Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baby Boo: 28 Weeks

Stupid. Gross.
Thebump.com says baby is opening and closing its eyes and can sense changes to light! Cool! It also tells me to get used to not sleeping...yay. Leaky boobs?! What?! Haven't had that yet but I guess I get to look forward to it.
I took some time last Friday night to organize Baby Boo's room! It was kinda fun! I took all the gifts received so far and found a place for all of them in the room. I organized the clothes into sizes:
And put the Baby Boo banner on the crib until (s)he arrives:
I had some awesome workouts this week. I was able to run 46 minutes on Saturday, do a 2 hour Hip Hop Fitness session, and a pool workout with Mr. Boo (mixed in with mowing a couple of yards, a few family walks and agility class with the girls). I'm still feeling good with exercise but 4 miles is my running limit before I start feeling pelvic soreness. As long as I rest the remaining time of the day, I feel great by the next morning!
I decided to read "The Giving Tree" to Baby Boo this week :) It's my favorite children's book. I sat in my Mamaw's rocking chair and read it out loud. Good times.
I started making a cheat notebook for Mr. Boo and myself with things we learned in our Bradley birth class. When I'm finished, it will be complete with labels for easing reference :) NERD ALERT! I just don't want to lose all of that knowledge. (side note: many of my Bradley classmates have had their babies and it's so exciting to hear about their experiences and see pictures of their little ones!)
The only other thing is that Baby Boo is moving A LOT and I'm getting  heartburn regularly but nothing to complain too much about!
*I know I usually post a bump pic but, just like that video I wanted to show, I cannot get it to upload
If you are a computer whiz and want to help my hubby and me figure out the problem, let me know and we'll meet up! It's so annoying!


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