Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Song of the Run

Pandora never fails me on a run. There is always that moment when I really need to hear a song to get me pumped up...and Pandora makes it happen! Of all the stations I saved on my Pandora, these are the three I typically use when I run:
1- Ludacris (plays the best rap EVER! The only artist I'm not a fan of on this station in Eminem...some of his songs are ok, but I mostly give them a thumbs down.)
2-Lady Gaga (very female poppy...lots of Gaga, Britney, Katy, etc. But very upbeat.)
3- 80's Pop (nuff said.)
Yesterday, I did a 20 minute tempo run on the treadmill (shorter workouts because of race week!). I had the Luda station on and really needed to hear a great song. Just when I needed it the most, this song came on:
"You Don't Know Me" by T.I.!!!
T.I. is one of my favorite rappers and they play him a lot on this station. About 1 1/2 minutes before the end of my run, this song came on:
"Big Pimpin'" by Jay Z featuring UGK
Another random like of mine...Bun B of UGK. There is a point to this post...
I decided that, each run, I would choose a "Song of the Run." Who won the title yesterday?
T.I.!!! Even though I like Big Pimpin' better than the other song, T.I. came at just the right time to earn the title.

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