Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Friday, March 29, 2013

Running and Hip Issues

Preface: This is a very short version secondary to the massive amounts of information about it. My #1 recommendation is to go to your ortho doctor if the pain persists. Also, the injuries stated are ones common amongst runners. Keep in mind, other things can be wrong!

My friend, Kim (click her name to check out her blog), asked me to talk about this insanely broad topic. Sources of hip pain include bone, joint, muscle belly, tendon and bursa to name a few. Since it is a big topic, I'll list some of the most common diagnoses amongst runners.

1) Anterior Hip (front):
Hip Joint

Anterior Leg/Hip Muscles
-Pain of the anterior hip and groin usually means an issue with the hip flexor muscles (i.e. strain) or the actual hip joint itself (arthritis, labrum, etc.). First, go to the doctor if pain persists (especially for the latter diagnoses). If you suspect hip flexor trouble, REST and ICE. You can cause further injury is you keep running. You can also stretch your quads and try this stretch if you have tightness in your anterior hip:
2) Lateral Hip (side)
Lateral Hip Muscles
-The most common lateral hip injury in runners is bursitis. I'm pretty sure this is what I experienced last year during my full marathon training. It can be a beast during those long runs. This injury is usually associated with hip abductor weakness and ITB tightness. I, personally, had to decrease my mileage and dedicate myself to icing and stretching my ITB (as well as the rest of my lower extremity). It's also important to put yourself on a good strength training program for you hip abductors (remember your gluteus medius!!!).
3) Posterior Hip (Back):
Posterior Hip Muscles (glutes have been cut to show deeper muscles)
-The most common running injury of the posterior hip is Piriformis Syndrome. I describe this muscle, to my patients, as a booty muscle (see the picture above and take notice to the placement of the sciatic nerve...its under the piriformis). When the piriformis is tight, it can press on the nerve and cause pain to radiate down your leg (also keep in mind that back issues may cause the same symptoms).
When running, you may feel a deep pain in your buttocks that seems to linger after stopping.
I have also experienced this injury (this year, in fact). I only had it for a week or two...what did I do? STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH! Honestly, this is my favorite muscles to stretch! Here is one way to do it:
(Remember to keep your knee joint at a 90 degree angle and bring your knee towards the opposite shoulder)
-Here's what else I did: I took a tennis ball and put it between my butt and the wall. I used that technique to give myself a massage. As with the other injuries mentioned, you need to start a good hip strengthening program and make sure you stretch before and after each run!
In conclusion, to prevent hip injuries, put yourself on a good hip strengthening program focusing a lot on the gluteal muscles AND remember to stretch. Again, see your doctor if pain persists! Hope this helps!

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  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS, LISA!! Love it! And thanks for the shout-out! You inspire me :)