Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Baby James: 20 Weeks...Tippy and Teething?

O.k...before anyone feels the need to tell me that all new mothers always blame everything on teething...I KNOW THAT ALREADY. He is chewing extra hard on things, drooling like crazy, being a little fussy (which he usually isn't), and the top front gums are feeling bumpy. He won't let me open his mouth long enough to get a good look. That is all on that one.

My boy is as awesome as a little boy can get. He's cute, fun, and FLIRTY!!! On a side note, someone at church thought he was a girl (even though he clearly had boy clothes on) and made a comment to the effect of  [not an exact quote]: "you're going to have to fight those boys off." I can't do anything but laugh at that!

These facial expressions:

We've been practicing a lot of sitting. He's quite tippy without support but he LOVES to sit! We've been using the Bumbo a lot and I've been sitting on the floor with him (holding him up so he can play). 

This week's firsts:

-James is starting to scoot...well, I don't know if it's technically called scooting. He is on his stomach and wiggles his way forward. He can get his legs under him and pushes forward just a little. 

-James discovered his feet and is obsessed.

-James is rolling across the room. I think he needed a break from trying to figure out how to crawl :)

I totally had a mental breakdown earlier in the week. I was feeling overwhelmed. James was cluster feeding and it was so hard to keep up with that along with being a wife and doggy mom at at the same time. I asked for prayer, my wonderful friends took action, and all is better in the world :) I've had times throughout this week that I feel totally inadequate...like I'm not meant to be a mom. I just assume that's part of being a new mom and that I'm not alone.

Running with James has been awesome this week! The weather has been so crappy in the morning but, by the time we get home, it would stop raining and we could go on our stroll without getting soaked. 

What to look forward to:

MOTHER'S DAY!!! My first Mother's Day EVER (well, technically I was pregnant last mother's day but no one knew so it doesn't count). I'm hoping to be showered with love next weekend :)

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