Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, September 26, 2010

October Events

I know that October is going to be an awesome month full of fun events because it's FALL!!! Yay for fall :) I just wanted to post some events in October that I will be attending or some that sound fun that you might want to attend. Please comment at the end if you know of anything else going on that I should check out. Remember, I've only lived in Columbus for a year so I don't know everything that's happening!

I will start by posting a link to the Buckeyes schedule so that you don't miss any of the games. I'm doing this because I know how you crazy buckeye fans are...


Oct. 2nd:
October 3rd:
October 9th-11th:
October 10th:
October 17th:
  • Columbus Marathon and 1/2 Marathon- I was totally supposed to run this thing but I discovered that I do not like to run like I used to...therefore, I chose to be lazy and not do it...this is more of a warning so that you may avoid the traffic associated with it: http://www.columbusmarathon.com/
October 20th-23rd:
I will be in Nebraska the weekend of Halloween so I didn't look up events for that weekend. Please post any other cool events that may be going on this month so that I may become a social butterfly :)


  1. i seriously want to go to the circleville pumpking festival-that'd be a blast.
    you should also add to the list euchre nights with us. maybe we can jump in a pile of leaves and then come inside and drink hot cocoa or apple cidar. or a PSL from starbucks!! :)
    yah! i love fall!!

  2. The pumpkin festival is a lot of fun! Pumpkin waffles are my fav! On Oct 30 (I think) the Short North has Highball Halloween. We've went the past 2 years. They close off part of High St. and set up a stage where there is an awesome fashion show by local designers and a costume contest. A lot of fun, but usually cold.

  3. Amy- That sounds like a GREAT idea! I love jumping in piles of leaves AND playing euchre AND hot drinks!!!
    Crystal- The Short North thing sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! I would love to check that out (if I were in town that weekend). I'll have to remember that for next year :)