Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Karaoke and Dancing

I must start by saying, late nights aren't what they used to be! I don't know how I survived grad school! We went out every weekend and I don't remember it making me feel this tired!
Last night, we went out with some friends to a bar in Grandview (Mickey's?) for some karaoke. I never participate in the singing part...I just like to laugh at the others singing :) We had a grand ole time despite some of the weirdos. I promised Amy I would edit this photo but, after looking at it more, I think it's awesome the way it is:
Pay special attention to the look Andrew is giving his wife, Mandie. Amy's like "NO FLASH!" Mandie's sayin' "HOLLA!" Ross is just playin' it cool...and then there's Andrew :)
After Dan sang his song (the song that he chose was a very random pick but it ended up being a hit with the cougars and creepers at the bar), we got bored and went downtown. We ended up at Park Street Cantina. That place was a lot of fun...I would probably enjoy it more in the summer when I don't have to hold my coat and sweat like an Arkansas Razorback the whole time. Besides dancing, we got to enjoy 2 for1 tequila shots and great people watching courtesy of the Arnold Expo (can we say Jersey Shore?!).
Doesn't Mr. Boo look cute with his tie on? :)

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