Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, June 5, 2016

D.O.A.P.: 29 Weeks

Diary of a Prunner
The A Team represented well at the Columbus 10k! (before you freak out, I DID NOT RUN) [Kelly, Theresa, ME, Amber, Marion, Dani]

 I'm really excited about June because I feel like I know enough about my abilities to make mileage goals. Of course, I'm bummed that I can't run this month but thrilled that I can be more active. I feel like my biggest challenge this week was figuring out what it means to have an easy day with regards to cycling and walking. When my running program tells me to run "6 easy miles," I know exactly what that entails. I realized that I haven't really incorporated easy cycling and walking since I started being able to do both of those things. At the beginning of this week, my legs were SO TIRED! I somehow made it through my workouts, but I would wake up every morning with legs that felt pooped. I'll need to find a good balance between easy/moderate/hard so that my legs don't fall off before I can start running.
  • 5/30/16: 2 miles, 31:44 (15:52/mile). Splits were 16:04 and 15:40. I was trying to see if I could take what I was doing on the treadmill to the road. It was harder for a few reasons: 1) heat and humidity. I didn't have that in my parents' basement. 2) ground was more uneven and not as soft. 3) my frickin' knee (on the good leg!). James accidentally hit my knee with his water bottle the day before, and it hurt like hell. I thought he dislocated my patella, but it felt better after an hour or so. Just bruised and sore the next day.
    New running clothes thanks to my momma!
  • 5/31/16: 7.5 cycling miles, 30 minutes (morning); 2 mile dog walk, 42:14 (21:07/mile) in afternoon. I can't say I enjoyed either workout today. My cycling came with a 4:50 a.m. wake up call, and my legs took forever to warm up. That afternoon, I went to Front Runner for inserts and wanted to try them out. I should have opted for a solo walk, but I wanted my dogs to be able to enjoy some exercise. It was the worst decision. They are only fun to walk with if you don't care...and if you aren't recovering from injury. My foot was freaking bothering me when we finished. I will not let them melt my heart again and convince me to take them for a walk without the hubs. (Also had family gym night: chest/back beasting)
  • 6/1/16: 1 mile walk, 17:41; 12.1 cycling miles, 45 minutes; 2 mile walk, 32:48 (16:24/mile). I woke up with my legs feeling pretty tired so I skipped morning cycling. When I arrived to work, the office was still locked, so I threw on my walking shoes and went for a short walk. I didn't want to go so fast that I worked up a sweat in my work clothes, so I opted for a more moderate pace.
    LOVE Pulp Juice Smoothies!
    After a busy work day, I had time to swing by The Y before picking up James. I wanted to start June out with a bang and cycled for 45 minutes instead of my typical 30 minutes. I made it a pretty tough workout since my legs felt warmed up after about 10-15 minutes. Later that evening, I took James to Hoff Park so I could bribe him to go on a longer walk by offering to play on the playground afterwards. I was very happy with this walk considering I was pulling him in the wagon the whole time! My splits were 16:46 and 16:02. There were a couple of inclines that would be insignificant if running but were a little tough with the wagon. Overall, great workout day.
    Wagon time with my boy.
  • 6/2/16: 6.6 cycling miles, 30:07; Bis/Tris Beasting in the evening. Basically, I thought my legs were going to fall off when I woke up. SO FATIGUED AND SORE! I thought about a rest day but had extra time I needed to kill in the middle of the day. I decided to do a REALLY EASY ride on the indoor bike. I wasn't feeling it at first but warmed up after 10 minutes. I had a really good stretch session post-ride that really seemed to help.
  • 6/3/16: 2.25 walking miles in a.m., 36:10 (16:04/mile); 8.2 cycling miles in afternoon, 30:08; 1 walking mile in evening pulling James in wagon, 18:45. The morning walk was awesome. I met a group of fellow runners for National Donut Day. Four of us needed to walk because of injuries. It felt like a very casual walk yet we finished with a good pace!
    I freaking can't get enough of Schneider's!!
    I was still feeling good when I made it to the gym to cycle, so I opted for a moderately hard workout. I should have stopped for the day, but I wanted to get one more mile. For some reason, my walk with James really bothered me. I was spent the rest of the evening.
  • 6/4/16: 4 walking miles, 1:07:23 (16:51/mile). My long walk for the week. This has been the furthest I've attempted to walk without rest. The distance wasn't a problem, and I'm confident I could have kept going if time was on my side. My dang ankle was an issue today. It took my normal half mile or so to feel like my ankle was warmed up, but that didn't last long. My ankle felt weak the entire time. I tried to make myself go a little faster but it just wasn't happening. Oddly enough, I felt the best going up inclines. Going down was an issue. I determined that I need to do some walking hill repeats to try and gain some strength. I never wanted to quit, but I wasn't enjoying it as much as I'd like. I really wanted one of my mile splits to be in the 15s. I was gunning for it the last mile. I channeled my friend, Theresa, to help motivate me. I was close but didn't quite make it. I decided to take it easy the rest of the day.
    Sporting my new clothes on long walk day.
  • 6/5/16: 1 walking mile, 17:38; 2 walking miles, 34:53 (17:27/mile); 8.10 cycling miles, 30 minutes; Shoulder Beasting. My ankle was crap AGAIN today. So annoying. It's not an intense pain, but a very prominent weakness and discomfort of my anterior ankle. I've been very consistent with my ankle rehab exercises, but it seems I will need to focus more on my anterior tibialis muscle. I'm slightly bummed about my weekend walks because I don't know if this sensation will go away before my 3 mile walk race next weekend. I decided to take my inserts out of my shoes to see if that makes a difference.
    Nice walk in downtown Columbus.
    Fortunately, I was not tired from my walks the past two days so I was able to get in a short, tough cycling workout followed by some lifting.
    I had the pleasure of spectating my friends at the Columbus 10k. I took advantage of a great morning by getting in some walking miles before and during the race.
Total Miles:
  • Walking: 17.25
  • Cycling: 42.5

My SI joint has been acting up a little more this week. I know it's pregnancy related, but my altered gait pattern is exacerbating it. Fortunately, it's not significant during my cycling and walking, but it really gets me when I'm turning in bed at night. I'm always contracting my transverse abdominis muscle with all activity, and it really gets a workout when I lift weights. One of my biggest issues (and this was the case with James' pregnancy as well) is my right piriformis muscle. It is almost always on fire. My belly has gotten to the point that I can't get the best stretch. I tried the foam roll and a ball last night. I'll just have to stretch it as much as I can throughout the day to get some relief.

How Far Along: 29 weeks, 5 days
What Baby Boo Deux is Up To: Still moving. Doc says, based on my size, it will likely be another 6 pound something baby. Heart rate was 145 bpm.

Weight Gain: Starting weight was 112 lbs. Current weight is 134 or 135-ish?

Symptoms: None.
Cravings/Aversions: None.
Coming Up: OB appointments are now every 2 weeks!

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