Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Feeling Encouraged

I think I shared in my last Baby Boo update that I made a to-do list for the things I have to accomplish before the baby arrives...I'm already crossing things off the list! Can I get a "productivity" cheer from my homies?!

I won't bore you with what I've accomplished so far BUT I do want to share with you our hospital tour experience. Yesterday, we toured St. Ann's maternity unit. What a great place!!! The main part of labor and delivery I was concerned with was the medical staff pressuring me to be induced, get an epidural, opt for a C-section when it's not necessary, taking my baby away from me before I'm ready for them to, etc. After the tour yesterday, I was so encouraged and felt so confident about the staff at St. Ann's!

Their labor and delivery rooms are HUGE! Plenty of room to walk around! They said that three of them have tubs and you can get those on a first come, first serve basis. I'm thinking that might be something I want to try and get. I like the soothing sensation of warm water :) They have everything medically that they need inside the rooms so that Mom and baby can stay in there. The only reason I would have to leave that room is if a C-section was necessary. After birth, you are eventually moved into the postpartum room for the remainder of your stay.

The thing that I loved the most was the fact that they encourage skin-to-skin contact between Mom and baby immediately after birth. That is a dream come true for me! I was so scared that they would take my baby away from me right after it came out. They reassured us that there is no reason they need to take the baby out of the delivery room unless there is some crazy emergency in which the OR is needed. They just said as long as they do the baby testing within 24 hours, we can keep him/her as long as we'd like :)

They also mentioned that they are like the police when it comes to people coming to the room and bothering us when we don't want them there! That will take some stress off of Mr. Boo so that he doesn't have to take care of it. If we don't want someone in the room, they told us to just tell the nurse and that they are great at getting rid of people! LOL. 

I could go on more and more about how excited I am since going on the tour but that would be boring. I'll end by sharing a pic I came across of me at our vacation to Jamaica this past January...pre-pregnancy flat belly:

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  1. Yeah for a great hospital tour!!! :) What I learned with Cooper that I wish I knew with Molly is that you really are in charge of more than they let on. With Cooper, they kept asking to weigh him and what not, and I kept saying No, I'm not ready, until I was, haha. Also, they kept asking if they could give him a bath, and I think you know I told them no as well (the whole time we were there!!) You can get away with a lot with just a sweet smile and a nod. ;) ;)