a great job, son. Keep doin' what you do and I'll try my best to lead you the right direction.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Baby James: 21 Weeks...Undeniably Unique

Another week of awesomeness...even though I might be reporting things that don't sound that awesome :)

J was Mr. Fussy Buckets at the beginning of this week. I still can't get him to open his mouth long enough for me to get a good look at his gums but I do feel the bumpiness on his top gums. He's still drooling like crazy and chewing hard on things. J's also been a HORRIBLE sleeper this week. My poor baby has been waking every couple hours. I hope he's not in too much pain. :(

James' firsts this week:

-J sat unsupported in his saucer and could turn himself to play with all of the toys on it (we previously had to use blankets or towels to support him). 

-He's attempting downward dog's quite entertaining.

-J seems to be responding to his name by turning his face towards us when we say it. This might be my imagination but that's o.k. 

-J stuck his feet in the pool for the first time at Ms. Jane's. Between her and me, James is getting plenty of outdoor time!

James is still enjoying our runs.

He is so stimulated by his environment and is soaking in all the new things he sees. My boy seems to be growing like a weed (he turns 5 months this week!). Speaking of weeds, he is growing more hair and there are these random long hairs on his head that just stick out :)

J is a tummy time expert so I'll leave you all with his best tummy poses of the week:
"Who? Me?"

"Hey, lady ;)"

"What's up, Mr.Turtle? I could smash you with my hand and make you sing but I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad don't want to hear it again."

I love this boy!!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Baby James: 20 Weeks...Tippy and Teething?

O.k...before anyone feels the need to tell me that all new mothers always blame everything on teething...I KNOW THAT ALREADY. He is chewing extra hard on things, drooling like crazy, being a little fussy (which he usually isn't), and the top front gums are feeling bumpy. He won't let me open his mouth long enough to get a good look. That is all on that one.

My boy is as awesome as a little boy can get. He's cute, fun, and FLIRTY!!! On a side note, someone at church thought he was a girl (even though he clearly had boy clothes on) and made a comment to the effect of  [not an exact quote]: "you're going to have to fight those boys off." I can't do anything but laugh at that!

These facial expressions:

We've been practicing a lot of sitting. He's quite tippy without support but he LOVES to sit! We've been using the Bumbo a lot and I've been sitting on the floor with him (holding him up so he can play). 

This week's firsts:

-James is starting to scoot...well, I don't know if it's technically called scooting. He is on his stomach and wiggles his way forward. He can get his legs under him and pushes forward just a little. 

-James discovered his feet and is obsessed.

-James is rolling across the room. I think he needed a break from trying to figure out how to crawl :)

I totally had a mental breakdown earlier in the week. I was feeling overwhelmed. James was cluster feeding and it was so hard to keep up with that along with being a wife and doggy mom at at the same time. I asked for prayer, my wonderful friends took action, and all is better in the world :) I've had times throughout this week that I feel totally I'm not meant to be a mom. I just assume that's part of being a new mom and that I'm not alone.

Running with James has been awesome this week! The weather has been so crappy in the morning but, by the time we get home, it would stop raining and we could go on our stroll without getting soaked. 

What to look forward to:

MOTHER'S DAY!!! My first Mother's Day EVER (well, technically I was pregnant last mother's day but no one knew so it doesn't count). I'm hoping to be showered with love next weekend :)