Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My October Adventures Continue...

I appreciate and love fall time more and more as I get older :) It's such a great time of the year! Jimmy and I decided to get a pumpkin and draw on it instead of carve it...dull, I know! Not really cuz we had tons of fun drawing together!

We had lots of fall fun this weekend. I did my first corn maze EVER with Jimmy and some of our friends on Friday night. At this corn maze, we had to find 8 different stations and use a crayon they gave us to rub the picture onto our piece of paper (we termed these stations "rubbings")! Let's just say that the first "rubbing" we found was a little on the perverted side and we wondered what other "rubbings" may lie ahead! Another highlight of the night had to be when Becca ran into the rope and bounced back like a slingshot (this was right after we were talking about how unintelligent the high school kids were acting that night)!

The next day, our friend Abby invited some of us over for a fall party. We had some yummy food and ended up watching football and UFC instead of carving pumpkins :) Nothing better than food, friends, football, and UFC all in one night! Here's another pic of the pumpkin Jimmy and I drew on...he is quite the artist (he even drew me some boobs...quite proportionate to my real boob size...lol):

Oh how I love my husband! So, let me update you all on the house process. We looked at 5 houses on Saturday. We LOVED one of them and really liked two more. The wanted to offer on the one we loved but our realtor called us back soon after and told us that another couple looked at it a week earlier and that it was in contract :( We were bummed but we keep telling ourselves that there is a reason that God didn't want us to have that house. Of the two we really liked, we decided that one of them we liked better so we are taking a second look at it on Wednesday. We'll see how that goes and maybe we'll go for it! We'll see and I'll certainly keep you all posted.
Last, and certainly not least, I get to see my sisters, nephews, nieces, and brother-in-law this week/weekend!!!!! I am so excited!!! I leave on Thursday and return Monday...I can't wait for my Nebraska adventure :)


  1. hahaha i am loving jimmy's drawings, lol. that is so great. sounds like you've been having a blast with all your fall activities :) maybe when you get back from your trip we can all four get together (finally) for a euchre night! i miss you, girl! hope you have a blast this weekend :) love ya!

  2. Miss you too Amers! I would love for us to get together!!! We just need to set a date so we have no excuses! Even if it's two three or four weeks in advance!