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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Staying Out of the Gutter...

That was our goal today BUT that didn't happen! Jimmy and I had our first "date jar" date today.

We went to HP Lanes on Innis Rd. in Columbus. They had a great open bowling special ($10+$2.75 shoe rental for 2 hours of bowling!). We played 6 games with time left over. SO MUCH FUN! My only goal was to score over 100. I actually beat Jimmy the first game but he pretty much kicked my butt the other games.
Look at those skills!
The 3rd game, I finally scored over 100...108 to be exact! Here's the proof:
Sorry about the poor picture quality but I wanted proof! I'm completely awful at bowling but it's so much fun. I'm way better at Wii Bowling :)
I almost scored 100 on the 5th game. I thought all hope was lost when I went into the 10th frame with the score of 79. I made two strikes in a row and all I had to do was hit ONE pin...I repeat ONE pin. I guttered that stinkin' ball like I've never guttered it before! I just screamed and fell to the floor. I'm glad the place was mostly empty!
Love my boo.
After bowling, we decided to check out a Mexican restaurant down the street from our house...a little hole-in-the-wall place called El Rayo. It was pretty good. The salsa was different than most I've had...but in a good way.
Finally, we decided to go to the liquor section of Giant Eagle to see if they had Appleton Rum (the rum they used at Sandals in Jamaica). They indeed had it! BUT we saw something even better that tickled our fancy:
Apple Pie Moonshine to be exact. We've been watching the show "Moonshiners" lately so it seemed appropriate.
I'm excited that we had a successful date and I can't wait for the next!

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