Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baby Boo: 37 Weeks

A little less drama this week compared to last week :)
FYI: That's a winter melon...never heard of it. says the baby is getting its "first sticky poop" ready...YAY!
I'm peeing like crazy but my sleeping is so much better! Not sure how that one happened! I've noticed that, despite it being cool outside, I get SO HOT! My pits sweat like crazy.
Baby Boo is moving around a lot and I love watching her/him deform my belly :)
With regards to exercise, I was lazy over the holiday but returned to Hip Hop Fitness on Monday. I did 1 hour and 15 minutes before I had to leave. It was just so hot and I was getting tired. The next day, Mr. Boo and I went to agility class with our pups and I ran the courses with Angel like I usually do BUT I started getting some pelvic soreness. I had Mr. Boo run with both Angel and Izzie so that I could have a break. I was pretty sore that night and into today (for that reason, I took today off from working out except for all of the walking I do during the day for work).
I think I have everything I need for baby...I hope! The main thing I have left to buy is my cloth diapers...but I won't need those the first month anyway.
I am now going to the OB weekly but my doctor was on vacation this week so I saw another OB. It's weird to see someone else when you've been with the same person the entire pregnancy. They did some test to check for some kind of "germ" down there (can't remember what the test is called but it was negative so who cares) and they checked my cervix for the first time (thinning but not getting bigger). Baby Boo's heart rate was 132 bpm and I received my flu shot...I think that's about it!
Here is my 36 week pic:
I feel like this picture does no justice for how big I actually look up close!
P.S. Just wanted to thank some people who have been very encouraging to me this week...especially after this false labor crap: my sisters, my mom, Mr. Boo, my friend Leslie who left me a sweet Facebook message, my co-worker Andrea, my sister in law Amy, my fellow life groupers, and many, many more!!! Thank you!

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