Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Running and Shin Splints

Preface: Like all other diagnoses, there is so much you can say to describe what it is...for shin splints, I'm just going to say it's pain in the lower leg. Most of us know about shin splints (look it up if you don't!). The point of this post is to give you some treatment ideas. Remember, go to your doctor if pain persists.

Causes of shin splints include:
-repetitive micro-trauma or overuse injury (mentioned in THIS POST)
-combo of weak/tight lower leg muscles
-inadequate shoe support
-improper striking of the foot (overpronation)
-change of surface in which you are running (road, grass, gravel, etc.)

Pronation (weight on inside of foot)
Treatment Ideas:
-Rest (allows for healing to occur)
-Ice and take anti-inflammatory meds
-Cross train instead! (water running, elliptical, rowing, cycling,  swimming, etc.)
-calf stretch
-Strengthening of lower leg and foot (*To my friend, Nathan: Track and Cross Country strengthening for shin splints, click HERE.)
-Replace your shoes (how many miles are on those things?!); In my personal experience, I always know when I need to get new shoes because I get knee and shin pain.
-Decrease your mileage when you return to running (and run on softer surfaces)
-Orthotics (you may or may not need it but it's worth asking your doctor about if the other things don't work)

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