Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mystery Solved...Partially

I'm NOT pregnant yet I still feel like poo. This was one of the worst emotional roller coasters I've experienced as an adult. It sucked...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jimmy, MIA

If you haven't checked out the Columbus Jazz and Ribs Festival, YOU SHOULD! Great food, great music, and, of course, great people watching ;) I just wanted to share a little adventure from the festival last night...
My friends and I had just finished getting some yummy ice cream when my adventure for the night began. Jimmy announced that he was going to a "meeting" in the bathroom. He said we could do whatever and he would call when he was finished. Several minutes went by without a call so I texted to tell him where we were sitting. Several more minutes went by before I decided to call his phone. I called three times and on the third time a man says "Hello?" I then said "Booski?" The man said "No, this is officer [insert name]." Basically, the officer found Jimmy's phone and I had to walk all the way across the other side of the festival to get the phone.
The problem: I still don't know where Jimmy is located :( After I returned to my gang and told them the situation, we split up to search for my goofball. As soon as we split up, there was a restricted call on Jimmy's phone...I answered and it was another officer. He said "Your husband is standing by the big peanut-mobile." GEEZ!! I was so stressed at that point but was happy that we located Jimmy. Let's hope for better luck next time he has a meeting in the bathroom.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Possibly TMI [if you're a guy]

Those of you who know me also know that I have a fear of having kids. Sometimes I say I don't like kids, sometimes I say they freak me out or annoy me...other times they are referred to as birth control :) The overall lesson from these lastest statements: I'm not ready to have kids!
Almost 2 weeks ago, I was supposed to start my period. I didn't freak out until the 5th day. I decided that I would wait til day 7 or 8 to take a pregnancy test. I've never had to do that before so I'm sure I was lookin' like a fool! I got home from work this past Friday, chugged water so that I could pee (found out later I shouldn't have done that), and got negative results...RELIEF! Or so I thought...
All weekend I was paranoid about starting my period but wasn't totally freaked out at this point. I decided that I would wait a few more days and retest if I didn't start. After researching the internet like crazy about different signs of pregnancy and situations in which people test negative but are really pregnant, I decided that I was ready to take another pregnancy test. Last night= negative...this morning=negative! You would think that 3 negative test results would convince me that I have no worries of being preggo.
WRONG!!! I talked to my mom this afternoon and she told me this story:
"When I was pregnant with your sister, Ashley, I took 8 pregnancy tests and they were all negative. Weird things kept happening like changes in appetite and types of foods I liked to eat, stomach aches, etc. I finally went to the doctor and they had to do a blood test to determine that I was in fact pregnant!"
Needless to say, I haven't yet ruled out the possibility of pregnancy and I won't until I start a period. I've decided not to go to the doctor just yet. If you ladies have any other stories of negative pregnancy tests just let me know! I'll take any advice or stories of symptoms you had at the beginning of pregnancy. I know I'm going to overanalyze everything that is going on in my body until my period comes...