Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baby Boo: 32 Weeks

Thebump.com says the baby might be in the head-down position in preparation for birth. I'm pretty sure Baby Boo isn't there yet because I feel like (s)he is moving all over the place!
I honestly have no major complaints about this week. I'm having major sleeping difficulties but I expect that so I feel no need to complain. I feel like I haven't grown much lately but I'm sure it will hit me soon!
I've decided to decrease my running distance because my pelvis is becoming sore a little more easily. I'll do jog/walks. I much prefer to run outside but, now that the weather is getting cooler, I've been doing some running at the gym. I'm really not liking the treadmill right now. The Y has an indoor track that is a little better than running on the treadmill. Hip Hop is still going well and Mr. Boo and I are still doing other various workouts at the gym. (I seriously feel like I'm rambling tonight...so sorry)
Random pregnancy story of the week: After Hip Hop, a lady said I should be careful because she feels like my baby might fall right out of my vagina (so maybe she didn't say vagina but that's basically what she meant)! Whatever lady...you're a hater! I feel amazing!
This past week, I received a gift from my friends Dan and Becca :) and we went on our hospital tour (which you can read about HERE). Mr. Boo and I read an article in which Cesar Milan suggested bringing the stroller on family walks so that the pups can get used to it. We tried that out tonight and the girls paid no attention to it at all! They were way too focused on sniffing to care :)
Finally, I have my 2nd shower this coming Saturday in Marysville. It will be the shower in which most of my friends and church gals are invited. You guys know by now how I feel about receiving gifts...it's weird. I don't want people looking at me but I'm going to try my best not to be so negative! I'm just so paranoid...it's not like I can have a glass of wine and loosen up to feel better :(
Here's my 31 week pic (no head because I had to use self timer to take it myself...you don't want to see the face anyway):

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Feeling Encouraged

I think I shared in my last Baby Boo update that I made a to-do list for the things I have to accomplish before the baby arrives...I'm already crossing things off the list! Can I get a "productivity" cheer from my homies?!

I won't bore you with what I've accomplished so far BUT I do want to share with you our hospital tour experience. Yesterday, we toured St. Ann's maternity unit. What a great place!!! The main part of labor and delivery I was concerned with was the medical staff pressuring me to be induced, get an epidural, opt for a C-section when it's not necessary, taking my baby away from me before I'm ready for them to, etc. After the tour yesterday, I was so encouraged and felt so confident about the staff at St. Ann's!

Their labor and delivery rooms are HUGE! Plenty of room to walk around! They said that three of them have tubs and you can get those on a first come, first serve basis. I'm thinking that might be something I want to try and get. I like the soothing sensation of warm water :) They have everything medically that they need inside the rooms so that Mom and baby can stay in there. The only reason I would have to leave that room is if a C-section was necessary. After birth, you are eventually moved into the postpartum room for the remainder of your stay.

The thing that I loved the most was the fact that they encourage skin-to-skin contact between Mom and baby immediately after birth. That is a dream come true for me! I was so scared that they would take my baby away from me right after it came out. They reassured us that there is no reason they need to take the baby out of the delivery room unless there is some crazy emergency in which the OR is needed. They just said as long as they do the baby testing within 24 hours, we can keep him/her as long as we'd like :)

They also mentioned that they are like the police when it comes to people coming to the room and bothering us when we don't want them there! That will take some stress off of Mr. Boo so that he doesn't have to take care of it. If we don't want someone in the room, they told us to just tell the nurse and that they are great at getting rid of people! LOL. 

I could go on more and more about how excited I am since going on the tour but that would be boring. I'll end by sharing a pic I came across of me at our vacation to Jamaica this past January...pre-pregnancy flat belly:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baby Boo: 31 Weeks

We're getting closer!!! Only two months away!

Thebump.com says all of baby's senses are in working order...so cool. Also, its irises are reacting to light!

The following are not complaints, just symptoms: I am peeing A LOT and my back gets a little more fatigued than usual (not everyday but with hard work). I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping and can't figure out what to do to make it better. Heartburn...lots and lots of heartburn. Most recently I'm getting migraines. This isn't unusual for me and I typically get them a lot more this time of year so it may not be pregnancy related. As I re-read this paragraph, it seems like pregnancy sucks! But it doesn't!!! None of these things bother me...I feel so good!

Since it's on my mind that I only have two months left, I feel like I have so much to do! As I look at my to do list, I know I'm just freaking out for nothing...or should I be freaking out more?! I don't know!!! I think one of the reasons I feel that way is because I'm still waiting for two baby showers. I want to see what gifts I'll receive at these before I buy anything for Baby Boo. I'm not patient and I'm such a planner that this is so hard for me to just sit and wait!

Saturday, we have our hospital tour at St. Ann's. It will be fun to see what the rooms are like and will give us the opportunity to ask important questions. Mr. Boo is so into the birth experience that I can't wait to see his reaction to the tour.

Exercise...I'm still able to do it! In addition to pool workout Tuesdays, Mr. Boo added treadmill 5k Wednesdays (he does the 5k...I just do what I can...treadmills are so much harder to run on for some reason! I'd much rather do it outside.). Besides these workouts, I'm still doing Hip Hop Mondays and "long run" Saturdays. This past Saturday I was able to do 3.2 miles in approx. 35 minutes.

Last week, we had our maternity shoot with Crystal from Sevens Photography. Here's a link to the Facebook album.

We also had our babymoon which I told you all about in THIS post.

Here is my 30 week photo taken last Friday:

And this past Sunday:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Babymoon (lots of pics included)...

All of the baby websites I've been on say "You and your husband MUST go on a babymoon..." They go on to say that life will be over when you have your child. I have my own opinions on that and won't go there in detail but I've seen other friends of mine with kids who also have a life. Anyway...our babymoon:
As many of you already know, Mr. Boo bought me/us tickets to the Colts/Broncos game in Indianapolis. For those who don't understand the significance of this gift, here goes: I'm sort of obsessed with Peyton Manning...he's my favorite athlete of all time :) He used to play for the Colts (which is why I'm a huge Colts fan) but, after some drama, is now playing for the Broncos. This was his first time to play in Indy since he was kicked to the curb.
So, for my birthday last month, Mr. Boo presented me with the tickets (great seats, by the way) and said we'd be staying the night in Indianapolis. We left Sunday after church and headed to our destination!! After checking into our sweet room, we went downtown to roam around and figure out where to eat. We decided on The Ram Brewery:
I enjoyed some water...
 ...and Boo enjoyed a mug-o-beer. What a cutie.

While we were waiting for our seats, we decided to go to the mall which was just above the restaurant to get Mr. Boo a Colts hoodie (we found out on our way to Indy that the roof would be open at the stadium that night and Mr. Boo didn't have anything long sleeve):
Silly Boo...

After dinner, we headed to the stadium to join in on the pre-game festivities:
Lucas Oil...one of my favorite places EVER!

Time to go in!!!

Side story: We were a little paranoid about our tickets potentially being fake because the bottom of the ticket said "Game 6" and this was game 7...we were so anxious until we actually made it into the stadium!!

Once we made it in, we headed straight to our seats so that we could see the players warm up and watch for Peyton to come out. I saw him do some warm up throws which most people don't care about but I was super excited!!! They did a tribute to Peyton after the Broncos entered and before the Colts came out...here are some Peyton shots:
 The end of the video tribute.

 Peyton's reaction to the crowd going crazy for him! We love you Peyton!!! And, yes, I cried.

The best pic I took of Peyton that night.

Basically, the game was amazing!! It was SO LOUD in there! It was definitely getting to Peyton because he didn't have his best game...but that's ok because THE COLTS WON!!! Things I learned during the game:

-I'm having a boy (per the drunk lady behind me who we kept high-fiving the entire game)

-Mr. Boo and I need to make time for ourselves after we have kids (per the other drunk lady beside me that kept trying to talk sports with me but had no idea what she was talking about)

-Mr. Boo needs to take me out to bars with him more often so he can get free drinks (a guy in our row insisted that he buy my Boo a beer as a congrats for me being pregnant...he then got another free beer from the drunk couple beside us)

Overall, this was the best game I've ever been to and one of my best memories with my Boo. Here are some shots of us at the game:
 Pre-game belly shot!

BRRRR! The roof was open and it started getting cold!

 A pic by drunk girl #1...I'm actually surprised she got a decent shot without dropping my camera.

Colts Win! #1!!!

Thanks, Boo, for the best birthday gift ever! So glad we were able to do this together! LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Boo: 30 Weeks

I know this one is a day early but I know I have a busy end of the week ahead of me and want to make sure I get it posted! Anyway...

I seriously hate these food references but I feel like I can't stop posting them! I know my baby does not resemble a cucumber...that's just asinine.

I feel like this has been a week full of things to report. First, Thebump.com fact: Baby Boo is strong enough to grasp a finger...that's pretty sweet. 

Quality sleep is definately lacking but I don't think it's solely because of my belly at this point. My dog, Angel, has a lot to do with it! She sleeps in bed with us and, normally, it's not that bad. Since my belly is getting bigger, I'm wanting to spread out more...she is starting to get in my way! I love the girl but GEEZ! The couch seems like a much better option for me (we have an insanely comfy couch). I usually start the night in the bed and end up on the couch. I've been waking up anytime between 2 and 4 a.m. YUCK.

This week started off being very discouraging (see THIS post) but ended in a positive way (Praise the Lord). The pelvic pain I mentioned in that post became severe over the weekend to the point I could hardly walk and do stairs. I tried grocery shopping Sunday and just couldn't do it. I put my PT skills to use and diagnosed myself with SI joint issues and knew exactly what to do to try to help it. The only part I wasn't a fan of was the resting part. Rest is stupid. 

I was not able to run on Saturday like I usually do and I had to skip the 5k I signed up for on Sunday. I was so bummed...mainly because I had no clue how long I would feel this way. I did a lot of praying and asked my friends to do the same. I woke up Monday morning for work and felt SO MUCH BETTER! I was tender and fatigued by the end of the work day but not so much that I had to miss Hip Hop. I did just over an hour of the class but, with the help of a friend, decided that I should stop and go home so that I didn't make my pain come back. I woke up this morning feeling even better than Monday!

I FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN!!!  (P.S. Thanks to Mr. Boo for cleaning the entire house for me this weekend without me asking...he knew I was in pain...love you Boo Boo).

I had an appointment with Dr. P today. Baby Boo's heart rate was 145 and I only gained 1 pound. I knew I didn't feel like I was getting bigger the last three weeks (until last night...see next pic). I told him about my SI joint pain just to keep him up to date. At my last appointment, he said I'd start coming every 2 weeks after today's appointment but he decided to schedule me 4 weeks out. I'm taking that as an indication that I'm doing well so he doesn't feel it to be necessary to see me any sooner...yay for being healthy! 
Before Hip Hop Fitness last night

I guess the only other thing is that my maternity photo shoot is tomorrow afternoon. Originally, we planned to meet at Lynd's Fruit Farm but it's supposed to rain :( If, for some reason, it doesn't rain, we will still meet there. If it rains, we are meeting at Franklin Park Conservatory. Either way, you'll see some professional bump pics in the near future by my very talented friend, Crystal (Sevens Photography). She does our pictures every year :)

Here is my 29 week bump pic and a couple of pics from the weekend:

Mr. Boo and me at our friends' wedding

My friend Becca and me...she is due only 5 days before me!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

Transparent and Vulnerable

I cried last night...a lot. I feel like I have these days that I feel, in a way, depressed. On those days, there is no reason I should feel that way...I just do. 

Last night, I felt extremely discouraged. My pelvis has been hurting this week. Not severely, but enough to be annoying. (I realize I'm just growing and that's a good thing for labor). It was bothering me more last night, probably because I was sitting more than usual yesterday. I got so anxious about the potential of this pain turning into something much worse. I can't stand the thought of not being my normal, active self. And I cried about it...a lot.
I've also been very uneasy about having baby showers. I love giving gifts but CAN'T STAND the thought of receiving them. It's so weird. I just know that people work hard for their money and I don't want them spending it on me. I am not worth you spending your money on me! This has really been bugging me lately and I'm not sure how to overcome it. 
I know this is all so random but it has me in a funk.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Boo: 29 Weeks

Thebump.com says baby will triple in size before it's born! Guess my stomach will be getting bigger!! I was telling some people today that I feel like my belly has paused from growing the last two weeks but it looks like I have some growing to look forward to :)
I'm peeing all the time and notice pelvic pain every once in a while...nothing that gets me down. Baby Boo moves all the time! That's the cool part :)
Sleep has been lacking this week. Honestly, I'm not sure why. I don't feel uncomfortable when I am laying (or is it lying) in the bed. I just can't seem to stay asleep. If I have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee, I can't seem to fall back asleep. I will be there staring at the ceiling for hours without falling asleep.
Hip Hop Fitness and running are still good. I have a 5k this Sunday and 2 hour Hip Hop class next Monday.
This Saturday, I'm going to my first wedding as a pregnant lady...which means no alcohol and lots of sober dancing :) Maybe even an extra piece of cake for Baby Boo.
Weird story of the week:
I'm not sure if this was real life or a dream. My doc said at my last appointment that I might start getting Braxton Hicks contractions and I've been wondering what that might feel like. Last night, while using the restroom, I felt this pain in my low abdominal area...it was there for a few seconds then went away. A few more seconds later, it happened again. This went on for around 4 cycles. I just sat on the toilet while it was happening rather than getting up. It was really weird. It's possible I might have just needed to poop...or maybe Baby Boo was kicking a nerve somewhere.
Once again, I have a bump pic but no way to attach it. I continue to be annoyed by this. I suppose I'll have to start asking my hubby to take a pic with my phone so I can post it to my phone app.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baby Boo: 28 Weeks

Stupid. Gross.
Thebump.com says baby is opening and closing its eyes and can sense changes to light! Cool! It also tells me to get used to not sleeping...yay. Leaky boobs?! What?! Haven't had that yet but I guess I get to look forward to it.
I took some time last Friday night to organize Baby Boo's room! It was kinda fun! I took all the gifts received so far and found a place for all of them in the room. I organized the clothes into sizes:
And put the Baby Boo banner on the crib until (s)he arrives:
I had some awesome workouts this week. I was able to run 46 minutes on Saturday, do a 2 hour Hip Hop Fitness session, and a pool workout with Mr. Boo (mixed in with mowing a couple of yards, a few family walks and agility class with the girls). I'm still feeling good with exercise but 4 miles is my running limit before I start feeling pelvic soreness. As long as I rest the remaining time of the day, I feel great by the next morning!
I decided to read "The Giving Tree" to Baby Boo this week :) It's my favorite children's book. I sat in my Mamaw's rocking chair and read it out loud. Good times.
I started making a cheat notebook for Mr. Boo and myself with things we learned in our Bradley birth class. When I'm finished, it will be complete with labels for easing reference :) NERD ALERT! I just don't want to lose all of that knowledge. (side note: many of my Bradley classmates have had their babies and it's so exciting to hear about their experiences and see pictures of their little ones!)
The only other thing is that Baby Boo is moving A LOT and I'm getting  heartburn regularly but nothing to complain too much about!
*I know I usually post a bump pic but, just like that video I wanted to show, I cannot get it to upload
If you are a computer whiz and want to help my hubby and me figure out the problem, let me know and we'll meet up! It's so annoying!