Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Training After a Big Race...When Can You Start?

After all my years of on/off running, I am just now asking myself this question: How long do I rest before training for another race? Because of the running challenge I set for myself this year, I've been thinking about this topic a lot. I don't know how I did it in high school. We'd have cross country races every weekend in the fall...and somehow I didn't pass out and die.
As you may already know, I ran a 10k on Sunday and I have a 5k in just two more weeks. I had to do some research to help me decide how to train for this 5k in just three weeks after my 10k. Here's a section of an article I found regarding rest time after a race (article link HERE):
  • * After shorter races (up to 10K): You can do your next hard run within as few as three days, if you’re a high-mileage runner. Otherwise, wait about five days.
  • * After a 10-miler or half-marathon: Fitter runners can go long or fast again after four or five days. More casual runners should wait at least a full week.
  • * After a marathon: All runners wishing to maintain a high level of fitness should do little or no running for four to seven days, followed by a week of only low-intensity running. Then you can return to your normal regimen.
  • Cross-training is a great way to maintain fitness without slowing the recovery process in the first few days after a longer race. Walking, swimming, cycling, and inline skating are all good choices, as long as you keep the intensity low.

    Here's what my training looked like this week...
    Sunday- race
    Monday- rest
    Tuesday- 30 min. Tempo Run (10 min @ 6.0, 15 min @ 6.3, 5 min @ 6.0...walked to warm up and cool down)
    Wednesday- rest
    Thursday- 5k pace intervals (10 min elliptical for warm up and cool down; workout: [4 min @ 6.9 + 2 min @ 6.0] x4)
    Friday- rest
    Saturday- 6 miles, comfortable pace (I changed between 6.0 and 6.1 every half mile)
    I probably should have waited another day or two before doing a tempo run but I hadn't found this article at that point ;) My knee is holding up and I'm being very aware of how it is feeling. Let me know if you have any advice about between race recovery!


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