Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Friday, March 8, 2013

Training Update

I'm really loving the 5k training program I posted about HERE. It has a good mix of long runs, short runs, intervals, and tempo runs. Looking forward to my 6 mile run in the morning!
I'm also loving the pace calculator I found on MilePosts (a recommended running blog by a running website). You can find the calculator HERE. I used it to help me decide on a goal for my 5k next weekend. Based on my 10k time, a different website said I should be able to average at least an 8:40 pace...BUT...I've felt a lot better the last couple of weeks compared to when I was training for the 10k (remember my knee and piriformis issues?!). So my goal for this 5k is going to be...drum roll, please (cue Mr. Boo who is my resident drummer):
That would make my pace 8:22. I think it's a realistic but challenging goal. As long as I'm not slower than 27:00, I'll be happy. I have to admit, I'm very nervous about sharing my goal...especially since I shared my marathon goal to everyone and totally sucked. But I'm over that, right?! Maybe by the end of the year, I can get into my high school running shape ;)

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