Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lindsay's Baby Shower Part 1: Festivities

Lindsay's shower will come in two posts: Festivities and Food (of course there is food!). Let me start by saying, Lindsay is the happiest looking pregnant lady I've ever seen!
Look at that cheese! The shower included a group of ladies from church...a good mix of women with kids and women without kids. It was nice to hear some perspective from the experienced mothers! Because we all know each other, there was lots of mingling. My co-host, Becca, brought a Polaroid camera/film she had left over from her wedding. How cool is that?!
Our first game, which appropriately suited our guest of honor, was "Pin the Sperm on the Uterus."
Our uterus.
You can find the templates on THIS site. We used poster board.
 Basically, all guests put their name on a sperm and place it anywhere on the uterus. The guest of honor is then blindfolded and places her egg on the uterus. The person whose sperm is the closest to the egg wins a prize! In the situation pictured above, we decided that Megan was the winner because her sperm was about to eat the egg and the other sperm looks like it's running away! :)
We also played baby bingo for the gift opening.
I just printed off blank bingo sheets and everyone filled in each square with a different baby gift they thought Lindsay might open. The first to get a bingo won a prize! Our friend Jen won this game!
We also did a raffle for the last prize (Go Linda!). I can't forget to mention the Pandora station used for our background music:
This is one of Lindsay's favorite artists so it seemed very appropriate. Can't wait to post tomorrow about the menu!
The card says "BOOTIE CALL!"


  1. It was so fun! Thanks again for hosting! Pretty excited that my sperm will live on forever on your blog! See you tomorrow!