Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lindsay's Baby Shower Part 2: FOOD!!!

Jimmy and I love hosting get-togethers so, naturally, I get excited about the theme of the party. After Becca and I agreed on the Rock and Roll theme, we went straight to Pinterest for ideas! Becca was able to borrow a couple of things from a friend. We then used our creativity for the rest of it.
This isn't food but some fun decorations we put up (from Party City):
We also used these to decorate (made from sheets of music):
Here's the spread:
The contraption holding the goodies is made from old school records (not real ones) and various plastic drinking glasses. Let's see some detail (ALL CAPS=links to recipes)...
Cupcakes using Funfetti cake mix and HOMEMADE CREAM CHEESE FROSTING.
CINNAMON BUN POPS. We made these GF style but, if I ever made them again, I'd want to try regular style. P.S. We stuck them in a styrofoam disc that we painted black.
Sugar cookies shaped like guitars. We just used a Betty Crocker pre-made mix. Becca found the guitar cookie cutter at Sur la table at Easton. We had a music note cookie cutter but it looked more like a pterodactyl! Luckily we burned that batch :)
GF chocolate cupcakes with HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE FROSTING. We used a GF pre-made cake mix from Kroger. These were so delish!
Blue m&m's!!! I think these were Lindsay's favorite! We bought these at Party City.
Finally, for drinks, we had a chocolate, water, and some yummy Starbucks coffee provided by our friend Jenny. The greatest thing about the coffee was the Heath creamer! YUM! Overall, I enjoyed the desserts and it was worth the 4 1/2 hours spent with my baker friend, Becca! Thank you so much for your help, Bec!!!

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