Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Love/Hate Relationship With Mornings

Hate: The act of getting out of bed. I'm the annoying person that has to hit snooze 20 million times before I actually get up. Mr. Boo does an amazing job of not getting mad at me and my alarm clock. He also does a pretty good job of not talking to me in the morning. I dislike morning conversations. I typically don't remember them. The most I will ever say to Jimmy is "I gotta go pee." (in my whiny voice, of course). If you talk to me in the a.m., I'm probably mean.
Love: How I feel after being awake 20 minutes or so. After I pee, brush my teeth, and get ready for work, I get to look forward to a cup of coffee. This is one reason I love my new job. For my old job, I had to drink coffee on the way to work. With my current job, I start off at home before going to see my patients. Therefore, I get some chill time in the morning :) This is what I enjoyed this morning:
(yes, I wrote down the date I opened it...I'm weird about expiration dates)
I start my coffee, read my daily devotional, make my cup of coffee, and prepare my work for the day. Totally, awesomely amazing.


  1. Yeah! I love mornings. Love love love my coffee in the morning, especially after a rough night of sleep with the kiddos!! :)
    And I totally thought that the date on that was just like, a part of what I thought was a cupcake, and now I see it's obviously ice cream. Hello, Amy!! Haha. Can you say mommy brain/sleep deprived?? :)
    Hope you have a great day, Lisa!

    1. Bahaha! Thanks Amers...I LOVE all the pics you are posting of the kiddos!