Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mr. Boo Made Me Laugh

On our way home from the gym today, my boo said to me: "You should try to qualify for Boston and make that your long term goal." Isn't he funny?!!!! I told him that qualifying would be impossible extremely hard for me. I looked up the qualifying time for my age group (18-34) and it is 3:35:00! OMG! I'd have to be in my 60's to qualify with my best time.


Fast forward a few hours from that conversation:
I just did the unthinkable. Remember the "famous quote" from THIS post? As of 5:45 on April 13, 2013, I AM "doing this $#!+ again!" I officially just changed my half marathon registration to a full marathon! After last year's experience, I think I'll be able to train smarter (is that even grammatically correct?!). If I start core and hip/lower extremity strengthening NOW, I should be able to avoid the injuries I dealt with last summer. I'm also going to schedule a half marathon halfway through my training so that I'll have a long race under my belt.

I'm so insanely excited and will accept all intercessory prayers through this process!

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