Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Mommy/Daughter(s) Walk (lots of pics in this one)

What a freakin' gorgeous day in Cbus!!! It gets me excited for the spring! After I got home from work and ate this non-GF meal,
I decided to take the girls on a walk! When we say the word "walk," Izzie and Angel go CRAZY! They love walks. Here they are saying to me, "What's the hold up, mom?!"
On our walks, each animal has it's own role. Izzie is the protector...she is always looking around for any threat:
Angel is the sniffer...I'm not sure of its importance but it's cute:

And I'm just there so that the wind can blow through my hair:
That's hot. LOL. We made a few discoveries along the way:
A fire hydrant
A wooded area with lots of trees and leaves
This house (it looked WAY cooler in person but I felt creepy taking a pic of it so I didn't get the whole thing)
This street sign. Mimosa? Yes, please.
When I figured out where we were, I headed towards our house. We spent about 55 minutes on our adventure. Here's what the girls did when we got home:
Love my girls!

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