Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Monday, August 8, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 38 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
I'm wondering if this will be the last of my "D.O.A.P." series.

Such a cute banner for Baby Boo Deux from my sweet friend, Karen!
The week had a crazy start to say the least. I can't believe I've been having contractions on and off for two weeks, and I don't have a baby yet!! So annoying. I'm not ready to have this baby because I'm uncomfortable...I actually feel really good. My energy level has been better than I can imagine, so I really can't complain. I'm just super frustrated that my body is going through all of these signs that point to baby coming at any moment, and it decides to trick me.
  • 8/1/16: REST. Unintentional. I had my alarm set for a 5 a.m. run but decided 2 more hours of sleep was more important. I wasn't too worried about fitting in a run because I knew I'd have time to go to the gym after work. Long story short, I started having contractions around 11:30 a.m., approximately 10 minutes apart, that lasted the next three hours that I was treating patients. About that time, the contractions were getting closer...more like 7 minutes apart. I was feeling pretty crappy and decided running might not be the best thing to do at that moment. I was in Hilliard at the time (my delivery hospital being Dublin Methodist) and decided it wouldn't be wise to drive back home to Gahanna just in case I continued to progress. Doing so would run the risk of having to drive back to Dublin in rush hour traffic. No bueno if I was actually in labor. Anyway, I went to the hospital around 4:30 pm, they monitored me, I walked an hour, monitored again, walked another hour, then one final monitoring. When they did my final vag check around 8:30, I remained at 3cm dilation and 70% effaced (same stats as when I arrived that evening but a progression from my OB appointment last week). Total, I contracted about 13 hours.
    I had to take a belly pic while waiting in triage just in case Baby Boo Deux was coming.
  • 8/2/16: REST. Intentional. I WAS SO SORE AND FATIGUED WHEN I WOKE UP! The last 6 hours that I had the more intense contractions really took all the energy that I had left in my body. It took all that I had to attend my work meeting and treat two patients that morning. That afternoon, I had my weekly OB appointment. I was STILL 3cm dilated and 70% effaced. UGH. I wouldn't have cared as much if I didn't feel like shit. All those contractions could at least have given me a centimeter! I committed to resting the remainder of the evening in hopes that I could tolerate a run the next morning.
    Gifts from my coworkers!
  • 8/3/16: 2 walking miles. I was feeling like crap again today...not as sore as yesterday, but definitely exhausted. I wanted to run but had absolutely no desire to do so. I went to the Y after work and walked a mile on the treadmill and a mile on the track. I was having contractions throughout the day but my most consistent ones were when I was walking. The end of this pregnancy has been SO different than with James. The only false labor I had with him was at 36 weeks...then nothing until the day I had him. This baby might be a little turd.
  • 8/4/16: 1 mile running, 10:01, 1.5 miles walking. What a fun visit I had at the Y today. A young a-hole had his face in his phone as I was running my last lap on the indoor track. He proceeded to cross over the track lanes without looking at who may be coming (I'm pretty sure I can't be missed at this point). I wasn't about to stop running because I had a goal and I was on a roll. I had to yell "EXCUSE ME!" loudly because he had headphones in as well. He paused and the physical interaction wasn't as violent as it could have been. He stared at me for about two seconds and went about his way without an apology. I yelled at him and told him to get his face out of his freaking phone. When he made no acknowledgement to what I was saying, it pissed me off even more. I typically don't put up with rude shit like this so I took action...sure, not the most Christian thing of me to do, but I was pissed and full of hormones. I walked up to this boy as he was getting on the elliptical, tapped on his arm until he pad attention to me, and told him of his stupidity. The only thing he could muster up to say was "Ok." Idiot. Anyway, my running mile felt good but my ankle was a little sore afterwards. I'll likely stick to running a mile at a time until the baby comes. Now's not the time for me to feel pain again.
    My angry face.
  • 8/5/16: REST. I had the day off work so I spent a lot of time with my boy. He spent the night with the grandparents so I joined Jimmy at his volleyball tournament. I was exhausted by 9 o clock and passed out by 9:30! P.S. Mucus plug was lost in the morning.
    Splash pad fun with my boy.
  • 8/6/16: 1 mile run, 10:27; 1 mile walk; 1 mile run, 11:17. Still childless, Jimmy and I had a gym date. I did a mile run on the indoor track along with a mile walk. When I finished my running portion, a senior citizen said to me, "Isn't that bad for the baby?" WTF, dude...yes, I'm intentionally harming my unborn child.  I kept the anger inside and simply said, "That's a silly question. Of course I'm not hurting my baby," and continued to walk. On the inside, I was completely annoyed by this. I vented to my husband and decided I wanted to talk to the gentleman about it. I walked up to him as he was sitting and we discussed the situation. It was actually a very nice, get-to-know-you conversation in which I discovered he was just very uneducated about the situation. Later that morning, Jimmy played a bit of volleyball, so I ran a mile while he was doing that. I did this outside, and it was blazing out there. I pretended I was running on the cool, indoor track.
  • 8/7/16: REST. I stayed busy between church, a baby sprinkle, grocery shopping, etc., but I didn't go on any exercise walks or runs. I did have a 3 hour dose of false labor while Jimmy was at poker night. I was a little worried about having to pack up then wake up James to go to the hospital!
    Cuddles while daddy was at poker night.

I forgot to ask Jimmy to take my weekly pic so you just have to settle for this side view.
How Far Along: 38 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: The day after my hospital visit, I had my OB appointment which I talked about above. I've continued to have contractions all week long and baby is moving as usual.
Weight Gain: I keep going between gaining 30-31 lbs. My weight gain has plateaued the past couple of weeks

Symptoms: Lots of contractions and mucus plug lost on Friday.
Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really.
Coming Up: OB on Tuesday if I haven't had baby yet.


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