Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Babymoon (lots of pics included)...

All of the baby websites I've been on say "You and your husband MUST go on a babymoon..." They go on to say that life will be over when you have your child. I have my own opinions on that and won't go there in detail but I've seen other friends of mine with kids who also have a life. Anyway...our babymoon:
As many of you already know, Mr. Boo bought me/us tickets to the Colts/Broncos game in Indianapolis. For those who don't understand the significance of this gift, here goes: I'm sort of obsessed with Peyton Manning...he's my favorite athlete of all time :) He used to play for the Colts (which is why I'm a huge Colts fan) but, after some drama, is now playing for the Broncos. This was his first time to play in Indy since he was kicked to the curb.
So, for my birthday last month, Mr. Boo presented me with the tickets (great seats, by the way) and said we'd be staying the night in Indianapolis. We left Sunday after church and headed to our destination!! After checking into our sweet room, we went downtown to roam around and figure out where to eat. We decided on The Ram Brewery:
I enjoyed some water...
 ...and Boo enjoyed a mug-o-beer. What a cutie.

While we were waiting for our seats, we decided to go to the mall which was just above the restaurant to get Mr. Boo a Colts hoodie (we found out on our way to Indy that the roof would be open at the stadium that night and Mr. Boo didn't have anything long sleeve):
Silly Boo...

After dinner, we headed to the stadium to join in on the pre-game festivities:
Lucas of my favorite places EVER!

Time to go in!!!

Side story: We were a little paranoid about our tickets potentially being fake because the bottom of the ticket said "Game 6" and this was game 7...we were so anxious until we actually made it into the stadium!!

Once we made it in, we headed straight to our seats so that we could see the players warm up and watch for Peyton to come out. I saw him do some warm up throws which most people don't care about but I was super excited!!! They did a tribute to Peyton after the Broncos entered and before the Colts came are some Peyton shots:
 The end of the video tribute.

 Peyton's reaction to the crowd going crazy for him! We love you Peyton!!! And, yes, I cried.

The best pic I took of Peyton that night.

Basically, the game was amazing!! It was SO LOUD in there! It was definitely getting to Peyton because he didn't have his best game...but that's ok because THE COLTS WON!!! Things I learned during the game:

-I'm having a boy (per the drunk lady behind me who we kept high-fiving the entire game)

-Mr. Boo and I need to make time for ourselves after we have kids (per the other drunk lady beside me that kept trying to talk sports with me but had no idea what she was talking about)

-Mr. Boo needs to take me out to bars with him more often so he can get free drinks (a guy in our row insisted that he buy my Boo a beer as a congrats for me being pregnant...he then got another free beer from the drunk couple beside us)

Overall, this was the best game I've ever been to and one of my best memories with my Boo. Here are some shots of us at the game:
 Pre-game belly shot!

BRRRR! The roof was open and it started getting cold!

 A pic by drunk girl #1...I'm actually surprised she got a decent shot without dropping my camera.

Colts Win! #1!!!

Thanks, Boo, for the best birthday gift ever! So glad we were able to do this together! LOVE YOU!!!

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  1. Love this sissy! Glad you had a great time! Miss you!