Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Day Has Been Mostly Stupid

I kinda feel like my head is going explode. I also feel that if I write it out, I'll feel better :)
After seeing my patients, I decided to go by my MD office to get this year's TB test for work. When I called the office yesterday, they told me I didn't need an appointment and that I could just "drop in." When I hear the term "drop in," I feel like that means it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes max. I went there, told them who I was and why I was there, gave the lady my new insurance info, and sat down. Apparently the lady was new and didn't properly enter the information. The nurses had no idea I was even there. I ended up waiting 1 hour and 20 minutes before they brought me back.
Just before they finally brought me back, the new lady who checked me in asked me if I'd been helped yet. I told her "Yes, you checked me in an hour and 20 minutes ago for a TB test and I'm pregnant and cranky." The lady had NO CLUE she had checked me in! That just baffles me!
Once they called me back, it took only 5-10 minutes. The nurse felt so bad about the whole thing.
After leaving the MD, I decided I was close enough to Polaris to make it worth ordering a pizza from BJ's Brewhouse. After picking up my order, I decided I should check it to make sure it was correct. IT WASN'T! So glad I checked. The last thing I wanted to do was go back in the restaurant and complain...especially when I was still flustered at my MD office. I decided to try a piece of the thin crust that they gave me so I didn't have to go back was disgusting. I had my heart set on the deep dish that I actually ordered. I turned my car around and took it back. I was very nice about it even though I wanted to scream my head off.
I need to end with something positive. I might be getting a new car this week! I'll need it when Baby Boo gets here. Jimmy can get a great deal on Chevy Impalas through his work. They are cars that the salesmen use for travel...which means they are well maintenanced. The one we are in the process of trying to get is a red 2011 Impala LT. It has around 70,000 miles on it with new tires. They are wanting $8,500 for it. After doing some research, Mr. Boo found that, at a dealership, this car would cost around $14,000! Sounds like we are getting a deal.

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