Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Boo: 30 Weeks

I know this one is a day early but I know I have a busy end of the week ahead of me and want to make sure I get it posted! Anyway...

I seriously hate these food references but I feel like I can't stop posting them! I know my baby does not resemble a cucumber...that's just asinine.

I feel like this has been a week full of things to report. First, Thebump.com fact: Baby Boo is strong enough to grasp a finger...that's pretty sweet. 

Quality sleep is definately lacking but I don't think it's solely because of my belly at this point. My dog, Angel, has a lot to do with it! She sleeps in bed with us and, normally, it's not that bad. Since my belly is getting bigger, I'm wanting to spread out more...she is starting to get in my way! I love the girl but GEEZ! The couch seems like a much better option for me (we have an insanely comfy couch). I usually start the night in the bed and end up on the couch. I've been waking up anytime between 2 and 4 a.m. YUCK.

This week started off being very discouraging (see THIS post) but ended in a positive way (Praise the Lord). The pelvic pain I mentioned in that post became severe over the weekend to the point I could hardly walk and do stairs. I tried grocery shopping Sunday and just couldn't do it. I put my PT skills to use and diagnosed myself with SI joint issues and knew exactly what to do to try to help it. The only part I wasn't a fan of was the resting part. Rest is stupid. 

I was not able to run on Saturday like I usually do and I had to skip the 5k I signed up for on Sunday. I was so bummed...mainly because I had no clue how long I would feel this way. I did a lot of praying and asked my friends to do the same. I woke up Monday morning for work and felt SO MUCH BETTER! I was tender and fatigued by the end of the work day but not so much that I had to miss Hip Hop. I did just over an hour of the class but, with the help of a friend, decided that I should stop and go home so that I didn't make my pain come back. I woke up this morning feeling even better than Monday!

I FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN!!!  (P.S. Thanks to Mr. Boo for cleaning the entire house for me this weekend without me asking...he knew I was in pain...love you Boo Boo).

I had an appointment with Dr. P today. Baby Boo's heart rate was 145 and I only gained 1 pound. I knew I didn't feel like I was getting bigger the last three weeks (until last night...see next pic). I told him about my SI joint pain just to keep him up to date. At my last appointment, he said I'd start coming every 2 weeks after today's appointment but he decided to schedule me 4 weeks out. I'm taking that as an indication that I'm doing well so he doesn't feel it to be necessary to see me any sooner...yay for being healthy! 
Before Hip Hop Fitness last night

I guess the only other thing is that my maternity photo shoot is tomorrow afternoon. Originally, we planned to meet at Lynd's Fruit Farm but it's supposed to rain :( If, for some reason, it doesn't rain, we will still meet there. If it rains, we are meeting at Franklin Park Conservatory. Either way, you'll see some professional bump pics in the near future by my very talented friend, Crystal (Sevens Photography). She does our pictures every year :)

Here is my 29 week bump pic and a couple of pics from the weekend:

Mr. Boo and me at our friends' wedding

My friend Becca and me...she is due only 5 days before me!

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