Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Drive In Movie Date

Has my neck gotten longer? Geez. Anyway...
Earlier in the week, Mr. Boo said he wanted to take me on a date to the drive in movie to see "Man of Steel." A couple of our life group friends joined us. We got there early, waited in line forever, and got what seemed like a prime parking spot.
 What we didn't know at the time is that our neighbors (on all sides) were going to be our entertainment for the night. In case you're wondering if you should pay $9 to see this movie, I'll just say this: Our neighbors were more entertaining. Before all of the drama started, I enjoyed some Fun Dip (probably the reason for my hangover this morning)!
Incident #1:
For the first 20 minutes of the movie, the redneck neighbor to our left was talking on his cell phone (as loud as he possibly could). Mr. Boo and I had headphones to hear the movie and still heard the guy talking. I felt bad for our friends because they were closer to him and just had the radio to hear the movie. We finally got sick of it and Mr. Boo kindly asked the man if he could quiet down or get off the phone. The man made a "screw you, I don't care" gesture and kept talking loudly. Boo got up and found the cop that was patrolling the lot and asked him to talk to the guy. Even after the cop asked him to stop, the guy called the cop a name and kept talking a few more minutes.
Incident #2:
We had a family park in front of us with the car's headlights facing us. This is a perfectly acceptable car position as long as you don't keep your lights on to blind us. No joke...every 10 minutes of the first 3/4 of the movie, the lady had to get into her car for whatever reason. Each time she got into her car, the headlights came on and blinded us. They'd be on for a few seconds each time...long enough to be annoying. I honestly don't know if she realized this kept happening but I couldn't take it anymore.
 I walked to her and said "Ma'am, can you please turn off your headlights?" She initially apologized and turned them off but then she seemed really annoyed by me. I said to her "You've been turning them on every 10 minutes the entire movie and it's been really annoying." She responded by saying, "I have not been doing this the entire movie!" Here's the deal, I'm with my hubby and 3 other friends...I think we know that she was doing it the whole movie. When she denied doing this, it pissed off the pregnant lady (me). I raised my voice and told her yes she had been doing it and she needs to stop. She said "Shut up, lady!" and turned on her headlights on purpose to piss us off.
The whole thing was quite comical and we all had a good laugh. I know I didn't have to raise my voice but, at that point, I was so annoyed that she kept denying it. Guess what? The lights didn't come on for the rest of the, mission accomplished :)
Incident #3:
Our neighbors to the right were just all together messed up in general. I guess their three kids, and some kid from the car in front of them, were throwing rocks at each other and the parents weren't doing crap about it. Honestly, the parents were in their respective cars (probably sleeping). The rocks the kids were throwing at each other were hitting some guy's SUV and he got upset (I don't blame him...I'd me mad too). He came over to us asking if we knew where the kids' parents were...of course, we weren't sure. He tapped on their car window and said a few choice words to them. I seriously thought a fight might go down about this one! The parents had no clue what their kids were doing and tried to blame it on the other kid. It was ridiculous. I kinda felt sorry for those kids.
By the time this happened, the movie was over. My friends and I couldn't stop cracking up about all that happened in that two hour time period. What did I learn? The South Drive In is my new favorite place for people watching.

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