Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Friday, May 16, 2014

James Turns 5 Months

Dear Jamesy,

The older you get, the busier your mommy gets (which is why this is two days late). Along with the craziness comes the awesomeness :) You get cooler as you age! Your life right now is all about phases. When mommy and daddy finally get used to your current phase, you decide to change things up. Trying to keep us on our toes?!

We have bonded this month through running. It's been awesome because mommy loves to run and you love to come with me! When I tell you we are going to a jog, you get so excited. You love to check out the scenery then eventually fall asleep. When we finish and I wake you up, you look so happy :)

Speaking of happy, you love to smile! It melts my heart! Mommy can be having the craziest moment but, if you smile, the craziness doesn't matter. You giggle every once in a while and it's always over the weirdest things.

I think your absolute favorite thing lately has been bath time. You LOVE to kick in the water. I always sing the "splish splash" song when you kick. I think you recognize the song because when I say "James, do you want to splish splash?," you get really excited and start kicking!

You are so alert and aware of everything. You turn when we say your name and when we enter the room. You love Izzie and Angel and try to grab their hair. They have been really patient with you.

You are grabbing at everything nowadays...hair, necklaces, my clothes, etc. You even try to grab mommy's food. I'm making you wait 1 more month until I feed you real food!

I'm looking forward to the next month. The cold weather is over with, summer is in the near future...I already bought you swimming gear! We will probably go to the zoo for the first time AND you get to meet new family members who already love you.

I love that you let me give you lots of kisses and hugs. I'm gonna keep doing it while I can because, one day, you will think it's gross!

You are doing a great job, son. Keep doin' what you do and I'll try my best to lead you the right direction.


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