Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

James Turns 1 Month!

We sing a song to our little man to the tune of "Baby" by the has-no-form-of-discipline-and-commits-crimes Beiber...we say "Jamesy, Jamesy, Jamesy, OHHH! Jamesy, Jamesy, Jamesy, OHHH!"....you get the idea.

The first month of his life has been so amazingly awesome! I love this little man SO MUCH and can't believe how much fun we are having together (despite the craziness)!  Since I give weekly updates to all of you about his progress and our adventures, I thought that for each month of his life I would write him a letter. I've seen other mothers do this and thought it was a really cute idea.

Dear James (a.k.a. Jamesy, little man, son, Baby Boo),

You have a very schedule oriented mother. I'm obsessed with planners...I buy them whenever I have a good enough reason to do so. Ever since December 14, 2013, my planner revolves around you (and this is not a complaint)! I love you so much, little man, and nothing brings me greater joy than to hang out with you, daddy, Izzie, and Angel.

I went from being clueless when you were born to feeling more confident about providing all of your needs. I used to think it was rubbish but it's so true what they say about motherly instincts. I've read a lot of books and articles on the internet but you are alive and that's what counts ;).

You made my transition into motherhood a lot easier than I could have ever imagined. You consistently eat every 2 to 2 1/2 hours during the day and you go a little longer at night so that mommy can get a little sleep. Bless you child. I remember the first time you slept 4 1/2 hours without waking me. I felt so guilty but quickly learned that it was ok.

After visiting Walmart today, we figured out that you probably weigh around 8 lbs which means you have gained 1 lb and 8 oz since birth! You still seem so tiny but I can tell you have grown. You have long arms and legs and big ole feet...you must be an athlete of some kind.

I love that you are more alert because I have so much fun talking to you. I read you books and passages from the Bible and I know you recognize my voice. I sing to you sometimes but I don't want you to think that's how singing is supposed to sound.

I know you're still too young for toys but I put your jungle gym together today and I could tell you were enjoying all of the new things to look at...I even have a video of you hitting one of the toys with your hand. I could have played with that all day long if you wanted to. I think my fingers are you favorite toy. You love to hold them (which is ok with me because it puts the biggest smile on my face).

This past week, you are making funny noises and you love to move your long arms and legs around. You're my little wiggle worm. When you grow up, I hope you love me as much as I love you. You are such a blessing and I've seriously enjoyed every single moment with you...whether it's been easy or challenging. You make me a better person.

I love you, James,


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