Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Thursday, February 7, 2013


P is for...
Piriformis...known to my patients as a "booty muscle."
It all started after bowling on Saturday. My booty was fatigued. I knew DOMS would meet with me in a couple of days. And it did! My poor piriformis was so sore and tender. Despite this I ran my 5 miles and did Hip Hop the next day. I took Tuesday off and felt good about it...then Wednesday presented itself to me. My piriformis was KILLING me all day. I had awful pain while driving, especially when I had to push the clutch (I drive a manual). That night in doggie agility, I was picking something up from the floor. I used my ouchie leg to do this one-legged squat thing to get what I was picking up. WORST SHOOTING PAIN EVER. That was it for the night. I was limping, stairs were awful, etc. I came home and stretched it like I have never stretched it before. I got a tennis ball, put it between my tight muscle and the wall to give myself a little massage. Like this but standing using the wall:
 It feels so much better this morning!
0 (as in zero) is for...

Zero time to spend with Mr. Boo. These last three days have been completely insane for both of us (mostly my schedule) so we haven't spent any quality time together. I dislike that immensely. We even had our weekly dog agility class with the girls, which is time we get to spend together, and I was totally checked out because I was hurting (the "P" noted above) and tired. Here's Angel at agility class (just for fun):
W is for...
Work. I really like my new job (Home Health PT). It's just been a little stressful this week. Random patient things have been happening which require more work for me. That, mixed with regular home duties, has had me working (mostly documentation) until the wee hours of the night...which is one reason I've had "0" time with my husband (again, above). I'm just trying to stay positive about my business knowing that my boss is on my side and wants to help me to be less busy next week.
That is all. I have no clever ideas on how to end my blog post :)


  1. "Booty Muscle" Love it :) Hang in there--things will even out and you'll get some facetime with your boo :) Praying things slow down soon for ya! :)

    1. Thanks Kim! Only two more days of work!!!